The forest is so dense that when it rains, water filtered through the canopy emerges as tea, flavored by many layers of flowers and herbs.The creatures of the forest have evolved to require nutrients only found in the tea. Clean water will poison them. The women there though, are special. They are actually mermaids, with their fish tails dipped in your unconscious


Cats know magic, but without access to Shinta goddess true love flame, you must wait for lightning strikes and forest infernos to activate your spells. Now i bring you the flame, but before we start, you all should know different bloods speak different languages, so you must translate your ritual depending on the sacrifice. The hissing gendhing of type A, type B is romantic tembang, the AB is whimpering siter, or type O is vibrating sanskrit script


Through my own power i got my own Network and infinite television shows coming out on Holo.TV aka Holographic TV along with products including Holo Tech, the most advanced machine in the Galaxy. Oh, and ill be having GalaxiesGreatest Headphones coming out. Also best in the galaxy.


If you are not who you say you are, then when what you say you are, becomes your who.


Well, smoking is harmful to health. We have acknowledged it long ago, and people have been figuring out the best alternative choice to cut down habitual smoking. And e-juices and e-cigarettes are considered as the most preferred choices these days.


so if they ever did a biopic for Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of Mario, it should be titled, "Ït'sa Me!"


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