1) Nuttela with melted cheese and butter on toast.
2) Bowl of nutella with cheese on top.
The most glorious food in the history of glory foods.

i ran out of nutella tho


Instagram for stoners! You only post blazed selfies, dank nugs, beautiful bongs, etc.
We need this. And everyone on it would be chill as fuuuuuck instead of posting for attention they'd just be posting to spread the good vibes!
I want this now :)


I just got a text that said "K"

I wish I could type back half a "k"

Then I could give them an even shittier response to a shitty response.


The drugs give me strength
The pain gives me passion
I do love rough in case you were asking
Society gives me the limit
The limit I'm not ready to accept
I have to go far, live life with no regrets
The more I defy the stranger I become
I can change the world with my army of one.


It's my new invention. You get a gallon jug of water and poke a little hole in the bottom, then hang it over your head while you sleep with your mouth open. let the water drip in your mouth all night long. You can sleep all night without getting cottonmouth and wake up refreshed and energized!


You ever think about Bees bro? They make their home out of their barf. All they eat is nectar and honey. Honey is made from their regurg. And they only have one line of defense that kills them if they use it as if they were doing it for Narnia. But while they do that, they spread pollen, pollen that spreads to create awesome flowers. Flowers that are just cool to look at ya know? Thanks little Bee bros. This tokes for you.


im talking extra cheesey pizza bagels vs the shredded steak taquitos.



Rappers sold the backbeat to their songs to see if people could sing all the songs word for word? I know some are pretty hard lol so it would be fun/funny to see or someone doing. Or if you could!

Just a though lol.
Bird Up!