This report studies Graphics Tablet in Global and China market, focuses on top manufacturers in global and China market, involving Graphics Tablet price of each type, production, revenue and market share for each manufacturer. This report also displays the production, revenue and market share of Graphics Tablet in USA, EU, China, Japan, India and Southeast Asia, forecast to 2020, from 2011.


Watch that American Dad episode baked. What would you do if you where Jeff Fischer? Honestly as hell? I be tripping fucking balls and go crazy!


Is like you have a headache, but you don't. You know that feel the headache racing every nook and cranny of your mind, but you don't feel the gravity of tin the weight of it or simply put, the UNBEARABLE PAIN of it. It's weird thinking about it, trying to figure out the feeling of the weight, how it got there, and why. The absense of the pain in correlation to the usual one with the pain. I'm done.


Ever wondered,
At some point in your life or maybe quite often, someone has done an impression of you. Think what that would sound like.What makes what you say unique?


What were those one Capri Sun things called with the sour straw from back in the day?


Rewatch The Office pretending to be watching as a character from the show. For instance pretend you are Jim and focus on what Jim is doing while you watch. Just a twist on the show


Rewatch The Office pretending to be a character from the show, rewatching your life. Imagine you are Jim watching events from your life unfold in the documentary they made of you.


A few days ago, my brother went to the doctor because he had diarrhea. The doctor told him that stress could cause diarrhea. The thing is, more than a few times, my brother gets stomach ache before something bad happens. My mother jokingly told him that his diarrhea could read the future. The weird part is, my brother started having diarrhea last week, and this week we got caught tripping, and smoking in the living room. Now my brother's diarrhea is gone. Could it be true? Or am I just high... read more »


we should really meet up somewhere (not dangerous) maybe nature its up for debate.
and just potluck, blunts, munchies, whatever can be contributed and just have our own 420 whenever. it could be monthly. but a great bonding sesh. some people smoke alone because they don't have anyone to smoke with :( eveybody needs a friend and what better way to enjoy a safe stoned out sesh with some chill ass homies <3