I had an ex-girlfriend who had a very bad habit of waiting until I was high as fuck to want to talk about serious shit. High blown.


Life is like what you make it! Like you can smoke weed and still be successful as you can smoke weed and be a bum!
It's what you make of it really like fuck dude people need to use weed to help them be what they want to be!
You guys dig or what? Or am I just squirtled?


Yo do you ever get that feeling when you're blazing with a crew and you feel like you're the only one who is high and like everyone else is just sober thinking wtf you're fucking lame for being high why are you acting so stupid I don't even feel anything what's wrong with you? Like that shit keeps me up at night.


Guys this website is too fucking hard to register for. There are too many questions.


Stoner intellectuals are the best kind of intellectuals. And intellectual stoners are the best kind of stoners. I just made myself grin.


I go to Taco Bell with my boys to get some late night munchies and after ordering he asks what I want to drink. I respond with Lemonade.

The dude says, "we only have half Lemonade, half Sweet Tea, is that ok?"

I sit there in a stoned trance and finally say, "that... that would be just so fantastic, yes lets do that."

He chuckles over the intercom and when we get to the window he is smiling from ear to ear and says, "I assume you gentlemen are doing as fantastic tonight... read more »


Told myself I'd smoke another bowl but... I just can't seem to move xD


Indian people are just black people with white people features


We all know that the 90's lasted well into the early 2000s. Those trends took forever to die, the 90's lasted til like 2006 hahaha. Once you think about it that way it just makes that era seem even better because we all loved it. Did everyone living through the 60s love it this much? I really doubt it hahaha