you smoke weed.

If I'm right, you owe me 1 upvote.
If I'm wrong, get the fuck off this site.

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Fri, 06/17/2011 - 2:18am


Sat, 03/26/2011 - 10:59am

Its like you know me personally! Id given you 10 if i could fellow stoner

Sun, 03/27/2011 - 12:55am
Kraytos Says:

i'd give you 10 too, but instead i'll give you 3:)

Fri, 06/17/2011 - 5:10pm
a.catpuppy Says:

GUYS IF YOU SEE THIS.. it means u are alive n also not blind. Be happy and give thanks!

Fri, 06/17/2011 - 5:50pm
boo420 Says:

omg i am so sorry but every time i see your pic i think of perez hilton wearing a custume...

Fri, 06/17/2011 - 10:19pm
HotBoxin Says:

In Soviet Russia, happy and thanks give you

Mon, 07/11/2011 - 6:58pm

is your picture gibby holding a half eaten banana from that kid tv show icarly? respect

Sat, 06/18/2011 - 2:13am

You rock for two reasons.
1. You posted this.
2. your name is a.catpuppy.

and because you smoke pot.


Thu, 07/14/2011 - 9:33pm
raindrop Says:
Thu, 05/26/2011 - 4:50am

i dont smoke yet. hoping to change that soon tho :). a friend told me about this site & i've been on here everyday since!

Fri, 06/17/2011 - 2:19am
Hanzar Says:
Fri, 06/17/2011 - 2:41pm
gr9 Says:

I remember when I was in your position. Just wait one day the time will be right and you will finally smoke. Once you do it once I'm sure you will be hooked (but not cuz its addicting) I have had to go a month without it before

Fri, 06/17/2011 - 2:08am
Doogal.007 Says:
Fri, 06/17/2011 - 7:33pm

i didn't. that's like a politician sayin' "if u breath oxygen, VOTE FOR ME". It's, not facebook bro. We all smoke here dude!

Sat, 06/18/2011 - 1:04am
Stonedgoat Says:

not everybody thrs a bunch of posers who think they can come to this site. but this is suppose to b r sanctuary

Sat, 06/18/2011 - 11:42am

the only reason i upvoted was because he told them posers to get the fuck off this site not because he asked for an upvote

Fri, 06/17/2011 - 2:23am

I'm very high and this made me smile ^-^

Fri, 06/17/2011 - 2:35am
MJfosho Says:

At first I was like "whoa" o.O then I realized I was on highDEAS lmao yeee! there are a lot of posers though sadly...

Sat, 05/19/2012 - 2:46pm

ah spongebob puts pot in his crabby patties and makes them happy patties intead

Wed, 09/25/2013 - 7:31pm
REL Says:
Fri, 06/17/2011 - 2:40am
HighGuy11 Says:

bull shit lol ill give you one upvote but its not gonna be for this highdea. well i'll give you three upvotes on actual highdeas, because this one deserves a downvote

Fri, 06/17/2011 - 4:57am
Fri, 06/17/2011 - 8:09am

brilliant way to get upvotes my friend good job

Fri, 06/17/2011 - 12:11pm
Fri, 06/17/2011 - 12:18pm
JewGuru420 Says:
Fri, 06/17/2011 - 12:23pm
AIDSissexy Says:

Every comment on here has an upvote, hmm thats sketchy

Fri, 06/17/2011 - 12:41pm
britt213 Says:

there, now your comment has an upvote too :)

Fri, 06/17/2011 - 12:49pm
Fri, 06/17/2011 - 1:16pm
AIDSissexy Says:
Fri, 06/17/2011 - 1:17pm
AIDSissexy Says:

What are you the upvote police? You don't know shit!!!!!!!

Fri, 06/17/2011 - 12:28pm
-st0ned Says:
Fri, 06/17/2011 - 1:06pm
Evemusic Says:

this HIGHdea is dumb.:/.i had to give it a downvote.

Fri, 06/17/2011 - 4:47pm
-st0ned Says:

Then you probably don't smoke weed. (:

Fri, 08/26/2011 - 12:21am

Or he/she just recognize the fact that it's not even a highDEA

Fri, 06/17/2011 - 1:11pm
Fri, 06/17/2011 - 2:22pm

ahhhhahahahaha. That cracked me up :D

Fri, 06/17/2011 - 3:44pm
Popper Says:

i would up this infinatly if i could :)

Fri, 06/17/2011 - 3:54pm
ThaBraze Says:

Since you asked for the upvote and this isn't really a highdea, I will not upvote.

Fri, 06/17/2011 - 3:59pm
Fri, 06/17/2011 - 4:21pm

hah i get it

Fri, 06/17/2011 - 5:30pm

I smoke, but I'm not a tool so I didn't upvote you. Have a nice day, try to come up with an actual Highdea.

Fri, 06/17/2011 - 5:36pm
Fri, 06/17/2011 - 7:55pm
Locifer Says:

soooo, if i dont smoke, anymore, and i appreciate the company of those who do, and provide arguements why it being illegal is illogical, i need not come here? glad to know there r people who want a 'free' site to be privatized and given passage to a select group. And wow, look at all the supporters! Its like austria circa 1939 all over again! yay for established order! esss-tablishment, esss-tablishment, you al-ways know whats riiiiight... follow the rules!!!

Fri, 06/17/2011 - 8:25pm

i agree with you but this site is about one love<3 anyone should be allowed to read this shit bc people who sit here and read and upvote/downvote ideas are people who understand what everyone is talking about. and some people physically cant smoke bc theyre on probo and go to me

Fri, 06/17/2011 - 11:59pm
Kraytos Says:

probation sucks ass. i know your pain.

Fri, 06/17/2011 - 9:36pm
_Poptart94 Says:
Fri, 06/17/2011 - 9:39pm
mowgli13 Says:
Fri, 06/17/2011 - 10:13pm
rednalam Says:

This guy might just be tryin to get a lot of votes but damn he is right.

Fri, 06/17/2011 - 10:27pm

Dude whats wrong with stoners these days "If I'm wrong, get the fuck off this site" If Bob Marley were alive today I think he would be disappointed because I know I am D;

Fri, 06/17/2011 - 11:57pm
Kraytos Says:

a true stoner would not have the issue of not smoking, and a non-smoker would re-consider thier ways and toke it up like the rest of us.

Fri, 06/17/2011 - 10:36pm

Im not even trying to get upvotes im just doing all outdoor smokers great service