for the ones who lost people they love
I toke
for the father without a daughter
I toke
for the mother without a son
I toke
for the sibling alone
I toke
for the soldier without a life.
I toke
in remembrance of them

Enjoy memorial day my friends, and remember what it is for.


A smoke detector that can tell the difference between smoke i.e. fires, weed, bad cookin, cigarettes, etc.
w/ settings that adjust the alarm to bypass with a hand gesture or simply yelling its my food or im smoking


I think that's why aliens don't visit Earth they just fly by. It's like when you go on a road trip and avoid the bad neighborhoods. "Alien Dad can we stop by Earth.... mmm no Alien son we don't want to get shot down and kidnapped today"


When u want to listen a chill song I listen to (sniizahMusic - Ghost Loft - So High (Auram Edit ) And the stupid youtube mix reclame Or a freaking horror movie trailer comes on
Got someone a good chill song ?
ps:my headphones makes a fart sound when the bass is on XDDDDD


How is cops, as interesting of a show as it is, could be a good video game. Except now would be just about the worst time to release it....


The US military has killed over 25 million people SINCE WORLDWAR2 , our casualties don't even compare to the damage these retards have done, Hitler didn't even kill this many people, we're catching up to Stalin and Mao Zedong! Go celebrate your ignorance by eating shit food and watching the most boring sport to ever exist, thank your fallen retards for protecting you from the boogie man when he actually lives in your own home hahahhahahahahahahhahah


police have been murdering civis long before these riots. white, black, ect it's nothing new. When you hire men like the ones on those videos & give em military grade shit it's obviously not gonna end well. Take that gun off them & see how much of a man they are then.


Laying on a soft pillow, smoking a bowl, eating your favorite snack, while listening to some great tunes. #bestnightever


Friends, I haven't smoked the herb in four and a half years, but once in a while when I feel the urge to toke, I'll come to this site to read all your highdeas.

In all the years I spent before and after smoking, I have never encountered anything that brings people together as quickly or as tightly as Mary Jane.

Keep toking, friends! Much love.