"Getting The Women You Truly Deserve: Everything is going to change, you'll never be alone again"

-Body language shift
-mindreader=never rejected
-33 words= lose control
-$20 accessory that makes her obsessed with what's in your pants
-4 simple words to get her to go home with you
-82% have bad item that=no sex
-so loyal the thought of being w/ someone else is... read more »


Hey, I've recently smoked a good amount to myself

As I'm typing out words, I can hear the voice in my head saying them. Like I'm talking in my head!!
So now 2 things:

1). When I type in all calpital letters, it's like I'm yelling

2). I'm very thankful that my computer saved my email and password to this site.
Originally, I was going to post something totally different!!

I hope everyone has a fantastic day :)

And ps. What do you guys think is the... read more »


I woke up this morning stayed up for a couple hours then layer down on the floor where all this sun comes through this big window which as I'm writing this a Falcon(known for spiritual messages) flew straight across my view...I could feel my soul leaving my body because I could not move but was fully aware then I drifted into my dream state which I thought was a lucid dream so I tried to control it with my evil desires like everyone else but I then realized I wasn't in control and I was... read more »


Have you ever questioned how stupid "sentimental value" is? we glue a memory on to an object and try to treasure it forever in order to remind us of a memory, like a favourite plate or a favourite pair of socks. Do you not look at that beloved, precious plate that you've been keeping for 10 years and just sometimes think....wait, you're just a fuckin' plate?


Is depicted on the Sistine chapels ceiling(painted by Michelangelo) and is shaped like a brain. Atoms make up everything that is matter. They sound very similar do they not? Stop taking the bible literally it is pure genius And full of metaphors with double or more meanings. "So I say to you "A"sk and it will be given to you, "S"earch and you will find, "K"nock, and the door will be opened for you" - Jesus Christ


I go to a community college in a new area where I know no one. How do I approach people about smoking without it being awkward? I just want to make some new burn buddies. Pleeease haaalp


That I prefer smoking by myself? Like sometimes when I'm high with other people I just get overwhelmed and then I get kinda dizzy. But when I smoke by myself I can just go on whatever journey my brain wants to and no one is there to distract me.


A question I've had for awhile.

Can they move their eyes with nothing to focus on? Or since they can't see they haven't moved em so the musles are weak/undeveloped.

Idk, just a question lol


It's not about how you perceive it, it's about how you receive it.