Give it a Google. It is definitely something we stoners should be supportive of. Share and support for a better, resource-based, environmentalist world. Don't vote for it. Votes fall on deaf ears, so socially scream for change instead.


*Blank stare* let
me hit the bowl, perfect name thought of.
Never able to get on the website again.
High problems..


Crazy this website is still up from back in the day!
So happy to be reunited with perfection!
Much love!


This one time I had a bowl loaded in my smoking device and sitting in my room, I was away, my little sister was home, she hit my shit, turned and flipped the bowl over to make it appear as a fresh green bowl again........I gave her props for such a good idea.......


This is my first time on this site for a while, and apparently I'm not the only one. I remember when a person could sign on here and the popular section would be full. Plus almost everything was hilarious. I miss you highdeas. :-(


Dude, I was walking home with some pals after we all got stoned as fuck and we had just passed an intersection and were on our way up a hill (not to mention it was pitch black) when this car came speeding by at like 40mph and slingshot a fucking ball of eggs at my chest; but being as I was so damn high I thought I was a 1960's gangster walkin around and I was just smacked.


Im so baked that i got lost in my friends 2 acre back yard with only a few trees around. btw trees are so cool when you really think about it and the meaning of their existence.


A little something for those of us that like to smoke in the morning but don't want to be half dead from burnout by lunch. It's packed with vitamins and protein so it will keep your energy up and you can get shit done! :)


PREP AHEAD OF TIME: Peel a ripe banana, put it in a plastic container and stick it in the freezer for at least two hours. (when I have a bunch of bananas that are perfectly ripe but I know they won't get eaten I will do this so I always... read more »


left my bowls at home, trying to conserve my bud so I'm not fuckin with papers or blunts right now. had to resort to a fuckin bottle with the piece lol and I.just remembered that there was a time we've all had to go a lil while with using ghetto smoking items. uhh I gotta work soon but there's a party after so that's cool, but that means late night workout. I'm high af, but planning out your days and weeks is a very vital part of life. even if you don't have shit to do plan what your gonna... read more »


The other day my brother (who is 17) was excitedly telling my mom about how he had watched this video on YouTube that discussed how people's perceptions of colour are completely different, so what you know as your version of RED is different than the colour that I know as red. He's going on and on about it and from the other room I said "You know that you are having the most talked about stoner conversation now, right?" and he yells "IT IS BLOWING MY MIND!!!" we were both dying of laughter... read more »