I go to bed by like 8 pm, so I can get up around 3 am, get stoned, watch The Trailer Park Boys, and play the sims before work.


until you don't want to share. Like I have never just had a crack head come up to me and be like "lets split this rock, order a pizza, and listen to some Rush." However, it doesn't matter if I'm on my last bowl pack, I'm always down to share with a friend.


When people say that pot leads to other drugs and bigger addictions and tell people to quit, once a stoner quits, he/she looks for the other drugs because they can no longer smoke pot. If people just accepted pot already, there would be much less of a hard drug problem.


Hey guys, I don't know if you're going to see this. I just want to say that I absolutely adore the completionist, the dex and I've given a few videos of superscopeshow a few glances and they were alright. Michael Campbell is fucking gold and you should use him to his full potential. Watching him in Defend it! was the best. So yeah just want to give you a persons perspective on their journey through thatonevideogamers.I actually begun with thedex. I'm a huge pokemon fan and when I hear Alex... read more »


I want to join the military, just so I can go up to a Drill Sargent once I get to basic training and do this; calmly walk up to him, as he's staring at me in confusion, look him right dead in the eyes and knock his hat off, then say 'fuck you' and walk away. Not because I have any disrespect, but because this is a challenge that would take an unbelievable amount of balls. I'd be a legend.


Either stand impatiently next to the toaster and take the bagel out too early, or walk away and find the bagel in the toaster the next day


When a president is elected he is the next president (ex. Lincoln is the 16.) But when they are married the woman is always first lady. I always wondered about that.