My friend and I are super baked and we just mixed orange chicken and Mac and cheese. It's great! We are calling it cat food


So that's my buisness plan, super secret stuff, but now it's just between us. :D

I will found a travelling company. Our services wont end with travelling, hotels, food, and sightseeing... We would offer them weed as well. Could you imagine a late night walk in Paris while high with a couple of other stoners? A fat blunt at the Colosseum, how does that sound? Too long and boring trip? You can forget that if you chose TraWell. Everybody rolls his own, and then let's interact, and every... read more »



what have i become?
where to go from here?
have been better
but not worse

in between, the pain and lies
the sorrow deepens, here it lies
The promise broken, night awaits
always lonely, forever frayed

if i make it, out alive
the wind will carry me...through the distance.


I sometimes get ripped and talk to myself in the mirror in passing. My girlfriend at first was like "that's weird". Now when she comes home and sees me chatting with him she'll talk to my reflection too. :D


text or call (631) 228-7596
If you need a plug regardx the following:
actavis prometh with codeine purple cough syrup.
Adult Cough Syrup
(CANNABIS STRIANS like sour disel,white widow,
granddaddy purple,purple kush,OG,) Seeds and canabis oil.
Pain medslike..
xanax, roxy 30s, oc80s, hydros,vicodin,LSD, adderal,addy, percs,
Dilaudid,ritalin,Morphine,Fent... read more »


text or call (631) 228-7596

we sell the following strains
Cannabis Oil
Grand Daddy Purple
Green Crack
sour Diesel
Sensi Star x
Afghan Kush
Northern Lights
Lemon drop
lemon haze
Purple Kush
OG Kush
Blue Hawaiian
Columbian Gold
white widow
... read more »


I get so high I only communicate through gifs now.


Started writing a new script for a movie. The main character is extremely schizophrenic, and immune to a super deadly virus that kills the entire human race (aside from himself) overnight. He doesn't know everyone is dead because he still sees people, and the movie will be him slowly realizing reality after things stop working


Why when Im stoned do i feel like sticking my gum in someone's hair?


Ok just had this epiphany that if you never looked in a mirror you wouldn't know what you looked like and there would be know feelings of doubt because everyone would think they were awesome because no one would know what they looked like just some food for thought