I had a great idea. Then I got on highdeas and well I forgot what I was doing so I just sat there Watchen tv and then I remembered what I was goin to do and well I forgot my highdea :(


We have people crossing signs , people have turtle crossing signs, I wonder if turtles have ant crossing signs and ants have microorganism crossing signs


So this is my third day being sick.
It sucks, major balls. I feel like crap all the time.
I'm home alone now and I wanna take a hot bath. So I prepared,
there where still some greens in the bong from the night before.
I grab the binger, the hemp wick, and a green Bic lighter.
I cranked the bath to the hottest setting possible and waited.
And waited.
And waited.
I start off to the bedroom to get the boom box so I could... read more »


Every time I reach that point where everything confusing me suddenly becomes clear. It just takes me so high.


You go to a fast food place high as hell, and then you start looking at the menu and you spend $30 on munchie food


Basketballs were saying "i gotta bounce" far before any human


How weird would it be if somebody sat with half of their body in the sun and half in the shade and sat there long enough so that one half of their body was extremely tan and the other white straight doen the middle. Haha that would be whack.


I was chilling with 3 of my other stoner companions (ages 18-21), sharing a nicely rolled joint, when the topic of conversation shifted to world politics. I asked what everyone's opinion was about Vladimir Putin and the Russian/Ukrainian conflict, and what role the United States plays in it all. Two of these kids in the group didn't know who Vladimir Putin was, or where Ukraine is located. I face-palmed harder than ever before. These kids have all graduated from high school too. Fuckin... read more »


If I were a rapper I would go by "SOPHISTICATED," and the whole thing would be entirely ironic. I would wear a business suit on stage at every show, and spit game about corporate America and how screwed up the whole system is. So much judgment in the business world comes from external standards and appearance of employees, instead of their actual value and skills as a human being. It's important to look "professional" and "sophisticated." I would spit so much ironic poetry, my rap game would... read more »