Some weed glows under uv light, the dry product I mean. Small leafs and stems glow this light-green glow.


I and my family are moving to NYC next month, we have hired movers in Queens NY for all the shifting procedure. Has anyone experienced their services? Please help with some reviews or recommendations.


T - three, letter of 3 ends, tetra, triangular letter,
H - hydro, H, the square letter, the simplest element hydrogen, Greek Hydra had 3 heads, Hercules, half-god
C - 3rd letter, cannabis, the 5/7-leaf plant, Ben Franklin, hemp seed, DC, Nicolas Cage, consitiution

god I'm high...


Collagen's role in life structure... plant collagen and animal collagen protein collagen form different bonds and are essentially the difference between plant and animal life, could collagen be directly related to the other main difference in plant and animal life.. the processing of oxygen molecules.. collagen production and oxygen should be explored.


In 2016 sales of irons saw growth due to the healthy increase in the number of households, as well as effective promotions run by the key retailers in the market. In Saudi Arabia, consumers are keen to switch from traditional dry irons to more sophisticated models, such as traditional steam irons or steam generators/ironing systems, as these 2-in-1 models can save time ironing out the creases in clothing.


Energy Drinks is an energy-enhancing product intended to boost mental or physical energy and promote wakefulness. These products are mainly carbonated and contain stimulants such as caffeine, taurine, guarana, glucuronolactone, yerba mate, along with glucose syrup (corn syrup) and maltodextrin. May also contain B complex group vitamin combinations... read more »


We need to get a push on this topic.. At this time, the company can still say no to your desire to work for them if you piss positive for THC. In most of the company hand books it says something along the lines of "Use of illegal drugs could result in termination of ones employment. The issue is marijuana is not illegal anymore in Massachusetts... Currently these tests can be beat by a drink you can buy (i use puriclean). The issue with that is, it costs 45 dollars a bottle.. if you'... read more »


Potato Chips - thin slices of potato deep fried until crisp and then seasoned with salt or other spices. Available in bags. However, does not include processed potato snacks.


Pates - meat based spreads featuring ground or minced meat products and which have been variously seasoned. Includes rillettes. Excludes highly processes meat pastes (usually sold in tubes).


Food preparation appliances recorded steady volume growth of 5% in 2016 due to strong demand and rising consumer health awareness. Frequent food safety scares in the foodservice industry have prompted many local consumers to prepare food at home, thus fuelling demand for blenders, food processors and mixers. The fact products in this area are... read more »