How many people on this site actually smoke weeed? I just wanna see if more people become members because their "funny" or if u actually smoke and post ur ideas. If ur a REAL stoner.... Vote up!


Sun, 09/12/2010 - 9:17pm

This was just on the boards like a month ago.
Im a real stoner (and I know I'm a real stoner) so.. downvote

Wed, 10/13/2010 - 5:01pm
Thu, 10/14/2010 - 2:27pm
-Jasper- Says:

this sucks.. there are so gems that get lost in the upcoming pages and this one somehow makes it out. no shit we smoke weed this is 'HIGH' deas.. theres a pot leaf on the logo so take a wild guess.. sorry for hating but seriously..

I'M A TOWEL !! wait...

Mon, 09/13/2010 - 1:25am

why does it matter man? on here for both...and if people dont smoke that are on here...good for the people that do smoke because the people that dont see how awesome we are then stfu about how stupid we are:)....just sayin

Mon, 10/03/2011 - 4:15pm

Yeah honestly if you've got some good ideas or something funny to say, who cares if you've never smoked in your life?

Tue, 09/14/2010 - 9:14am

This is how you are going to figure that question out?

Sat, 09/18/2010 - 12:01pm
Lethy Says:

I voted down, because using gimmicky hooks like that to get you votes is just as lame as poseurs pretending that they smoke weed.

Sat, 09/18/2010 - 10:58pm

after reading the comments and realizing they all make good points i wish i could retract my knee-jerk upvote...

Wed, 09/22/2010 - 8:15pm
lsdmt Says:
Fri, 10/01/2010 - 6:37pm
yoinkie Says:

why would anyone upvote this? His name is "white power". go get run over by a bus, scum

Tue, 09/27/2011 - 6:23pm

this is what i wanted to say, but im to new to understand how to comment

Thu, 10/07/2010 - 10:17pm

Why would you call names onto him? His name is white power, yes but is he not a person? Did we not originate from the same area at the beginning of time? So are we not brothers and sisters? So shouldn't we show love to one another including ourselves? A person who loves their brother and sisters, do they call names unto them?

Wed, 10/13/2010 - 12:23am
yoinkie Says:

Did you really just say that? WTF is wrong with you? Go research what white supremists believe in before you speak again!

Wed, 10/13/2010 - 9:30am

PLUS even tho im all for gettin along
n yes, siblings are notorious for making fun of each other
THIS KIDS A FAGGOT (n i dont mean gay, i mean annoyingly corny)

Wed, 10/13/2010 - 10:05am

chyboy should turn in his resignation from this website. now.

Stay high, my friends.

Fri, 10/15/2010 - 4:05pm

I know what white power believe in. I'm half black and half white. I know both sides of it. But there can never be peace if one hates another. You learn as a child about name calling. If you were as mature as you should then you wouldn't be doing that and listen instead of being quick to anger.

Tue, 10/12/2010 - 4:32pm

this is a website for stoners, so yes we all obviously smoke. begging for upvotes is pretty gay. downvote for me.

Wed, 10/13/2010 - 12:40am

That's why they do it. Most of the best highdeas don't even have hardly any votes because vote whore like this are always posting shit like "Upvote if you boobies, or Upvote if you have ten toes, or upvote if you want my highdea to get to the top so people can see my name so I'll become popular because I'm such a loser that I fabricate fake stories of being high and doing dumb pothead things for that's the only acceptance and recognition I can get in life"...

I hate being a hater... I pains me so much calling out dumb people

Wed, 10/13/2010 - 9:31am
Wed, 10/13/2010 - 4:26pm

hahaha... That is a strangely funny typo... I was laughing for like 20 mins straight

Thu, 10/14/2010 - 2:47pm
-Jasper- Says:
Tue, 10/12/2010 - 11:58pm
faundeelze Says:

for suuuuuuuureeee. but for real, i'm here for both. i like to post funny stuff i just realized but i realize it when i'm high

Wed, 10/13/2010 - 12:17am


Shit went downhill quick, huh guys?

