you listen with more than just your ears. like when your significant other looks at you, holds your hand, touches you. you are listening to their body.


Consistency Principle: once people agree to something, they will tend to stick with it


studying for psych test tmrw high after telling myself i wasn't gonna smoke, but i am not regretting my decision. this mind shit is tight.


llike she understands it. However, its probably the opposite. With no knowledge of how it works, is it too far fetched to assume pets believe that its another world? Another dimension inaccessible due to a mysterious and invisible yet tangible force? After all, vikings screamed at the moon during an eclipse because it was a wolf god eating the sun... the power of ignorance and imagination.


Does it trip anyone else out that the letter "G" is just an arrow going in a circle?


In order to verify someone's humanity, you must take an exam. To take the exam, you must speak a humanoid language and be a biped. Anyone who cannot proceed to take the exam is either not of the human race or too high to speak/stand.


Don't really post much but the guy who had a highDEA about a Midget Forest" Hahahah well though plan!!!!!!!!!


Roommate had a great idea the other day. Make a PBJ, butter the top, sprinkle cinnamon onto the butter, put it in the toaster oven, eat it with a fork. Oh and a glass of milk.


will one day sound like a really unhealthy,pathetic excuse for a sandwich
its like i always think about how our generation thinks its gross that our grandparents, per se, cooked with lard. like ew thats literally cooking with trans fats.
but one day, i hope my grandchildren are like "ew why did your generation spread chocolate on bread and think that was alright?" im eating a nutella sandwich right now