First off I wanna smoke some blunts with Jazz haha. But back to my point, I love Will's clothing throughout the whole series. I wanna piece desinged after his clothes. Like a Fresh Prince bong or bowl!


I have a plan.

I want to become a millionaire (easier said than done), buy my own land and start my own country. There will be no money. All the food shall be grown and/or hunted for. Of course, having been a millionaire, I can import needed things and even pay doctors, construction workers, etc and provide living for them if they wish to reside in the country. It shall be up to them whether or not they want to get paid, as living in the country requires no currency. Their money is... read more »


I just saw a picture which said that the people who try to make everyone happy often times end up feeling the loneliest. I completely agree with this statement and I believe that I am a victim of this. All I try and do is try to make other people laugh and be happy but often times this leads to people thinking I annoying. Frankly, this isn’t true. I am just embracing the life and make it the best that I possibly can. Other people live their lives in search of things that are unimportant.... read more »


...and trying to frantically hide my bowl when the cops show up on the show.


Seriously guys can we like please stop posting "Legalize weed" posts... LOL it's not that it shouldn't be legal IT 100% SHOULD BECAUSE ITS THE SWEET MOTHER HERB MARY JANE... But these posts are just STATING WHAT WE ALREADY KNOW. It's old and it's going to be legal soon anyways. CAN WE NOW PLEASE.. just get back to posting funny/unique highdDEAS like "Midget Village" LOL those highDEAS crack me up lol.


The highdeas app is called highdroid, you're welcome.


watch? seriously dudes and dudets im high as fuck... what episode should I watch yooooo? ... \('_') /


When you miss the slide while putting the bowl back in the bong.


Imagine a device that you could insert in your brain, like a chip, and it's an add-on you can get, and that that devices shocks your brain to make you remember what you were about to say or do, or just remember memories in general. I would call it the memorator, please don't name it something like MEMO-U42.