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So I have this great plan to save Brittany Spears. First we find out where her dad and boyfriend will be eating for lunch, then we bribe the chef of said restaurant to put a ton of the thc oil into their food to get them to a point beyond too stoned. We will get them THREE STONED. Then while they are so high they can't move, we sneak into action and grab Brittany and throw her in the back of an unmarked white kidnapper van.


So you make a funnel type thing for stoners to use while they are high to eat stuff like goldfish so they all land in their mouth and none land on their shirt and everywhere


A physiological method to over take a civilization, local government or federal, and split small groups or large groups of people against each other through sides of separations and the illusion of each side chosen as victim to the other side. The illusion will gain so much will power eventually power will arise and tensions may cause clash or heavy reform or installation of new government. While both sides are attacking one another in various ways it may become easier to pass laws or host... read more »


It seems many of the force inside and outside the work force is experiencing some sort of break or effected charge into their emotional state due to the unrest in the world. Even if ignoring the problem there is still effect held over from unrest which seems to cause physiological issues and communication issues inside workforce areas and out. From my personal accounts I have noticed more aggravation inside a work place cause by what seems like mood swings and up an down.


There's a temporal anomaly in my brain.. - My friend Kelli after trying some home grown.


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