you use to say "im going outside to play with my friends" now its "im going out to hang with some friends" fuck that! I still want to play! I want to smoke and play cops and robbers, or have a super soaker war! the only thing we play now is video games! I want to PLAY OUTSIDE!!! but everyone acts like their too old. :(

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Tue, 04/12/2011 - 9:21pm


Mon, 04/11/2011 - 2:37pm

i'd play with you =)

every time i smoke outside, i wish that same thing too. . . .

Mon, 04/11/2011 - 10:44pm
Oneiro Says:
Tue, 04/12/2011 - 9:21pm
in_lakech Says:

I miss playing pretend. like pokemon or harry potter. Imagine playing pretend with your buddies now.. weeeird

Tue, 04/12/2011 - 9:22pm
AlexDank Says:

How about some basketball?(:

Tue, 04/12/2011 - 9:26pm

There needs to be more people like this in the world.
nowadays i just go hiking or something. or go play some disc golf. thats the perfect stoner sport out there.

Tue, 04/12/2011 - 9:26pm
Sergy Says:

I always wanted the super soaker with the back pack... now that i have the money to get one no want wants to have a war =[ its sad

Tue, 04/12/2011 - 9:26pm
kelseybee Says:
Tue, 04/12/2011 - 9:32pm
sabihigh8 Says:

ha check what i just wrote about. kinda the same idea

Tue, 04/12/2011 - 9:33pm
AG311 Says:

Man, you are so right. Thats all my friends do, and anytime i want to go walk, or go do other shit besides play video games, everyone says no. I miss the good old days.

Tue, 04/12/2011 - 9:34pm
isaako Says:

wat about water ballons!! those were fun running around throwing ballons as hard as u could
or maybe evn those days of mud ball/mud clumps wars!!

Tue, 04/12/2011 - 10:17pm
hugh420 Says:

my sisters and i used to go weed the garden and have mud clump wars with each other lol

Tue, 04/12/2011 - 9:35pm
Burn_it Says:

lol aww :) every time I'm with my dude, he wants to play COD & sure it's fun, but I try to play in the back yard with his lil bro's too :)

Tue, 04/12/2011 - 9:42pm
barkern89 Says:

I miss these days. I'm approaching 22, and if I'm not too old, my 20-year old friends sure as hell aren't! Log off, shutdown, and GO OUTSIDE!

Tue, 04/12/2011 - 9:49pm
staywavy11 Says:

I'd love to play cops and robbers again... too bad no one will wanna be the cops

Tue, 04/12/2011 - 9:49pm
angsl6zz Says:

fuck i still do that shit i play manhunt

Tue, 04/12/2011 - 9:52pm
bowlin Says:

"We don't stop playing when we get old. We get old when we stop playing." no idea what that was from... but I feel like everyone still wants to just feel sheer joy and "play" like we did when we were kids. problem is..everyone's too embarrassed I think.
hey, that actually might be the attraction to lets us experience some of our childhood wonder again. :)

Tue, 04/12/2011 - 9:53pm
Tue, 04/12/2011 - 10:18pm

i miss tag, freeze tag, hide and seek...

Tue, 04/12/2011 - 10:57pm
Murph_ Says:

Me and my friends still play tag at school, during class too, fucking sprinting and everything!

Tue, 04/12/2011 - 11:42pm
baiaotou Says:

get a punchin bag. thats my way of playin outside. but i still do snowball fights in the winter haha

Wed, 04/13/2011 - 12:12am

dude, where do you live, i will fucking road trip to have a super soaker fight...but nah, really, i do shit like that all the time still, marijuana brings out the inner child, i'd never owned a nerf gun in my life, then i started smokin weed, now i got a six shooter nerf gun, and a sniper nerf gun, and i fucking used them all the time

Wed, 04/13/2011 - 10:15am
jaeblaze Says:

I fucking agree. Bitch let's play outside.

Wed, 04/13/2011 - 2:44pm
Thu, 04/14/2011 - 5:54pm
Sat, 04/16/2011 - 5:09am

dude where can we meet up, im ready for some fucking tag in the dark!!!

Mon, 04/18/2011 - 3:11pm
Queenie_D Says:

lol i still ask my friends to come outside to play! now its on a whole nother level

Sun, 11/06/2011 - 10:59pm
JohnnyUtah Says:

im 23 and my crew of friends and I play a ton of frisbee golf, road hockey, ice hockey, tennis, football, catch, soccer playing outside is the shit and i hope we keep doing it til im 63