Earlier today I was walking home when I saw a kid smoking a joint on a street corner, he looked maybe like 14 or 15. He kept looking around the corner and when he noticed his mom coming over he tossed the joint. At this point I was next to him on the phone. When his mom got to him she immediately smelled weed and yelled, "are you smoking pot!!!?!?!??" I knew the kid was going to get in trouble so I popped out a joint and a lighter and sparked it and said "no ma'am that was me" she yelled at me to get away from her son and when I looked back at him he smiled and nodded his head.

Smoke on little buddy, smoke on (;

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Mon, 11/29/2010 - 11:41pm


Tue, 11/30/2010 - 7:11pm
Katatat Says:

I bet that kid will never forget that. I know I wouldn't. You're epic man.

Tue, 11/30/2010 - 7:15pm
C21H30O2 Says:
Tue, 11/30/2010 - 7:54pm
budmiester Says:
Tue, 11/30/2010 - 8:11pm
zoetic Says:
Tue, 11/30/2010 - 8:17pm
jimi1620 Says:

hell yeah man your a giant among ants

Tue, 11/30/2010 - 8:47pm
TheBlob Says:

the public needs to be more aware of stoners like you so they don't have all these bad thoughts of stoners being no-good assholes.

Tue, 11/30/2010 - 10:27pm
Tue, 11/30/2010 - 10:55pm
Tue, 11/30/2010 - 10:56pm
Wed, 12/01/2010 - 12:30am

mmm beautiful marijuana-motivated good intentions. :) you have quite tha heart

Wed, 12/01/2010 - 12:48am
Wed, 12/01/2010 - 12:55am
Lodidodi Says:
Wed, 12/01/2010 - 1:54am

thats amazing! yup I would of done tha same thing...Your my hero...yup yup...your fantasticly amazing!

Wed, 12/01/2010 - 2:51am
baiaotou Says:

that was one of the most awesome good deeds ive ever heard of

my latest work, check it out
ganja connoisseur

Wed, 12/01/2010 - 3:00am

once weed is legalized, he's gonne grow up to be a ganja mega-billionaire inventor, coming up with incredible new toys for stoners and creating fantastic, affordable bud that is ready and available at many marijuana convenience stores located all over the permissable weed-friendly states at the time. and he will find you one day and take you on a magical tour through his ganja factory. my friend, you just got the golden green ticket.

Wed, 12/01/2010 - 3:34am
fmytaco29 Says:

I came back to this highdea after a couple days just to make sure I had upvoted.

I would like to dedicate this next bowl... to the last bowl.
http://highdeas.com/science/Categories_of_Stonage-1 possibly my best yet

Wed, 12/01/2010 - 8:52am

dude, youre crazy cool. two thumbs up!

smoke buuuuuddz

Wed, 12/01/2010 - 10:29am

Hell yeah man! I love doing nice things/hearing about other people doing nice things. 'High' five for you!

Wed, 12/01/2010 - 11:32am
Wed, 12/01/2010 - 12:00pm

WAIT! did u pick up the joint he threw?

Wed, 12/01/2010 - 12:01pm
Wed, 12/01/2010 - 4:17pm
peechykeen Says:

What you did was awesome. Thank-you for spreading love.

Wed, 12/01/2010 - 4:24pm

you sir are a mixture of god,jesus,chuck norris,superman, and gandhi u deserve a nobel peace prize for being so damn awsome

Mon, 08/06/2012 - 8:52pm
Wed, 12/01/2010 - 4:50pm

dude im 15 and run into that prob all the time but great job helpin a kid out

Wed, 12/01/2010 - 4:57pm
Wed, 12/01/2010 - 5:00pm
Hotsuma53 Says:

0.0 DUDE, that kid you saved posted a highDEA about you saving him. What are the odds???
I think, therefore I am...

Mon, 08/06/2012 - 8:52pm
Wed, 12/01/2010 - 5:39pm
OZofDroSki Says:

That kid has a highDEAS account... his account name is ckthebaker. He published one about you man, he praised you. Honestly what you did was one of the most spontaneous acts of total kindness I've ever heard of. I say you hunt the kid down on here and smoke a J with him. You'll remember that for the rest of your life, my man. What goes around comes around.

Wed, 12/01/2010 - 6:25pm

After reading this to my wife, she was like Woa! i read a post on Highdeas. com and it was like . i was smoking a j on the corner and my mom came out and got mad at me but some random stranger pulled out a j and got me out of it. lol small world

Wed, 12/01/2010 - 7:12pm
Wed, 12/01/2010 - 7:35pm
Funcrushed Says:

Wow if this is true there are no words in any language to sum up how truly wonderful this is. You will never be forgotten by that kid probably for the rest of his life. That was a large kindness, my hats off to you!
Keep on tokin'!

Wed, 12/01/2010 - 7:49pm
illusiate Says:
Wed, 12/01/2010 - 7:54pm

best story so far
you are fucking awesome
and i agree with all these people you are jesus lol:P
legalize IT XD

Wed, 12/01/2010 - 8:47pm
Maddness Says:

I just read a highDEA not even 5 minutes before i read yours' that explained this same story but from the 14/15 year olds perspective...
What a quwinky dink.
Or you're just fuckin me.

Wed, 12/01/2010 - 8:48pm

you shoulda looked at the tags bro that ones fake



Wed, 12/01/2010 - 8:53pm
Fwapp Says:
Wed, 12/01/2010 - 10:27pm
gardner420 Says:

indeed you should get some kind of reward... that kids owes you big time i wish a guy like u was around when i got caught by my mom...

to all the young stoners, potheads, burnouts...always have an older one with you that will take the blame for you if yur mom or dad cetches you...

And to you (Toohightotype) my peice and lighter are ready!

<3I^Y R@3<3

Mon, 08/06/2012 - 8:53pm
Wed, 12/01/2010 - 10:28pm
asdfg Says:
Wed, 12/01/2010 - 10:41pm

alright so i dont know if you noticed, but im pretty sure the guy's ass you saved posted a highdea about it too lol
exact same story, but from his side

Wed, 12/01/2010 - 10:42pm

Damn, there should be more people like you in the world. :) Good man.

Wed, 12/01/2010 - 11:05pm
bubba0240 Says:

dude I just read a highdea earlier and it was that kid cus he told the same story lol

Wed, 12/01/2010 - 11:26pm

Dude, I read a highdea exactly like this, except from someone else's point of view. I think it was that kid lol.

Wed, 12/01/2010 - 11:29pm
laforman Says:

dude do u realize a kid just today gave a similiar story only from the point of view from the kid you saved. seriously man you two both go to highdeas! mj brought you all together

Thu, 12/02/2010 - 1:23am
guero311 Says:
Thu, 12/02/2010 - 9:20am
ksms420 Says:
Thu, 12/02/2010 - 3:32pm

either someone is being clever..or i really did just read a highdea from thatt kid telling his perspective on this highstory.
~:bow chika mau-wau:~

Thu, 12/02/2010 - 5:03pm
xsad1300 Says:

Dude you might just have saved that kid from a big ass "ass whoop". i love you you're my hero right now. Imagine how that kid felt when he was caught?? I bet he's looking for you to offer you a chance to smoke a big ass joint with him.

Thu, 12/02/2010 - 5:05pm
xsad1300 Says:

I always say. "To change the world for better you must do what you think that's better for it" dude you just made the world a better place.