Medicinal Weed? Wateva. How bout we just legalize all weed. How dumb. I think even as a stoner I know the "medical benefits" of weed are pretty bogus. Getting high helps you relax yes, magic drug for Glaucoma. Wateva. We need legal weed everywhere in the state and stop with this nonsense.

What legislators need to do before voting in Congress is each do a bong hit. Cooperation? You'll get it man. Wooa dude this is an awesome Bill, I say . . . YES!!


what if weed is just an analogy for our country and we just need to blaze it


dude what if the sharks just eat people bacause they smoked weed and have really bad munhies


Lmafo I just joined highdeas, and I already love you guys, thanks for making this site. I 1st heard about it in 10th grade;The "beer can & bacon" post. Lol yeah it was awesome, and the fact that I read the last part in Andre 3000's voice is priceless :)
#KeepRolling&Tokennn!! #LegalizeIt


I mean seriously. That would make being on here mobile SOOOOO much earlier


I love it when they say they're eating sandwiches instead of smoking. I destroy $5 foot longs. Then I go get some subway


Watching a documentary about how we're all descended from this one guy, who we'll call "scientific Adam", that lived in Africa around 60,000 years ago. We're all related but we're fucking each other. Enjoy your day!


it's strange how your tongue is just nestled in your mouth. Your teeth are a fortress for your cozy tongue, which you don't even notice you have until you finally notice you have it.