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You know those genuinely a really nice people you can't say anything wrong about. What if each life you get a chance to become one of them then when you die you get to look at your mistakes and start over. It would take a bunch of Life times to get it right but eventually you'd get in heaven. If you do something bad in the life you are given... You are handed a shitty life and have to work your way back up


The future of policing likely includes drones flying around catching people doing dumb shit and taking your picture. If you turn yourself in within 24 hours you get a reduced sentence/fine.


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Last year, I had a near-death experience. During the end of April 2018, my brother died. I've experienced death so traumatically in such a short amount of time that I'm more afraid of it than ever.


If our consciousness is made up of a specific group of atoms that form together and split up after death when we die, but they don't die... By the laws of eternity, doesn't this guarantee that they will meet up again and form the and counsciousness? Possibly trillions of years down the road, or even a number of years down the road the we can't even fathom. Doesn't this also in a way support the theory that any possible scenario that can happen, will happen?


What do you think it'd feel like if it was some bizarre living instrument? The vibrations of the wind? The low rumbling sound? All that valve oil is probably coating you along with spit.


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