He's got to have a name for you, something he calls you. Do deaf people have a voice in their head if they're born deaf? Damn that's some deep shit.


think about it youd get high and it would have nicatin


If I could afford to, I would bake weed into every meal I make so I could be eternally high as long as I eat


I would consider myself to be a bit racist, but for the most part i do treat everyone equally... Im so proud of my family, my Irish blood. My southern decendents who fought for confederacy(which wasnt all about slavery if you ACTUALLY know about the civil war). Im proud of who i am... I love America, yet im not as proud as it when i was younger and stupid'er.... Id never fight for this country like i would for the CSA. Im no policeman, nor would i want to be. Long live America and its good... read more »


I was at the airport one time and forgot that I had a weed brownie stuffed in my carry-on backpack. I was just about to enter the security line, so I did what I had to do and ate the whole thing in one bite.

....it was one hell of an interesting 6 hour flight.


I wonder what a caterpillar feels like when it makes a cocoon. Like does it just wake up with a sudden urge to suddenly curl up, build a cocoon, and turn into a butterfly? That's natural caterpillar behavior though, but if a human ever did that, someone would say we were on drugs!


The world be so silent if everyone was telepathic. We would never have to talk to each other. Would we forget how to speak? Would animals be telepathic too? (If so, that means we'd be able to telepathically communicate with our pets!) Woah....