Make the connections for yourself. We are literally made of stardust..we draw stars with 5 points We have 5 limbs A.L.L.A.H. we have 5 fingers/toes on each...the Egyptian pyramids have 5 points and we have 5 gets way way deeper than this just open your eyes and your mind.


If we all find the needing wants for raw material and material objects keeps overwhelming our central wants and goals in this present life, then we sh'all all die together as one human body; the species.


I'm gonna blow all the money I get on the root of all need for pointless material things this year


Does anyone else besides me like that shit? I mean, I love it...I'm not even being sarcastic.


So I'm sitting blazing by myself and I go to roll another joint without realising I had one in front of me halfway done, so I'm sat wondering why its a stereotype that stoned people do stupid things and I've realised like fuck. That's why lol

Happy days :-)


Woke up and decided I would smoke and mellow out before I go to work, got too high, now i'm paranoid


it comes down to two bowl packs & you have a decision to make. You can either get semi-high twice, or really high once.


I'm going to open a weed lounge, like a hookah lounge but instead of hookahs', I'd put bongs or put weed in the hookahs and there would be a super vending machine with like every chip and sweet ever. And you pay by the gram, like if you want to smoke one gram or ten grams, that's what you pay for. And instead of the different tobacco flavors it would be different strains of weed. And there's like different private rooms where you can chill for hours and it will have flat screen tv's with... read more »


I tend to mimic people when I'm smoking with them. It's incrediu entertainment


I recently met and fell in love with her by a random chance. She doesn't smoke herself. But I knew she was the one when we were sitting on my bed and I went to reload my sweet herb. She grabbed the pipe out of my hand. She proceeded to finish the reload and attempted to light me up herself. I say attempted because she knew little of what she was doing. I showed her the business end of the pipe and how to work the carburetor. After only a few minutes, she was lighting me up with like a pro,... read more »