A young man sitting on his couch watching television with a plate of cinnamon buns on his lap. After 90 seconds, the cinnamon buns have been inhaled. As he is chewing the final tasty treat, he looks down at the empty plate, disappointed and confused. He forget that already ate them.

what is stoned


Women ftw when it comes to loud sex. Bout every dude loves to hear that pleasure moan, then here u got the guy who sounds like a fuggin caveman trying to drop a mass shit haha just a funny observation •﹏•


Muhammad Ali was a great boxer because he said he was, Leonardo Dicaprio is a great actor because he says he is, Lil Wayne has millions of fans and $ because he says he's a great rapper, Nostradamus predicted the future because he said he could, DaVinci was a great artist because he said he was mediocre when he was great, Nikola Tesla held almost 300 patents because he said he could invent, Alexander the Great almost conquered the whole world because he believed he could, Jesus lead his... read more »


I catch him trying to get into my stash all the time, and the other night, he jumped up and ate an entire dish of pot peach cobbler. he seriously fell asleep after that with his face in the bowl. What a butthole! But Oh, is he wonderful. Love you stoner buddy


When your girl drops your bowl on the floor and you're like "ooooh shit!" and then she bends over to pick it up and you're like "ohhhh shiiiit..."


Maybe life is over rated , the meaning of life is over rated ; what if after finding out the meaning of life we realize that it is too trivial and we decide not to live anymore ; would it be worth it ; so the real question is that "Should we be pursuing the meaning of life rather than living it?"


My lighter is all out and I want to smoke... Too stoned to get up. Help