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Ok, so you write a novel about something crazy that happens to your main character (We'll call her Jane). And after that crazy thing happens to Jane, she thinks "Woah, I could write a novel about that crazy experience." And the rest of the novel is just her writing a novel (so if you think about it, Jane's basically doing all the work for you). And at the very end of your novel about someone writing a novel, Jane writes on her last page (your last page as well) "And after that crazy... read more »


what if the higher you get, the higher you actually got. like people would be flying around n shit. I'd be in outer space right now. probably near Jupiter or something


A nun picked it up, opened the bag, sniffed the bag and then asked me if it was blueberry kush


Does anyone else have issues with coffee Gnomes? They literally always jack your last sip of coffee. And there's way too many tribes out there. Juice Gnomes, milk Gnomes, etc.

So I'm setting put traps. Mini wood boxes with string and rope and a little drop of coffee under the box. Then when a year goes by and you still haven't caught the little bastard you realize it doesn't matter because they don't exist.

It goes full circle like when you lose the game.........your welcome... read more »