Has anyone else forgotten about there account on here? My last post was a year ago. Was just sitting with my friend smoking, wanting something to write our ideas while high on.. "Liiikee... HIGHDEAS!!!"


Dogs walk on their hands; all 4 paws - meanwhile, humans walk on two legs and use their hands to do complex shit animals can't do. Dogs beg for food because they cannot make it themselves, due to lack of ability. Next time, you eat that pannini from Timmi's, and your dog is just gazing into your soul, asking for that price of heaven, make sure you give them that slice of panini and recognize that you are a queen to them, be proud that you made something for someone that dreamed of getting it... read more »


Our existence is just all of us playing a video game in first person


What if we've never been to space.. what if everything we thought we knew about space was wrong.


This is AWESOME! You create music with other people FOR FREE! No sign up, just click the link and play. When you put in a screen name, include the word 'HIGH' so you know if you are creating with anyone else from this website.


Honestly, check it you, you wont be disappointed.

take it easy people :)


Whether it's a computer, phone, or camera: Hard drive space is limited. Things are beginning to take up so much more space because how high tech they are. We need to start making hard drives F R E E. Free hard drives for anyone, so everyone can get some stuff!!


Of your school, work, or community, you know. You're higher up on the dating pool. Basically your genetics that created this combination that is you gets to choose their favorite human before most other humans.


How saying sentences backwards create backwards sentences saying how crazy it is?