Telling the person next to you to GO home because they fucking irritate you?


I'm starting to think that when you die, it's like waking from a dream; you just snap out of it.


Tried to put on flip flops...was still wearing shoes.


Ok kinda gross but what if when little kids pick their boogers and eat them they are unconsciously building their immune system. Like doctors give vaccines to people all the time and vaccines are pretty much already dead, weak viruses so the body can kill it off easy and strengthen their immune system in case it runs into it again. So like when kids eat their boogies they're pretty much eating little trapped weak bacteria that their nose caught.


there lived three men
among the crowd..
'the watcher' finds
boring of 'the talker',
and voted for ' the silent'...
now the lesson part
is for the talker,
and worked on ..
executed the plan-
by hiring all the silents
and sold it to watcher..
the game shifts away
to hands of talker..
they named the game as "listen"...
the silent found
he is being used,
and talked out loud..
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How many people here have had an astral projection or an out of body experience? If so, what were some of your experiences and do you have a different belief about life and what life is? if so, what is your belief


Other than rolling paper, are then any other types of paper I can use to roll a joint?


I've only eaten spaghetti once in the last month.