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I was standing in line for the checkout at the gas station. There were two guys in their late teens, possibly early twenties, standing in front of me (six feet away, obviously). Even though there was a guy arguing with the cashier about why pulling the collar of his shirt over his face doesn't count as a mask, I couldn't help but overhear the conversation of the two young guys in front of me.


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Is there a punctuation mark for having had two different, similar names?

So that's like the Corporate Ministry. It was known as the Ministry before merging with the Corporation. To discuss the exploits of the Ministry both before and during the Corporate Ministry, would it be "(Corporate) Ministry"? That would suggest that "Ministry" is an abbreviated "Corporate Ministry".

There needs to be a punctuation mark that's like "yeah, the Ministry, and when they were the Corporate... read more »


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In this highly unlikely scenario poop is like c4 explosives. So, you would have to be really careful with it. I'm not sure we could even flush it down the toilet. You might just have to keep it and take very good care of it so that it doesn't explode.

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