The first bowl of the day is always the best. Whether it's 8am/6pm that first transition from sobriety to being high is great.


Imagine you had a chance to go back to one moment, within the past five years, and start over from there.

Any moment, any decision. Any mistake you could have made, or any deep regret. You have the one chance to re-do your choice. You could change what university you went to, what career you chose, but that choice will be the only memory you keep from that change in time.


But I opened my computer, went to the site, read about 6 other Highdeas, forgot my login, had to get something to drink because I was parched, came back, checked Facebook, then was about to close my lap top and realized the tab was still open....
It was gone:(


can we take a moment to be thankful for the little things. like the little rigdes on the side of the flavor packets in ramen noodles.


I really wanna smoke a blunt with my little bro. (He's 16) But he's never smoked before and I've told him that I haven't done it. I mean come on, what could it hurt. just one blunt and I'm satisfied. any of you introduce a friend or relative to herb?


have you ever gone through a break up, only to realize that as long as you still have marijuana, youre good...?


A look-a-like ipad or like an ipad with a screen the size of a regular laptop screen and somehow in the near future of years to come, have it so these sossim ipads can make it so you can put your arm, ham, ass or head through the ipad screen and your sexy ass girlfriend can give you bjs at any time of the night and just pop through the screen, whether you're both in separate rooms and are lazy as fuck or in seperate states. or maybe you wanna smoek a dank ass joint with your gf and you can... read more »