I don't understand how people can say Cannabis makes you stupid, when every time I get lifted my friends and I have the most intellectual and philosophical conversations ever. If I didn't know any better, I'd say Cannabis made me smarter...

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Fri, 06/10/2011 - 8:26pm


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ganja100 Says:
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Zuma Says:
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jdog8888 Says:

hell yeah! I'm 15 too and i think the same way.

Thu, 06/09/2011 - 5:23am
Atheistic Says:
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arceus97 Says:
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La_Fluenza Says:
Fri, 06/10/2011 - 8:09pm

honestly, i think that this "fact" does have some truth to it; i dont think that pot makes you dumber, but i think it may take drive away from people. so, its up to you to decide whether or not you are going to lose your drive. i certainly havent

Fri, 06/10/2011 - 8:53pm
HighPrime Says:

I think it does make some people a wee bit dumber

Fri, 06/10/2011 - 8:17pm
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Potcorn Says:
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Awsemo Says:

Where my 19 year old stoners at?!

You know how we roll

Fri, 06/10/2011 - 10:16pm

19 is where it's at bro!......or not....

Fri, 06/10/2011 - 8:56pm
Fri, 06/10/2011 - 9:12pm
ItsJustYou Says:

I wish I could favorite highdeas. I always seem to have the converstaion of excistence.

Fri, 06/10/2011 - 9:25pm
Fri, 06/10/2011 - 9:29pm
B-ez Says:

true, the problem is trying to express the answers of the universe in a way everyone can understand. :)

Sat, 06/11/2011 - 12:19am
thejoneser Says:
Sat, 06/11/2011 - 4:25am
guavajelly Says:

16 year old stoner here. and i have deep ass conversations about the world with my friends when im faded too. it opens your mind up so much man.

Sat, 06/11/2011 - 12:08pm
Navigator Says:

I honestly agree. it has helped me so much, i can concentrate better in school if i bake and i am much more friendly an outgoing rather than to my self and it helps a lot too:)