I grew up in southern California and I am thinking of coming back I miss my old friends and the beach. I just got a new car and its the right time to drive out and start new.


I think each step you take along a road of knowledge,
you see the road actually extends another 10 steps further than you thought.


Silicon magnetic sensors are mostly used for security purposes. These sensors are often regarded as switches or contacts. A magnetic sensor is made up of two pieces that forms a circuit. On separating these two pieces a signal is sent from the device. Usually magnetic sensors are placed on windows, doors or other access point from where they are invisible to others. Owing to the advantages associated with silicon magnetic sensor, it is used extensively in automotive, global positioning... read more »


Industrial controls and robotics systems comprise several types of instrumentation and automation equipment. This equipment, in an assembly, is used to monitor and control various systems and processes within industry sectors. Perpetual rise in product manufacturing and processing application areas for several industries such as power generation, semiconductors, automation, and pharmaceutical companies accounts as the primary factor responsible for growing demand for industrial controls and... read more »


Enterprises, especially the large ones, contain enormous amounts of data that needs to be made accessible to users conveniently and swiftly when the need arises. This need has found a solution with the development of enterprise search systems that allow users to search for a specific item from large volumes of enterprise-type data. These items could include emails, databases, data management systems, and intranets.


Transparency Market Research has published a new report on the Europe industrial protective footwear market. The report, titled ‘Industrial Protective Footwear Market - Europe Industry Analysis, Trend, Size, Share and Forecast 2014 - 2020,’ states that this market was valued at US$2.24 bn in 2013. Factors such as stringent government rules and the increasing number of workplace accidents are expected to boost the Europe market to reach US$2.59 bn by 2020. As per the report, the Europe... read more »


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Not even more than a second you notice pest infestations inside your homes, you are irritated. We see many of us that Google about the pests and products to deal with them on their own.


Transparency Market Research announces the publication of a new market research report made available on the company’s website. The research study, titled “Athletic Footwear Market - Global Industry Size, Market Share, Trends, Analysis and Forecast 2012 - 2018,” provides a detailed analysis of the market, focusing on the key growth drivers, barriers, current trends, product segmentation, key geographical segments, and vendor analysis.


Radiation hardening is a process in which the electronic components and semiconductors are made resistant to malfunctions caused due to electromagnetic radiation and particle radiation. These radiations are classified under ionizing radiation and they generally occur at high altitude, outer space, nuclear reactors and during nuclear warfare and nuclear accidents.


The malpractice of introducing counterfeit products is severely affecting the global food industry, causing legitimate and well-established brands tangible and intangible losses. Such unethical practices affect the revenue of food companies and also creates distrust towards brands among end-users. Major players in the global food industry are constantly striving to remove counterfeit products from their supply chain, as these affect their sales revenue, thus impacting profits.