the fuck are there never any new highdeas? seen the same ones on my screen for months. is everyone done smoking weed?


It's the strangest thing
To be apart of a culture
Debating left and right wing
When they're on the same vulture.


imagine you are walking down the street, on your right is an alley. Running at you down that alley, is that psychopath and his rabid pinsir! His sideways jaw and teeth, foam gushing out his mouth, and his pincers ready to break you in half...

Maybe Pokemon should just stay fictional.


Anyone else ever get on Facebook, type in some random name into the people search bar, and just scroll through all those people with that name? It gets overwhelming for me, kinda actually seeing all these millions of people with that exact name, all living very different lives from one another, and I really get confirmed with how many people there are in the world! You see it on tv, loads of people at football games, or festivals etc. but I never really get the sense of how numerous we are... read more »


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Setting up good goals:


so cotton is kinda like well you know what cotton mouth is but like for your eye.


True Democracy, Collective Consciousness, and The Internet

It is clear to me that American democracy is broken. Simply stated, Representative “democracy” is a farce. There needs to be a way for "We the People" to once again have voices. The internet seems like it could realistically be a place where true democracy can exist. In a way, it already does. Everyone has the ability to post, and we are all allowed one vote; thumbs up or thumbs down.


I predict that in the future, weed will find its way into pretentious fine dining with expensive bongs filled with whiskey inhaled through bottled air from the french alps.

Whiskey makers will then jump onto the bandwagon up with limited edition bongs / bottles with an extra hole to fit a downstem (filled halfway with whiskey of course) capped and sealed to be ordered and paired with strains of your choosing.


just noticed, you've never really seen your own face, all you've seen are reflections of your face.


If you're falling, but didn't know, would it still feel like you're falling? Not like tripping and falling but falling from a high distance.. if there's a difference