Nothing would beat having a stoner girlfriend, just being able to smoke and chill, play some video games and watch movies and Netflix. Having someone to appreciate the finer sides of the little things in life with.


How great would it be to watch a show about all of our beloved Teen Nick characters in college? Drake and Josh going to parties and getting stoned or if Ned Bigby continued his survival guide in college. There are so many options and it could be combined into one show about all of their adventures at a specific college.


I just wanted to tell all you guys about the beautiful smoker dream I'm living. I started smoking when I was around 16 and both of my parents found out about it pretty soon. Neither of them seemed very worried and just told me a few safety tips and sent me on my merry way. Fast forward two years or so, my mom is marrying the main supplier for `our little town and he gives me free bags of green by the ounce and sometimes even rolls the sweetest, smoothest, tightest doobies I've ever seen and... read more »


I'm not saying that a DMT trip is so good it's like heaven (although it probably is), I'm saying the afterlife is literally a DMT trip. When people don't believe in Heaven, what is their reasoning? My reason, and I assume most people's reason, is that it's just not scientifically likely that after we die our souls go to a place in the clouds to enjoy eternal bliss. My mind was changed very quickly when my brother told me his theory on Heaven. Be happy, because Heaven exists and there's a... read more »


Don't let anyone tell you black isn't a color. Black is not a shade of light, it certainly is a color. The lack of color is white.

At least "theoretically" black is the most colorful color since it is made up of all three primary colors red, blue and yellow. All other colors such as green or magenta are made up of only two of the primaries but black is all three primaries at full strength mixed together. Making it the most colorful color.


plain and simple. weed makes me focus. all my senses heighten and its almost like im super human.


So like, Oogway was just a crazy old turtle after all.


I decided it would be a good idea to mix jerk sauce with my chicken and broccoli chinese takeout. Someone meeds to open a jamaican/chinese fusion restaurant. Right now. Just think about it. Jerk chicken fried rice, fried wontons filled with jamaican beef patty filling, ugh someone do this


I hate when ignorant people criticize me for the amount of weed I smoke. "What's the point anymore?", "You're just getting high all day" are some common things I hear on a daily basics. Bitch, have you been high? If so you know how fucking amazing it feels and how it makes everything in life better. So forgive me for getting high on a quiet Monday night because that's better than anything you'll be fucking doing. Ima order a movie, laugh my ass off, munch out, invite my girlfriend over to... read more »