If trees are alive, and their root systems are imbedded in the earth and take up a ton of it, then is the earth technically alive?


One time we had these rice krispy edibles, and my one friend who doesn't smoke was really hungry, so he just decided to eat the edible for the sake of satisfying his hunger and he just accepted that we would be high as a consequence...weird fucking guy


Sometimes I wish I was the president. Only so I can learn the truth about how the world is run and see if all the conspiracies are true. I bet the world is so greedy and fucked up.


I would bring Charlie (my wolfish friend), my bong (g-spot double egg) and the finest weed and seeds money could procure. Then I would go back to the middle ages and change humanity for ever and it would be sick. I would get grants to go exploring like Captian Cook and Columbus but instead of finding land to spread religion or convicts I would just spread the good bud of the earth. Explore crazy places and make the sickest friends, with Charlie just chilling next to me having a blast the... read more »


Are photographs just images captured of our soul? Are we phantoms in those pictures?


As I sit and stare at the stars on this night, I think to myself. "someone with the want to change this world, as I do, is also looking at these stars.." maybe, just maybe, the stars are there to guide people to unity.. its weird to think, but when we are at our lowest points, where do we look??? ...up


I came back from smoking with my buds to a big container of puppy chow! Thanks Mom!


My girlfriend throws away anything with weed residue on it that i leave out, so tonight while she sleeps im going to sprinkle shake all over her, maybe she'll stick to her rules.


man i forgot my info to log on and i spent like 30 min tryin to remember and get in hahaha but im here now guys...or am i? What if this is my conscience writing this right now because my mind has learned to conquer the computer technology...That's why the grammar is perfect.