What if a chain restaurant/dispensary opened up that had all these different dishes based off of food people usually eat when high and they sold dank bud in the other side of the building. They could also put arcade games all around the building for entertainment as well as chill areas for console gaming. They could call it The Budcade Diner.


Sarcastic people are more intelligent because they know how to distinguish totally different implications of a word solely based on the tone of voice. It's like a subtext language. Stay sarcastic my friends


I woke up in a hotel room in who knows where,
no shirt, no pants, no underwear.
got up outta bed to clear my head,
to find that my stash was NOT EVEN THERE!
Running in circles, zoned on getting stoned,
no green to find, my mind is alone,
laying back down, with eyes open wide,
I shut my mind off as to hide deep inside,
I find an opening, a bright little light,
Slowly inching towards it with paranoia and fright,
swooooosh pooof zoooom... read more »


I'm opening up a drive through dispensary with like thc infused wings, burgers, pizza and tacos. It'll be called grass roots. It'll be awesome.


I feel bad for those ppl who don't smoke herb because of what society judges it. it's honestly made me into a better person


Imagine how cool it would be to rent out a museum and only let in people who are stoned. You could walk around and learn super neat things and talk to other stoned people about the exhibits


Has anyone thought to take pictures through certain separate lenses, meant to only be clearly visible to those who need that certain optical prescription?

There's more to it, but I'm to lazy to keep typing.