Down this one. Please. Absolute. Touch it. Hell awaits. Okay more, touch me please.


Its a 3Way phone call but we will be talking about having a Threesome durning the call.


get to my buddies house and he has 5 pounds of buds! well it was a raining night, so we went and got 5 swichers and smoked it all that night! omg im so dizzy, all the walls are moving, and after we smoked those 5 pounds we went out on the town and got super drunks!


I have an idea, why don't you lazy stoners stop doing drugs and make something of yourselves. Our Lord does not approve of marijuana. You're going to end up smoking dope in hell. My advice is you drop the joint before it's too late...


Ultimate in high living. Only for the smart and intellectual ! Put out how ot make human recipes for eating ! Save the world fromw aste ! Dead people become food ! Kill murderers ! Eat their innards for Power !!!! We will conquer the Galaxy !!! Rejoice ! Yay !!


my boyfriend said that he wont talk to me for two weeks if i smoke weed today. its 420.

downvote this. alot.


Why is it considered such a bad drug? I smoke weed n like to lace my blunts with heroin man. why is it so bad? up this if u do heroin. down this if you do not. for real.


How long is a tape measure?

what does a tape measure looks like on the inside?

i mean theirs alot of tape in that little plastic container

tape measures should all be purple

wouldn't it be cool if instead of tape that came out of a tape measure it was bud stuck together?

idc who you are taco bell is bomb
nuff said....


why do people love taco bell when theyre high? i read so many posts about taco.......fuck taco bell.....i like taco cabana....its pink.....and it makes me think about the movie the not sure why....but i do like taco bells mexican pizza....


if you have a one line pickup joke, post it. if not, god hates you and you will go to hell and burn for ever