-It is not mind, it is not Buddha, it is not things.-

Wed, 10/13/2010 - 12:23am
CaliCory Says:

c'mon man, up votes dont even matter here. no one will be impressed if you have 67485675634534 up votes.

"enjoying life 1 moment at a time" -CaliCory

Wed, 10/13/2010 - 12:35am
Wed, 10/13/2010 - 7:00am

I was trying to read your name and it took me almost two minutes to realize it's Ryan and weiner put together with the letters split up. Ha.

Wed, 10/13/2010 - 1:06am

thats all we have to do in danbury CT is burn

Wed, 10/13/2010 - 3:35am
HIPe Says:

Yeah, I joined not that long ago and I could already tell that the attention whores that ask for upvotes aren't true stoners.

(Insert stoner cliché here)

Wed, 10/13/2010 - 7:43am

ohhh man i saw this and instantly i thought, this guy is gonna get ripped a new one for posting this haha

Wed, 10/13/2010 - 8:34am

Already posted 3 of my highdeas. Unfortunately, none of them made it. And yes, i smoke daily. Or at least every other day. but for the most part, daily.

Wed, 10/13/2010 - 10:29am

So i smoke daily, and just heard about this site.. I just smoked and got on, it is funny as fuck.. But it should be for stoners only.. I agree..

Wed, 10/13/2010 - 6:54pm
hoodratt23 Says:
Wed, 10/13/2010 - 10:49am
karmaapple Says:

I downvoted because this feels like spam to me, which I don't wish to see in the upper ranks.

Love, karmaapple

Wed, 10/13/2010 - 11:14am

I upvoted because I smoke, but this is by far THE dumbest post i've seen in a while.
"Smoking the herb reveals you to yourself." - Bob Marley

Wed, 10/13/2010 - 12:10pm
HighGuy11 Says:

come on people we cant let dumb shit like this get published

**Baked as a Biscuit :D**

Wed, 10/13/2010 - 12:22pm
Wed, 10/13/2010 - 1:14pm
LikeAGhost Says:
Wed, 10/13/2010 - 2:44pm
blowed24_7 Says:

downvote because real smokers dont care. only non smokers or occassional smokers care

Wed, 10/13/2010 - 4:19pm
memowidget Says:

GREAT JOB MAKING MAIN PAGE BRO!!!! Too bad the rest of your highdeas suck dick. Do you really smoke weed???

Wed, 10/13/2010 - 4:22pm
Wed, 10/13/2010 - 5:11pm
Torched Says:

Are you fuckin serious? I don't know how this shit keeps gettin on here and it has a FUCK ton of votes.. I'm certain that the people you we're trying to call out(I doubt your an actual stoner yourself) are the ones that upvoted this.

Wed, 10/13/2010 - 6:59pm
Lsa47_0 Says:

ok so being high i saw this and thought "what if he really just wants to know?" so i voted then clicked to read the comments... and jesus for not caring everyone has an awful lot to say about it. i really didnt think this was a popularity contest..................

Thu, 10/14/2010 - 1:49am

Or maybe this kid made a highDEAS account made stupid comments and highDEAS then left and one of his DEAS got publish 26 WEEKS later and has no clue. Seriously go check out his profile. Last thing he commented on or submitted was 26 weeks ago. Give him a break guys.

Ignore me, I'm high.

Thu, 10/14/2010 - 9:57am
wrew420 Says:

Stop trying to trick people into getting upvotes. How about actually coming up with an idea, and earning the upvotes???

Thu, 10/14/2010 - 12:34pm
KeithX Says:
Thu, 10/14/2010 - 1:04pm

I would vote up but it needs to stay at 420!

"Life's either a great adventure or its nothing.."

Thu, 10/14/2010 - 1:09pm
Norse-27 Says:
Thu, 10/14/2010 - 3:34pm
GrapeSoda Says:
Thu, 10/14/2010 - 8:51pm
jjjonny Says:
Thu, 10/14/2010 - 9:23pm