Do you want to know why there are so many radically different conspiracy theories about 9-11? Totally conflicting theories that, each taken by itself, seems plausible based upon the evidence we have seen. Now, understand this: This is NO ACCIDENT. They got very sloppy on 9-11 and revealed their hand much more than they should have. They did it so that people COULD SEE. COULD SEE WITH THEIR OWN EYES the deception. Then they had a problem on their hands.


I noticed when I'm high I almost only use mouse. I mean I'd rather copy/paste a short word, than typing it. Mouse is a lot more smoker friendly than keyboards.


I've been thinking, and life is like a pond, and we're the turtles living in it! We'really turtles to the world, consumed with our turtle battles. Each envious of a certsin turtle... The one who gets up every morning because he knows he wants that spot on the rock. The one with the perfect balance of sun and rock service. That's because he is a dedicated turtle. We must be the titles to our pond. So yeah...


Popping a few adderalls getting really stoned and staring at the clouds for a few hours, i don't recommend staring at the sun though unless, you want to see purple for the rest of the day


in Hungary a 16 year old boy smoked a joint with his friends. a cop saw that he gives the joint to the one next to him, now he's charged with drug dealing. if they can prove it, he will be behind bars for 3-5 years.



If weed was legal all this time then we'd be making up conspiracies about the government using weed to dumb us down and control us by making everyone consume on a higher level, quite literally, and we'd be saying illegalize cannabis, but the scientist is always smarter than the rat


Hey!!!! If you don't wanna go dry, hook me up. Gat some serious dank shit enough for a Bake Sale. I'm no Chooch. Shoutout to y'all sto**ers out there. Peace!!!! Aye my num is 846-629-4899


If it wasn't for air conditioning...

Nobody would live in the south..


The Inevitable Conclusion is that they are lying to us. They have lied to us and they will lie to us. They have no respect for human life. We are cattle to them, to be exploited and murdered if necessary if we can be used to further their agenda or if we cease to be useful to them. If you don't think they are lying to you then you have been brainwashed not to see it.