Today, I emailed highDEAS about how they should make an iPhone/iPod touch app. They responded by saying that if I get a highDEA published about this, then theyll look into it. Make it happen.

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Tue, 11/03/2009 - 9:44pm


Sat, 03/12/2011 - 5:58pm
MichaelR Says:

Dont forget the gold ol' Blackberry users!

Wed, 03/16/2011 - 2:07am


Sun, 03/20/2011 - 3:41pm

That's actually how I discovered higjdeas, from the app on my phone, I didn't even know it was a website till lately.

Sun, 03/20/2011 - 3:42pm
Sun, 03/20/2011 - 3:44pm
Wed, 03/23/2011 - 12:14am
Meatboll Says:
Fri, 03/25/2011 - 2:29am
Aorta17 Says:
Sun, 03/27/2011 - 12:20pm

Yes guys listen! It's in the Android market swear to god its called highdroid.

Mon, 03/28/2011 - 7:43pm

ohhhh yeah 6000th upvote, i feel special

Sat, 04/02/2011 - 2:15pm
Sun, 04/03/2011 - 12:01am

Haha, thank you[=
Check out my story, I wanna share my story with you all.

Sun, 04/03/2011 - 1:29am
dardani36 Says:

lol i didn't even know that highdeas was a website until a while after a downloaded the app on my android..HIGHDROID...but u can't comment on posts from the app and sometimes u cant read the whole post

Tue, 04/05/2011 - 3:43pm
SRHC Says:

dude an ipod app for highdeas that would be badass man nice

Sun, 04/10/2011 - 12:02am

it is now done. i have a highDEAS app on my phone.

Sun, 04/10/2011 - 11:59pm


Mon, 04/11/2011 - 9:12am
jala18 Says:

so did it happen? i need to get it if it did

Tue, 04/12/2011 - 7:15pm
Fri, 04/15/2011 - 1:46pm
Sat, 04/16/2011 - 10:27pm
Munchiez Says:

if only my iphone didnt get stolen when i wasnt home and someone kicked down my door prob looking for my weed...

Mon, 04/18/2011 - 6:22pm

Email Tosh.0!!! he will totaly make this happen! tell him its 4 the app!

Tue, 04/19/2011 - 8:41pm

i was seriously jusssst thinking the same exact thing!

Sat, 04/23/2011 - 4:03am

True story, earlier today i was thinking how much i wanted to be on highdeas and thought to myself, "i wonder if they have an app for that."

Sun, 05/01/2011 - 3:59am
adamkubbie Says:
Tue, 05/10/2011 - 7:40pm
REZ Says:

also make it a non iphone thing make it universal.

Thu, 05/12/2011 - 5:28pm
Wed, 05/18/2011 - 1:17pm

As long as one is made for the blackberry app world I'm down.

Sun, 05/29/2011 - 9:22pm
Mon, 05/30/2011 - 2:43pm
Scralfo Says:

Yeah there is an Android app. for the Android market its under HighDroid.

Mon, 05/30/2011 - 11:29pm
Hutch Says:

i hate when people do this but i really need this

Wed, 06/01/2011 - 8:56pm

too many too read all but, just a ap for all devices not just iphone etc. Stoner's Unite

Mon, 06/06/2011 - 12:55am
grave81 Says:

I searched for one when I first was introduced to this site and was very surprised that one doesn't exist yet.

Tue, 06/14/2011 - 8:28pm
Fri, 06/17/2011 - 1:25pm

legit just thought about this like 10 minutes ago im glad someone else feels the same

Mon, 06/20/2011 - 7:07pm

HIGHDEAS MOBILE!! You can get apps about tons of weed, with recipes, strains, tons of good shit. This is just a message board! C'mon now, we all forget the great ideas we have while blunt cruisin'. We need you on the go ; )

Fri, 06/24/2011 - 3:30pm

they need an app for the android market to...that would be the shit!!

Mon, 06/27/2011 - 12:15pm
Sun, 07/03/2011 - 3:22am
potleaf Says:

how was this made popular at an earlier time than when it was submitted ;/

Sun, 07/03/2011 - 11:28pm
Thu, 07/21/2011 - 5:11pm
nyG93 Says:

Ive been thinkn the same thing for a while. Androids have the app - HighDroid , why cant us iphone users have a highdea app! This is the greatest website ever & if iphone made the app it would be even better

Fri, 07/22/2011 - 2:42pm

That would be so fucking badass. I lose so many highdeas from just the walk from the couch to the computer. Just make it easier for all us stoners to enjoy this site.

Sat, 07/23/2011 - 7:40pm
brichrath Says:
Wed, 07/27/2011 - 10:46pm
Stephbot. Says:

I was thinkin the same thing, deff needa do it

Sun, 07/31/2011 - 12:47am

How bout an android app! Iphones are for chicks and fags!

Fri, 08/12/2011 - 2:22am

Androids are for the sexist and intolerant!

Sat, 08/13/2011 - 2:44am
kssmwh Says:

nice choice of words. People who use the f*g are losers.

Thu, 08/18/2011 - 3:12pm
SeanBaked_ Says:
Wed, 09/07/2011 - 9:34pm

All you have to do to get a highdeas app is to go to and the push the add to home screen button there you go insta app

Sat, 09/24/2011 - 2:21pm
Fri, 09/30/2011 - 10:33pm
TreePots Says:

I dont even have an i phone but i support ur cause. Right on brother

Thu, 10/06/2011 - 11:53pm