*spoiler alert*
Everything in his life was an epic fail. His career, his love life, his sex life, his masculinity, his purpose.. Hell even his only child (before becoming Heisenburg) is a cripple. The only thing he was successful at, was being drug God.


What if, in a hundred years when we colonize the moon, midgets take over society? Because of the reduced gravity, they would finally be able to reach the top shelves by themselves, nothing would be in their way.


a palette that's Dr. Seuss themed that says 'I am the Lorac I speak for the trees'


Earlier today I was sitting around attempting to make a batch of cannabutter. After a few failed attempts I angrily gave up and began to brew myself a coffee. Thats when it hit me. YOU CAN USE COFFEE MAKERS FOR CANNABUTTER!! Simply switch the grounds for some ground up fire and exchange the water for some melted butter/oil mixture and thats it! your on your way to the fastest, easiest, possibly most potent way to make cannabutter! Its funny how some of the coolest stuff is just sitting... read more »


I wonder how many times i've blinked at the exact same time as an acter/actress, therefore not noticing that they've blinked. Therefore hindering any possibility that i might notice the significance of that blink.... oh my.. what if it was a wink?


lack the courage and wisdom to achieve the best high. :P


Ya know how they make those high-speed wine chillers to chill your wine? Well, they should build the machine in the shape of a bong, so we can throw our bongs in there and have perfectly chilled bongs in 2 minutes!?


Wow, you dicks. I only get 43 seconds of access? I hope I can post my highdea in that time...
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The best munchy food on planet earth is ice cream it's like a 2 in 1 conditioner shampoo kinda thing it fills me up and quenches my cotton picking mouth, yum.