Sex while high..... Enough said. Up vote if your with me

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Wed, 11/18/2009 - 9:48pm


Wed, 11/18/2009 - 5:59pm
lauren Says:

all i gotta say is

"I'm diverse. I save the world second, and I get high first."

Wed, 11/18/2009 - 11:25pm
Million Says:
Wed, 11/18/2009 - 11:27pm
Hilltop Says:
Thu, 11/19/2009 - 1:22am
NickTipUT Says:

Hell yeah then a shower and a nap.. Perfect..

Tue, 06/21/2011 - 10:55pm

sex then bong then shower then bong then nap... then bong :)

Thu, 11/19/2009 - 10:44am
swampy_ Says:
Thu, 11/19/2009 - 2:22pm
flynoodle Says:

man it is good, but its good no matter what. I always get like that violent ass cotton mouth while having sex high though, but thats just a minor inconvienence.

Sun, 04/24/2011 - 1:26am

another inconvienence? when your thoughts wonder while your having sex and you think of something funny and start geeking out.

Thu, 09/08/2011 - 7:58pm

Even worse when you start bustin up and go limp

Thu, 11/19/2009 - 3:14pm
ruderalis Says:

Ahahaha it's the best.

Except when my vagina gets cotton mouth....cotton vag?

Thu, 11/19/2009 - 9:34pm
soma Says:
Thu, 11/19/2009 - 11:53pm
Sat, 11/21/2009 - 11:46am

lmfao. agreed. i think thats just cause you go forever when youre high and our vag's are like whoaaaaaah slow down!

Fri, 06/17/2011 - 3:42am
arung Says:
Sat, 11/21/2009 - 12:04pm
shiden_239 Says:
Sat, 11/21/2009 - 1:47pm
Sun, 08/29/2010 - 12:42pm
Jeremiah Says:

OMFG that shit nearly made me die laughing.

Mon, 11/29/2010 - 6:36pm
mela Says:

my ex, who smoked before i ever did, NEVER wanted to smoke with me. o.O he has NO idea what he missed out on. :D

Fri, 05/20/2011 - 2:30am
Thu, 06/16/2011 - 11:56am
minki Says:
Thu, 11/19/2009 - 3:24pm

i usually fuck, thennnn i smoke. so much better relaxation.

Ain't no rest for the wicked! Until we close our eyes for good

Thu, 11/19/2009 - 3:49pm

my strategy is bang smoke bang

best of both worlds

Sat, 11/21/2009 - 2:13am
tripsta Says:
Tue, 05/25/2010 - 12:39pm
Wed, 03/09/2011 - 11:10pm
Sun, 04/24/2011 - 1:28am

Bud, sex, cigarette, beer, couch, repeat.

Thu, 11/19/2009 - 4:06pm
anitajoint Says:
Thu, 11/19/2009 - 5:27pm
Fearless Says:

Sex while high is just a small glimpse of what's possible. There are natural ways to access that level of bliss and you might be surpried at how easy it is to attain that with a little tantric practice.

Thu, 11/19/2009 - 8:33pm
slcjosh Says:

no dudes. head while high is the absolute best. sex is a close second

Fri, 05/20/2011 - 4:34am

is this my ex-boyfriend? Heads cool and all, I don't mind given it, but if I'm high and feeling it then I wanna fuckkk, sorry.

Thu, 06/16/2011 - 11:58am
minki Says:

agreed! I love giving it my guy when we're high, but I want it back and then I wanna get down.

Thu, 11/19/2009 - 9:25pm
skeeter Says:
Thu, 11/19/2009 - 10:14pm

Whenever my hubby wants to get some ass, he just gets me high :)

Fri, 11/20/2009 - 2:24am
stroop Says:

Hahahaha that's kinda fucked up, but I would dig it hahahaha

Thu, 11/19/2009 - 11:33pm
kaaz420 Says:

lol its great and all but i get really fuckin lazy when im high ha

Fri, 11/20/2009 - 1:38am

smoke and sex ah, the simpliest things in life is what counts

Fri, 11/20/2009 - 2:24am

Its the beez-knees folks. Im usually the one high and my girlfriends not and it doesnt even matter. She doesnt even have to be awake. Just kidding, no seriously Im not.

Sat, 11/21/2009 - 12:10am

lmao @ tommy lucero. That's totally fine. Fuck y'all taboos

Wed, 03/09/2011 - 6:04pm
blazen Says:
Fri, 11/20/2009 - 5:57am

Weed makes my mind and my vajayjay happy. So yes plz, sex while high is an instant win.

Wed, 09/08/2010 - 8:21pm

coming from a baby elephant i am not impressed, also my friends--- he smokes with cigarettes

Fri, 11/20/2009 - 11:19am
PandasBong Says:

i could never focus on the whole objective when im high lol i mean it feels good and all but i feel like im missing out cuz she loves it...

Fri, 11/20/2009 - 12:24pm
motaman Says:

um, totally with you that sex is awesome while high. if you ask me, anything is better while high. i can't give you an upvote though because i don't believe you came up with this idea, sorry bud

Fri, 11/20/2009 - 12:47pm
S.FL-FiYA Says:

FUCKK YEahh , gettin' that pussayy while blasted is the shiiittt, n the girls go wildd on it too lmaoo ;D

Fri, 11/20/2009 - 5:22pm
sackonto Says:

Couldn't agree more!! Never had better sex than when I've been high - it increases the sensitivity in those vital areas!

Fri, 11/20/2009 - 10:08pm

oh my goodness, the sensitivity is beautiful, and you feel so beautiful when you're high anyways.
like you could just fly away, and it's fantastic.
oh my gosh.
Sex or even messing around is so fun when you're hiiiigh. Sure you're a little tired but you're more free to try anything with the other person.
i love it.

Fri, 02/03/2012 - 11:37am
HannBanan Says:

Exactly. I love being so lifted - it makes me actually like myself, be confident, cos I'm pretty depressed - and it makes everything just feel so good. Like sex on it's own is plenty amazing, don't get me wrong, but sex high? There's nothing like it. I always feel like I'm in space and I'm floating there with my lover and nothing can hurt me. Nothing hurts and everything is beautiful. There's a true sense of weightlessness and ecstasy that the combination brings that is just indescribable.
Though the cotton vag can get annoying, especially from behind haha.

Sat, 11/21/2009 - 12:38am
jigsaw117 Says:

high sex is the best, especially for 2 hours straight in a hot tub =]

Fri, 05/20/2011 - 4:37am

hot tub sex is overrated. high sex is banging in plenty of places nicer than a hottub.

Sat, 11/21/2009 - 1:47am

OH YEA and when its good too....GOD have mercy lol