Mon, 05/10/2010 - 5:09am
Mon, 05/10/2010 - 6:56am
DBDspliFFy Says:
Mon, 05/10/2010 - 11:30am
madnutz Says:

HAHA i like how the dude who does meth does his posts IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS ha like he's tweaking out. funny.

Thu, 04/30/2015 - 8:22pm
E.Scooby Says:


Mon, 05/10/2010 - 1:56pm
ebell12 Says:

this dude has some funny ass highdeas

Mon, 05/17/2010 - 10:22pm
casper Says:
Sun, 07/04/2010 - 7:14pm

personally, i don't do meth, never touched the stuff and i won't ever touch the stuff. but i do have plenty of friends that smoke meth, and the ideas they have sometimes are just way out there. so i think i would like a site for meth heads, just to read their ideas. i mean i'm pretty sure plenty of non-potheads come here to read our ideas (=

Sun, 10/25/2015 - 6:39pm
DmanRocked Says:

I totally agree with you man. Plus cause they're all cracked out nobody takes them seriously in the real world, ergo they could use a good place to vent nd what not.

Mon, 03/14/2011 - 7:50pm
Bread Says:
Sun, 10/16/2011 - 6:10am

10points to bread for spotting that out :P that made me laugh the most lol

Tue, 11/02/2010 - 7:16pm
Mon, 11/08/2010 - 12:41am
oohGraci Says:

aha this is kinda lame but it made me fucking crack up i think its pretty funny.

Mon, 11/15/2010 - 6:36am

hahahah the person who said, no no no, your name is Krystle Meth

Fri, 12/03/2010 - 2:40am
thisisme Says:

This is the funniest highdea ever. fucking MethDEA's ahahaha

Sun, 06/12/2011 - 10:22pm
Mon, 12/20/2010 - 7:38am
tweak420 Says:
Wed, 01/05/2011 - 10:02pm

We all can tell you do meth, look at all that writing, someones a fucking spaz

Sun, 02/20/2011 - 2:14am
Doobie_Doo Says:

I tried to downvote but accidentaly upvoted... Then realized this guy is probly kidding.. Whatever i chuckled so upvote i guess

Sat, 02/26/2011 - 9:48am

lmfao i love how it says upvote this if you love Chrystal and it has -737 down votes... lol

Sun, 03/06/2011 - 10:26pm
Mon, 03/07/2011 - 8:50pm
Hiroshima Says:

I think most meth heads sold their computers to buy more meth.

Mon, 03/14/2011 - 2:47pm
Guerinator Says:

i think this is freakin hilarious. HE'S TWEAKING OUT AND SHIT. and comes up with the stupid ass name METHDEAS because he couldnt fuckin think of anything else because he's fried.

i thought it was a good post. probably realistic to whats going on in a methhead.

Fri, 03/18/2011 - 5:01am
DJ_Nugg420 Says:
Sun, 03/20/2011 - 6:24pm
ivan67mesa Says:

i am too high to down vote. i felt bad you had so many downvotes

Tue, 03/22/2011 - 2:35am

you cant take this guy serious can you? i mean im sure he's actually happy he's the most downvoted in history haha

Tue, 03/29/2011 - 2:40pm
D_E_T_O_X Says:

care if i use your meth supplies to fix my car ???

Thu, 03/31/2011 - 4:45am
GpiPeBitch Says:
Sun, 04/17/2011 - 10:16pm
Wed, 04/20/2011 - 3:44pm
MissCali18 Says:

are you serious?... how about nooooo.

Wed, 04/27/2011 - 1:48am

I do whatever makes me happy, and a lil' bikers caffeine is good every once and a while. Stay up all night and party hardy.
I like gettin' geeked

Mon, 05/02/2011 - 12:09am

yeah itll help the government catch your dumbasses and see stoners dont cause alotta shit

Mon, 05/02/2011 - 4:49pm
JuNkI3LoV3 Says:

why do meth heads do it doggy style?

so they both can look out the window.


Mon, 07/11/2011 - 3:57am
Mon, 05/02/2011 - 7:40pm
hoboJoe Says:

I love that this is one of the most downvoted highdeas. fuck meth, we'll stick good ol' Mary Jane. She knows what we like

Sat, 05/07/2011 - 6:54am
conormacc Says:

why are some comments in green and some a pale grey almost white colour?? hope mines green. not gunna lie

Sat, 05/07/2011 - 8:43pm
nuggubler Says:

green means a comment on a highdea, grey-white is a comment on a comment.

Sat, 05/07/2011 - 6:54am
conormacc Says:
Sat, 05/07/2011 - 8:42pm
nuggubler Says:

no.never.meth doesnt give you ideas, just makes you twitch, and after two years your face will, basically fall off.

Sun, 05/08/2011 - 2:18am
Bombaclot Says:

Somewhere in your tiny head you actually thought someone was going thumbs up meth? Your a dingle berry

Sun, 05/08/2011 - 2:16pm

Looks like no one loves crystal meth...

Sat, 05/14/2011 - 11:30pm
Wed, 05/18/2011 - 11:40am
one_love1 Says:
Sun, 05/22/2011 - 2:41am
SqueegeeLo Says:

Why does this have so many downvotes?
He's obviously joking, and I find it quite funny.
And at least it's a real HighDEA, unlike most of the posts on this site..

Sun, 06/05/2011 - 1:08pm

why does this have so many downvotes? its fucking funny

Wed, 06/08/2011 - 5:20pm

well even though most people on this site only do weed, its still highDEAS.. theres no reason you couldnt talk about meth on it,, you still get high off meth.. iff it was like "weeDEAS" youd have an argument..

Fri, 06/10/2011 - 2:28am
KMyrk Says:

Guys, he just posted this to get on the opposite of the "popular page"

haha its funny, people are quicker to downvote then upvote by looking at the difference in vote counts haha

Tue, 06/21/2011 - 6:19am

Everything about this "Highdea" is stupid, first of all meth is really bad for you, and it can destroy your life more than any other drug out there. And for you to say that hurts the cause of Legalization of Marijuana, because it will support the right wing and left wing belief that marijuana is a gateway drug, But the worst part about it is, I could forgive all that if MethDeas rhymed with ideas, but it doesn't, so fucking epic fail, and a fucking epic facepalm for your non-rhyming metdea title you turdrabbit!!!!!

Wed, 06/29/2011 - 9:11pm

It sounds great in theory, but a true meth head would have already sold his computer and discontinued his internet service to buy more meth.

Sat, 01/05/2013 - 2:06am
AdamOest Says:

haha i read all the comments and you, sir, win. You win the satisfaction of having a stranger tell you your comment was to his liking moreso than any of the other ill-thought out comments on this post. But really, though, you win. I laughed.

Thu, 06/30/2011 - 1:34am