I recently bought a house in need of total reconstruction. Ive got 22,000 into it. Im 21 years old, with my second home, 2 beautiful daughters, a gorgeous wife, and an amazing dog. I cease to understand how some people just cant do it. Get up, get motivated, and do something with yourself!! On another note, me and my best friend have spent every waking moment in there and my master bedroom is almost finished!! Just a shoutout to us motivated stoners putting in work!


Suddenly you realize that some 4+ years ago you had possibly the greatest invention ever and it was nicely tucked away in your feed. Then you remember that shit actually exists now. Yes, you just saw the commercial the other day. How can that be. That was your idea. Your highdea. That's NOT RIGHT. You agree with yourself that there should be a specialized team of archived highdea lawyers because you know you thought of that shit first.


While I was high ,I was thinking about how people who are in love with someone feel like ! Imagine two young youth for example. They think the world would be end up to their love and ONLY their love is the most important thing in the world & that's it. When I'm writing this ,I was looking at a picture upon my room wall. Actually it is a photo of Charlie Chaplin's movie ,City Lights. I can't believe how beautiful this move is... In this photo Charlie is standing right beside the girl... read more »


Don't you vandalize my mind with that stupidity, then pantomime my rhymes and try to question my validity. I got the tantalizing rhymes at an epitome, they analyze the crime while I just slide out the vicinity. They count my eyes bitch that's a trinity. Born in 95 and I survive until infinity. These fuckin rappers try to diss me then they mimic me. I look into your eyes and see exactly what your gimick be. Man I'm fantastic with the imagery, attack you with the rap and then I slap you with a... read more »


Ok so on the show Full House in the earlier episodes Danny is the only one with a decent job. Uncle Joey is a failed comedian and Uncle Jessie is an Elvis impersonator. Between those two there's no way there "jobs" contributed enough to support two grown men, one of which slept in the living room. If it wasn't for Danny they would be on the streets.


People are afraid to show weakness. But to the point where they can't express themselves . Why do you care. What is weakness. What is caring. Why do we exist? Do we exist? What is existing? Just express what you feel. That makes you tougher than having to hide it.

Is this crazy or does this make sense to you?