It is a little bit of a novel but I think it is definitely worth your time. Smoked a fat bowl and out came this:

So, thinking about some really trippy stuff recently. You know how there people that are smarter than us, obiously, but what is intelligence? It could be fairly said that it is just an awareness of what is happening to us; what is happening in nature and current time, and knowledge of the reactions and interactions of atoms. It can then be scientifically assumed that because there are degrees of intelligence and interactions around us in nature, in order to survive and avoid death, then there must be an infinite level of knowledge and beings that are able to understand the ultimate level of interactions in nature, regardless of time or size. It’s irrational to say that there is a finite level of knowledge, because it itself is understanding nature, from the interactions of tiny atoms to the behaviors of moving those atoms around to help us survive. Could this “being” or force have the power to rip someone out of the realm of life whenever it wishes, into the throws of death, but also survive the event of death infinitely. What must also be considered is death itself. What exactly is the mechanism of “life”, which is formed and developed in the womb when a sperm and egg cell have a series of reaction—from one tiny cell. This cell develops DNA that is somehow “encoded” to create living organisms, ones that evolve away from the presence of death and into time, very shortly, where life is present. At a very tiny scale, we are just cells and electrical signals somehow communicating, creating electricity out of thin air, and somehow having a “life” out of it. It just doesn’t make sense to me that we’re random concoctions of nature, and have no significance—there has to be something more.

I may expand on this later, but my fingers are tired and there are Cheerios to be eaten.


Wed, 04/06/2011 - 2:31am
Oneiro Says:

it is time you know....paradox