i have two dogs and when i play with them in the yard, unless I wanna watch my every step I wear old shoes - however I have never EVER seen a dog with shit on their feet. Come on! I'm a human and I've stepped in my own shit!


What if every time we had Déjà Vu it was because someone was editing the story of our life and those are the clips they decided to put together for the preview ? .
.... Note to self: make my life a more exciting story


I should take my driver's license photo high so when the police see my face in the license he will say "Carry on, you look normal."


Make the connections for yourself. We are literally made of stardust..we draw stars with 5 points We have 5 limbs A.L.L.A.H. we have 5 fingers/toes on each...the Egyptian pyramids have 5 points and we have 5 senses...it gets way way deeper than this just open your eyes and your mind.


If we all find the needing wants for raw material and material objects keeps overwhelming our central wants and goals in this present life, then we sh'all all die together as one human body; the species.


I'm gonna blow all the money I get on the root of all happiness...no need for pointless material things this year


Does anyone else besides me like that shit? I mean, I love it...I'm not even being sarcastic.


So I'm sitting blazing by myself and I go to roll another joint without realising I had one in front of me halfway done, so I'm sat wondering why its a stereotype that stoned people do stupid things and I've realised like fuck. That's why lol

Happy days :-)


Woke up and decided I would smoke and mellow out before I go to work, got too high, now i'm paranoid