This is just a short list of things I've heard before, comment yours below! (I don't care if a person doesn't smoke, obviously, it's just stupid when someone lies about it to feel like a part of something)

"It's been so long since I smoked I don't even remember how to use one of these."

"I can't, my mom/dad/relative always knows I'm stoned."

"I already smoked today."

"I have to drive, I can't smoke." -leaves three hours later

"Where's the thing you put your... read more »


Doing a solar hit with kief, during 12 o'clock, best time for the sunlight to vape that weed...and it's at High Noon.


4/19 is like a wake and bake - get real high/excited for 4/20. Get your weed and wraps and hit ready for tomorrow.
4/20 is like the party - smoke all day/all night and just enjoy yourself! Hang with buddies or get high and own on video games.
4/21 is like the after party - everyone still going as hard as 4/20 but it's just not 4/20 ;(
Still bomb ass after party though


So i went to my first medical shop last night and picked up somedank ass shit. Today at break i smoked my buddy out. We both forgot our work was having a bake off today. There was 2 peach coblers, apple pie, peanut butter bars(my fav), carrot cake and insane yummy donuts. I tried everything and had even more peach cobler. I feel like im in heaven!!


Sometimes when you get stoned a certain band may sound orgasmic to you. Lately for me its been Alice in Chains. My god, how gentle yet strong their songs are.. Lol. Nutshell, man. Among many many others :)


Imagine having a trampoline but where the blue plastic thing that covers the springs had cables running all the way around and were cconnected to little speakers all around and you could just connect your phone through bluetooth thatd be an awesome trampoline


Think about the common stoners nowadays. Everyone gets so wrapped up in being someone they arent being just like every other stoner. Why?! the point is to always be an individual whether your high or not. All these weed products and stuff with the common plants thats just wreckless and people wonder why we have such a bad rap a weed smokers, cuz half the people out there are just playin a part and dont even know how to hit a blunt bong joint whatever and they claim to be hardcore gangsters... read more »


Well, man, why is it called getting stoned when we aren't smoking stones or other hard objects, we are smoking leaves? Man, it should be called getting leafed. Imagine how much better it would soud if we told people we were just getting leafed. Parent: Son, are you going out to get stoned with your friends? Me:No, I'm just going out to get leafed. Parent: Oh, okay, son. I say that if it's something hard like cocaine crystals then we're getting stoned, man, but if it's Marry Jane then... read more »


Picked up then lost the weed, bought more, then realized I already grinded it up..


I've been planning to commit murder lately, i have four people in mind, don't get me wrong I am not a serial killer or murder for fun, I am no religious man, so I am not been planning this under religious duty beleifs, but because I personally know this people, and they are really sick fucks: pedophiles, racists, homofobe gay bashers etc. police don't do shit about them and gives a fuck about, and come on! Is not like you never planned murder in your life either...