Been trapped in this bubble for far too long, I'm ready to take on the world. I'm grateful for every fuck I've given over the past couple years because now I don't give any. Or perhaps I've learned to give a fuck in such a way that no matter how much I don't give an absolute fucking shit about whatever might come to mind that I have peace.


And I go to work stoned everyday! : D little do they know. and I cant pass my drug test. so I'll be getting fired.


so lol have y'all ever seen that movie IT, that involves the clown lol...what if that movie was a true story and they really captured the clown and had him locked away for this long... and like he could never die... and y'all know how there were a lot of clowns recently ... what if he escaped and had a revolution of clowns that are here to soon kill everyone ............lmao i'm high af


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As a result of slow economic growth and growing concerns over food nutrition and health, the market for ready meals in China remained sluggish in 2016. Canned porridge, an important type of ready meal saw a large decrease in volume sales.


i forgot how much of a chore it is to break down dirt weed, this is like some pilgram weed


The growing population, fueled by the rising number of expatriates living in the country fueled the growth of debit cards towards the end of the review period, though this began to change in 2015 and 2016 in the wake of economic concerns. This was coupled with the trend of choosing debit cards over credit cards and other types of financial cards amongst Saudi consumers, due to their compliance with Shariah law and their lack of risk in terms of debt.


The cost of laundry service in India is on the rise. In addition, the fact that prices within irons are decreasing due to the entry of new players is also boosting demand.


1. Eat a mango an hour or 45 minutes before smoking your marijuana. The effects of the high will increase significantly, and it will last longer. Mangos boost your high because they contain Myrcene which helps THC cross the blood brain barrier. It reduces the time it takes from 7 seconds to 2.

2. Eating marijuana can be substantially better than smoking because it lasts much longer, and delivers a much more euphoric body high. If edibles are "too strong" then simply eat less. Smoke... read more »