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You ever think that if you could've been wrong, than your right because if you were wrong you could've been right. See what I'm saying?


So I haven't been on HighDEAs in forever & tonight I I decided to get on here & read some highdeas. Well I ended up logging into my account & reading all of my highdeas that I had for the most part forgotten all about. My point, sober me thinks high me is hilarious & thinks they should hang out more. (;


Deaf and that voice inside your head, what would that sound like and what language would it be in? Thats trippin me out right now for real.


personally i think my life is some what interesting being the fun adventurous stoner taking on the world in his stupid journeys even though thats how i see myself it would be a dark humor comedy


Have you ever just thought of a 'thought' as its self. it is the biggest mind fuck!!!


I saw this picture that had this dude on the moon holding a bag of mary and it said nothing was illegal in space. Just think how trippy it'd be getting high in zero gravity and in outer space. You could hotbox a space suit. Then if aliens come by you could split some weed and astronaut ice cream and watch the stars. Yeahh that'd be cool.


we need to be freed from these restrictions of time and money and live in peace and work together put aside how much time or money you have left and just enjoy life


I always wonder when i am making a potato, should i put the cheese or the butter on first? haha


Before everyone gets stoned they are all talking. Then the stonedness just hits them and a few people just zone out. aka stoned out