I'm going to meet some of my older cousins & 1 of their sons this weekend. These ladies are from Toronto, Canada & I'm related to them through my mom's father, Grandpa Joe. I call him Joseph to be fancy. I'm really excited!


super quality buds with wax oil carts available. i'm local as well as domestic drop off. contact me for inquries or to arrange meet ups


If you was to sit on a voodoo doll of yourself....
Would you ever be able to get back up?


A NY style pizzeria, that serves one complimentary joint with purchase of a large pizza, and has readily available prerolled for sale, thc infused pizza optional and HIGHly recommend.


Smoking just makes me feel so great! Marijuana helps me deal with my stupid depression & doesn't screw up my body. Everyone needs this.


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Some ones gotta put the seconds to show on the videos . Im over here hogh as fuck watching that shit on repeat for 30 minutes . I never lnow when it ends


A terrible name for a social media platform. A great name for a weed delivery service.