Does anyone have a link to that tosh.o episode where he does highdeas?


What do you prefer, something sweet or filling? ice cream or nachoes etc


I want heaven to be an endless supply of weed, food, drink and comfortable places to sit, craving a specific food? BAM! KFC popcorn bucket before your eyes and you never get full so you can carry on eating forever in enternal bliss


He says,

"when your driving high your looking everywhere but at the road. You mess with the radio, look around outside, look in the rear view mirror, etc. Then you finally look up at the road... Fuck! I got responsibilities!"

Haha love CK Louis.


It was a late night, when a man rode up his drive way, turned off his motorcycle and began taking off his helmet when he received a call.


'Tonight, though I heard nerves and worry come
through the phone something kept me at bay.I
swear on my life I wasn't trying to be a jerk, or even... read more »


My mom has chronic migraines to the point where she's legally disabled- can't drive, loses her vision, she's balding from the bs narcotics she takes, she pukes constantly, and she's bedridden, to name a few things she's up against. And somehow she doesn't qualify for medical marijuana here in NJ. So the last time I went home, I rolled a J for my ride back to school and it stunk up the whole house when I brought my stuff downstairs and she smelled it and asked me how much weed I had (seed... read more »


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