Cop: do you have any weed on you? Stoner: its not on me its in me


Cop: do you have anything on you? Stoner: its not on me its in me


at least one time you have all kicked into "james bond mode" while you guys were extremely high. its just so damn fun. By james bond mode i mean like acting like a spy or like being all james bondy. hella faded, stay elevated.


I know chocolate cake has a great rep, but I've never been the biggest fan. If you're going to make a chocolate cake why not just make brownies?


Like you can ask it "siri, I need shrooms" siri: "there is a guy who lives a couple blocks away"


Ever rolled a joint so perfect you can't smoke it alone? Like its beauty needs to be shared?


I mean, I know it's a classic, but I don't think it's dark enough. It has wicked witches, flying monkeys, talking trees, a brainless scarecrow, a heartless tin man, and a cowardice lion. I just think it could be re-done SO well, but casting would be SO hard!