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Rain coming down all around it sure does make me frown but I try to push through and not think of you I hope that I can just swallow and chew.


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In the words of the late George Carlin in the future man will learn to control the weather with a large hammer


Who else thinks Lucifer is really still God's favourite...

I mean he still let's him get away with everything and every time we complain he like just gives us less rules... and so we're like the middle child that constantly needs attention so we sing praises, annoying God...

We're like "God! Are we your favourite?" and God is like "Yeah, yeah! Sure!"... and then Lucifer comes and say "God, can i fucks with people?" and God's like "Fuck Yeah! Let's fuck with Job!"...


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She is just doing what we used to do with him, I get replaced every time. Not the right model I guess.


Dude, I miss you a lot, I miss the real you. I miss the laughs and giggles and shit we would do in the snow. I miss last winter how simple an easy going life was. I miss when shit was simple between you and I, when it was our world and no one from the outside could touch us. Now your gone.


Have you peoples ever thought we read, listened to & believed a lie till now, that after smoking weed the time slows down ?
But the truth is, our brains works faster after smoking weed, brain thinks multiple things at the same time. So the time for our brain works faster at a speed at which the brain is functioning. So the Normal time for body & everybody outside becomes a relative slow time. Its Motherf**king time dilation between brains time & normal clock timing.


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