Though I don't believe in mind reading, I'm still curious as to how it would supposedly work.

Is it actually like reading, and if so, are thoughts presented like text? Does it scroll like Star Wars? Could it possibly be read to you, like an audio book? In whose language would it be read, and in whose voice?

Is reading minds like watching a film? Or even a stage play? Is it like playing a videogame?

Is it a piece of art one must interpret?

I am genuinely curious... read more »


Okay bare with me on this..

As I was reading an article about dry ice, it said it could be used to help human life on Mars.
So I got to thinking and if dry ice can be used on other planets. It's just frozen CO2, you're changing the temperature.

Well, what if we use specific compounds, with different elements modified completely, or if we've even found every element.

I bet you humans can make anything out of just elements, and we just haven't found the way to, thus... read more »


Whenever i'm high and i'm in an intense conversation, I record it on my phone. Its funny as fuck to listen to me and whoever ramble on about random shit. I highly recommend doing it.


Did you smoke your vegetables tOdAY?°•○●•°•○°●••°••●●•□■°□°●□☆☆♢♢♡♧☆♧♡○♧•°●○●•☆☆▪▪♧•♢•♧♢~♢♧°♢•♢○♡[○●°~•○¤☆▪♧♢♧☆▪•••○○□••●●\~○●\●○••▪☆


Living in this society numb to the it's poison, so I take the hardest drug there is out there alive. Smoking on this loud that once produced creativity and intellect now only producing hatred, competition and loose morals. I often ask god how the fuck did we end up here.


Just invented this word. I don't think I need to define it, I'm pretty sure you guys are smellin' what I'm sellin'.


So like at a dispensery or something, in thoes little toy or candy machines, put like, some capsuls of bud, but then like, a bouncy ball ish sized grinder thats 2 pieces and pops opens with like a grinder inside! They wouldnt last long but theyd be cheap. And maybe u can get papers or screens too!


every time i think about eating heathly like eating more fruits and vegetables i day dream of owning a farm and growing all my favorite crops