I smoked a nice bowl about an hour ago and was making some food in the kitchen when my cat walked up to me and started meowing. Thinking back on yoinkie's past conversations with things that led to deep meaningful insights I decided to give it a try.

But my cat, named Kitty, would NOT start talking in human so I had to kinda translate what I think she was saying. The conversation went just like this:

Me: Hey there, Kitty Kitty. How's it going?

Her: Mrow. (Sup, mang?)

Me: I noticed you've been shedding a lot all over my clothes lately. What's up with that?

Her: Mowwwww *start to purr and rub against my leg*

Me: Yeah yeah, I get that this is just your way of saying you love me and nobody else can, but I kinda don't like all my clothes covered in cat fur. Could you lay off it a bit? For me?

Her: *licks paw and cleans her face* (No. HAhahaHAhah what kind of question is that? I'm a cat!)

Me: You're right -_- What was I thinking. You want some food, Kitty?

Her: Mrreowowl. (A confirmation if I've ever heard one.)

So I poured her some cat food and filled her water dish. And she started eating.

Me: Lol. You're a dick. xD I love you, Kitty.

Her: *continue to eat ravenously without acknowledging my presence in the slightest anymore* (I know, mang.)


So, I don't think I picked up a life lesson per se...

Wait, scratch that! (pun!)

I found out cats don't give a fuck about humans other than that they feed them and pet them. xD I'd consider that a life lesson xD

So I've decided to dedicate that bowl to you, yoinkie, because most of my high has been pretty yoinkie-esque. :)

Tokes, brah!

P.S. Here's what I wrote in my phone to remember this while I was cooking my munchies afterwards:

Verbatim: "lol yoinkie conversations meow meow meow scratch that haha." xD

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Alistor Says:

EXACTLY! hahaha. I usually will end up thinking a really elaborate idea out and I can write down 3 or 4 key words to kinda jumpstart my memory later =)

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i Lol'ed


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hahahahahaha damn son ur like the black waka flaka or like a pasle tounge but u talk to not snakes.

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Kinda reminds me of this poem by Shel Silverstein