You can't have a mind altering substance just laying around, for the obvious reasons.
You can't keep on sending innocent people to jail for the wrong reasons.

It will never be solved, it just one of those things. The best we can hope for is for it to stay in a grey area, and that's the direction it seems to be taking for our generation. I as a user can split myself into two different personalities with two different points of view, I listen to both sides, the stoner in me and the reasonable law obeying me.
The stoner me understands the dangers and wrongs about this drug. It also understands freedom of choice and agnologes the fact that there are way more dangerous drugs floating around in our society, why should I be depraved of a drug that's works better for me than any of the already available ones.
So the righteous in me assumes that our government already for seeing this basic human need in our current way of life as a whole, as chosen a wide variety of drugs “Uppers, laughers, downers, screamers”; “A whole galaxy of multicolored pills”. To make us function\endure this lifestyle they force upon us. One could say, and this is the law obeying me speaking, that drugs exist to force democracy to work, 'cause without them we would never last on this political system. Just look, you have your life, you're supost to work and be an active member of society, to contribute and to obey. And the only way for this to work is if everybody follows this lifestyle and do a job. How do you do it, they don't care, just get it done. The mail man delivers the mail, and afterwards he can find a prostitute and pay a woman to let him force fuck her and call her names as he unloads on her face, this will cost you around 50 dollars or euros, assuming on average. Does this sound right to you? In the twenty first century, humanity still does this, it exists in every town, it exists everywhere women and men live together. Don't we know better? Aren't we supost to be evolved and fair and equals, wasn't that the plan? Don't we have the resources to stop this? Is this a problem only for a certain class? I guess not, from toothless farmers to movie stars everybody does it, its a drug and its necessary. The same questions apply to any other drug, so the point the righteous in me is forced by logic to make is, if the government recognizes the importance of drugs in society life, if we still accept that women sell pleasure which is a drug how can drugs be illegal?
However, should we encourage the use? Should we let everybody to access this? No, 'cause then we wouldn't function. But should we put people in jail for it? I don't know. It will never be solved, it just like Israel.


Sat, 10/10/2009 - 10:07pm

I'm sorry it's too long and it doesn't make much sense, I just got some good hash I'm really trippin right now