I've recently become paranoid with smoking outside since it's illegal here, not because of cops, but because of satellites. Here me and a group of friends were smoking blunts outside, and one of them said "have you ever wondered if the satellites in space can see us if it's in the right spot?" Everyone else just had a laugh (and cough) but I started thinking. Google earth pictures are so incredibly accurate, that it can spot animals in yards.


Does anyone out there also enjoy smoking a fatty and then just rocking out to some Suicide Silence, or As I Lay Dying, or any other great metal band you can just groove to?


Why is it Ziploc bags have labels on them that say "date and contents", when the bag is clear? So the contents in the bag would be clearly visible


I have put highdeas on facebook and wouldn't yah know it it gets the most likes and responses out of anything I have posted on facebook. Also got comments saying, and I quote, "best shit I read in a while."

Huh, so stuff that a Pot smokin stoner says is better than sober people... sooo, tell me again how stoners only talk about stupid stuff that makes no sense.

Stoners- 1
Ignorant folk-0



We all know Tarzan right? Well he was adopted into a family of apes as a baby, and grew up around the apes and learned their ways of life. Skip to when he's an adult, he has no body or facial hair. He grew up around apes, so he was never able to be taught how to shave or how to make something into a device used for shaving. Yet, he has no visible hair on his face or body besides his head, plus shouldn't his hair be longer if he's never known how to cut it? He's a grown man, and had only a... read more »


Want to open some new musical doors.
Punk, rock, metal, pyschedelic (doors, pink floyd).
Anything with meaningful lyrics. None of that rap that's all about money, pussy, and that shit. If I listen to rap it's eminem, immortal technique, aesop rocky, brother ali...I like deep shit. So tell me some good bands in any of those genres! Help me out!


I know I aint the only one who read their old highdeas and I ask myself
"What was I thinking about when i posted this what was i smoking i think OG maybe or Sour D no it was OG ........or Sour D i wonder what this is i got now though the WM aint have no name oh but i remember this highdea now that was a good ass idea i had man shoulda got more upvotes."


I didn't know what I was looking for until I found it. Apparently I originally started sifting through my bag for my iPhone charger, but forgot what I was looking for till I touched the white chord. I then forgot to post this highDEA until I saw a note I had written myself a few days later.


so i realized recently that when i'm high regularly my skin is super clear and perfect. then after not getting high for awhile, my skin breaks out. i think its stress acne and being high makes the stress disappear and thus.. clear skin..


so... i just finished an anime my kid sister has been pestering me about for around a month (sword art online for those who care) and i look at the recommendations.... i got and anime ive watched part of called psycho-pass, dark stuff that one, Carl Sagan's cosmos, which im waiting to move out of my house to watch baked in the living room, and that stupid movie with the squirrel, the nut job..... now..... don't get me wrong but..... what the fuck does any of that relate back to?