Japan Jump Starter Market; By Type Into: (Lithium Ion and Lead-Acid); By Vehicular Type (Automotive, LCV, HCV and Others); and Region -Analysis of Market Size, Share & Trends for 2016 - 2019 and Forecasts to 2030



It's cooler if I explain it. Think of this game as Call of Duty mixed with a 2D Zelda-ish style. The game's name is Single Mom.

You start off with one father and he gave you 2 kids. To make ends meet each month, you need $3k.

- You get $2k in child support

- Which leaves $1k - you need to hustle and do tasks WHILE making sure both babies don't die.

- If they die you lose the child support. If one dies, your child support is lowered.


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if the sun was far enough away so that we never got too hot, and our planet stayed facing it so daylight never changed. just imagine how living like that would be without any concept of time. without light and time changing, things wouldn't appear to change much aside from the activity of life.

isn't it amazing that a long time ago stardust was just moving until somehow they formed life that was able to observe what's going on?


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Why do they use a picture of the nastiest looking pizza you've ever seen on the packaging of Pizzaria Pretzel Combos? Make it look decent, fuck.


They should make a cartoon, if they haven’t already, where its 3 or 4 dogs that all have normal dog lives but at the same time like the dogs go out at night When the humans go to bed and hang with their other dog friends. Go to bars, smoke weed together, get in funny situations with neighborhoods cats and Stuff and the animals can understand each other of course but the humans don’t. Like there could be a funny crackhead mouse in the neighborhood and and older dog that gives the younger ones... read more »


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They should make a water bottle that you can wrap around your arm while your running and it keeps you cool and its always cold like made of thermo and it also has a water proof clock on it and call it a water watch


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