You think Russia is so cocky, as a nation, because it's never been successfully invaded?


If pot becomes legal how will the sandwich bag industry stay afloat?


There can always be something there that you have no clue of until it shows up. Think of all of human history, They used to believe many things like the earth being flat, the earth being the center of the universe, the sun being the center of the universe, etc. It goes on and on and not just about space even anatomy and biology, just science in general. Now we think that we have the right information? Sounds like the rest of history, which was proven to be wrong. Think of one ingrained... read more »


This has become just another typical social Media full of little kids...I miss the old one with actual enlightenment people and deep thinkers. If any of you like minded people out there, let bring highdeas back!!


how do you eat crackers when you're high? theyre so fucJKING good but pasties ,man.
highve just recently started using the word high in place of any conjugated I.


In this past month college has started, and i have been pretty much living out of my car. I just feel like I'm floating though through a fun and mysterious path.


Imagine if haunted houses really where are just so old the wood releases a unknown gas that acts as a psychoactive drug when inhaled.
Causing vivid visions, confusion, and extreme paranoia.

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