When you try to be responsible and quit smoking to get a job and you are too much of a stoner to remember when exactly u quit....


Dinosaurs provide us with knowledge of how they existed through their fossils. They died in absolutely random places, and often THAT is what kept them so well preserved. Lakes, ponds, pools of clay and the like. But we don't die in these kinds of places. We're buried most of the time. So will WE be preserved well enough that in millions of years another species can uncover our secrets? Or is our knowledge lost forever due to our "Humane" practices?


1. White People Make The money
2. Blacks Make The Culture
3. Mexicans Bring The Drugs To America.
4. Asians Eat Dogs.


that Lana Del Rey's music is always the way to go?
Summertime Sadness definitely takes it. ✌️✨


what is it called when you criticize nationality..? pls dont say nationalist lol


10 bands, 50 bands, 100 bands, Fuck it man let's just not even discuss it man O-M-G, niggas sleep, I ain't trippin ima let em sleep, I ain't trippin let em rest in peace


I've heard how some cops will brag about having taken down a drug dealer and how his nice SUV got "donated" to the police force and that it came to be an undercover cop car. Well I'd thought you guys would enjoy the fact that ,my car used to be an undercover cop car, until I bought it, and we're currently hot boxing it!


finally figure out the perfect position to sit/lie on your bed with on your laptop, beverage, and smoking piece of choice, let me know. Because its been 13 years and I have yet to find it


Last night i got so stoned my thoughts were in spanish.
I couldnt stop laughing lol..
Im latino, but being born in california the only time i really spoke spanish is to my parents and i speak broken spanish at best anyways much less think it


Contemplating -

watching birds fly by my window
I look down at my pillow
my lighter is there
and then I stare
at the glass device to my right
and think “nah bro, I’m already too high”