I think we all hate that we're hated by someone sometimes. Turn that energy towards the people closest to you instead.


Me and my mum have always had a really good relationship but it got to an unbelievable level when she said to me one day that I could smoke in my back garden with my homies without worrying about anything!

Ever since me and the boys smoke regularly and she kits us out with some unreal munchies

Upvote for a sound understanding mother!


That moment when you realize you have a very productive day ahead of you, so you smoke a crystal bowl and realize today's not that day :)


So standing In line at Walmart, with my candy and chips, and i decided I needed lighters.
This really cute guy in front of me lets me go in front of him; so I buy my goodies, and get $40 cash back.. didn't really think anything of it, until the guy looks at me and laughs because everyone in line knows exactly what I will be doing tonight...

I don't care.

Stoner life.


"Alright bro you walk away and as soon as they get here imma pull out my dick and start pissing. "

^ THAT, is a good friend.


And one of the rural growers was like, "You got north of $40,000 in the car, you don't stop for a single fucking car. Blue lights or not." I was rollinggg haha then I was like.. "Woah..shit.."


I often tell people I don't have weed when we all know I surely do.

But in my defense it's only those who I smoke out but get nothing but a, "thanks man I'll get you next time bruh." I have no problem sharing the herb, in fact I hook up my buddies all the time when they run out or are broke. Because they always spot me when I'm out and they think nothing of it. But when you don't return the favor I cut your parasitic ass off, this ain't a free ride unless your a hot chick with a fat... read more »


are interactive story lines and amazing arts =0


When you stop and think about it spiders are pretty much just a bunch of land octopuses.... furry little land octopuses.