This post is more for the older people on this page but if it apply to you comment but how many people do or have done more drugs then just smoke bud? If so do you think bud opens your perspective to what's around, see things in a different light. Now how many people have tripped? And I don't mean robot tripping or triple c's, I mean mushies or cid. Now they widen your perspective, after tripping for the first time you see details you didn't notice before. Deffenttly makes you think out of... read more »


After playing Mario64 for months and failing to beat the penguin race for months I finally beat it today!!!!

I think the only reason I actually won was because I'm also writing a final paper so instead of smoking the usual countless bowls, I only smoked one. I've been too high to beat Mario64 for months. I'm a Mariju-inner! (Get it? Marijuana+winner)


So they say when you die your life flashes before your eyes and you go into a dmt trip, relive your live but in like 30 seconds, so what if when you die you keep reliving your life but you don't know it bc when you die you don't know your dead. So what I mean is when you dies you go into your dmt then when your dieing in your trip wouldn't you just go into another dmt trip and relive again? BOOM I bet I just blew your mind...


Write down all your problems or fear step by step related to a situation or person or people you are afraid of.

Next time when you face that situation or person or people, you will say ah fuck it its one of that problems on the list.

and you can then analyze that problem and solve it.

You will be free and happy.


Any of my fellow deep thinkers over the age of 18: lets bring back highdeas to what it once was. A place of deep thoughts, theories, and stimulating concepts and discussions. Get at me. lets talk. Let's bring this back!


What if we are nothing , what if these things, god, religion me you, everything and then everything of everything is nothing ?


Eating apples when you're stoned is the best. It's like quenching your thirst and hunger.


What if ya had one eye that saw in black and white and the other eye ya saw in color. That would fuck ya up