to watch Inception and tell me who the main character is?


I just watched it, while blazing and I found it very deep. Elsa is actually a person who can't live with the standards of the society around her. She has incredible talents, and talent always comes with a difficult personality. That's why we lost a lot of great artists (Morrison, Cobain, Hendrix, etc.) because they just couldn't carry the weight of being different, but that "difference" made them able to create incredible things, just like Elsa did with the "ice castle". And the same talent... read more »


So i just stepped out onto my porch to hit a bowl cause my dad finally fell asleep and I saw one of his cigarette butts outside, leading to a highdea. Lets say a person really wants to quit smoking and spends a total of $5-10 a day on packs of cigs. Do you guys think these people trying to quit would participate in a program/company that payed for an object of some sort, (ex. TV, Video game console, computer) and in return, they'd pay the program/company the $5-10 they spend on cigs?


love stories suck. i prefer laughing at tragedies.


Without commercials or advertisements would there be movies or tv shows?


how highDEAS automatically votes your highDEA to one because obviously i would vote up my own highDEA. I think it's genius


Waterboarding at guantanamo bay sounds like the best time of your life if you don't know what either of those two things are : )


The mental disorder responsible for all of the mental disorders that exist, we do drugs recreationally to escape reality/soberism. How is that any different than a mental disorder which doctors prescribe medicine for? Food for thought, mental disorders do not exist in nature as society is the only disorder responsible


Pretty sure the only sole reason i still have a facebook is cause it makes it easier to log into stuff. Got tired of that shit years ago haha.


Has anyone here blown their smoke on top of a bucky when the bucky is about two feet from your speakers and your smoke gets manipulated from the bass? It starts to push the smoke in wave forms and on large bass drops the whole surface of the water gets wiped clean and starts again it's an awesome little buzz all should try it.