european cultures are concerned with dominance, more so than many others.. all modern cultures are of the dominator type really, possibly except some of the unconquered island and jungle tribes.. where there's no opportunity to be dominant it's easy enough to appear as tho that's not what you want, and most cultures are unaggressive but only because they're too weak.. but europeans are particularly aggressive, especially the germans, fucking hell, they don't get tired of trying to rule the... read more »


In the time I have experienced life I have noticed that females tend to say they are cold when I think it's maybe a little cold but not enough to really say "man its cold", but the thing is they are actually cold, their hands and feet are at least anyway, I think that's because womens bodies pump blood away from the extremities faster or at a higher temperature than men do, because they are protecting their ovaries, while men do it when it's colder because our testiclés are on the outside so... read more »


Why there's gotta be a police search by a phone number and it always leads to a prepaid holder?


Bitch I get more inspiration from the spark of this lighter than your stories.. *lights it up in front of her*


That was once I walked around the supermarket in circles looking for the cashier


I always think of all kinds of amazing highdeas and cool thughts when im high but i never remember them when im actually on this site so i always end up sitting here smoking in front of the screen tryna think of somethin mind blowin '... ha


will the occurence of you reading this post alter the way you will now live your life?
i hope it does in a positive way.

hey lets grow our own food,food for thought

put a timeless smile on your face,break the clock


i feel that sometimes non verbal conversations are the best