but i'm a girl, and i absolutely love watching lesbian porn when i'm high.

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Wed, 02/29/2012 - 2:16am


Tue, 07/12/2011 - 6:03pm
Tue, 02/28/2012 - 8:16am
Tue, 02/28/2012 - 11:19pm

I can't wait for FecalFiend to comment on this.

Wed, 02/29/2012 - 12:33pm
HighGuy11 Says:

I don't think you're disgusting, I just think you're an attention whore. A sexy attention whore

Thu, 03/01/2012 - 6:39pm
SoClose Says:

She's a fat sexy attention whore.

And I like lesbian porn too. Just like how I like reading highdeas.

Wed, 02/29/2012 - 9:18pm

wanna know whats disgusting... you not showing your tits. you foreplayed us with this "highdea", its only right to follow up with some tits. or a reverse-gorilla-grip tugjob.

Tue, 07/12/2011 - 6:03pm

Yes, it's very intriguing to watch lesbian pornography.

Wed, 02/29/2012 - 3:40am

this highDEA kinda makes me want to go masturbate to 2 girls 1 cup.

oh sorry... i didnt think youd mind me crying for attention

Wed, 02/29/2012 - 4:03am
dukefan Says:
Wed, 02/29/2012 - 4:11am

its the internet. what makes you think i care what some random person that I will never meet thinks?

p.s. Duke sucks dick.

Wed, 02/29/2012 - 5:16pm
lalaleah Says:
Tue, 07/12/2011 - 6:06pm
dannsk420 Says:
Tue, 07/12/2011 - 6:08pm

lol you all can come to my house and we'll smoke & watch girls dyke it out.

Tue, 07/12/2011 - 6:08pm
Tue, 02/28/2012 - 4:33am
Tue, 02/28/2012 - 4:33am
Wed, 02/29/2012 - 5:16pm
lalaleah Says:

Nobody understood me till I came to this website.

Thu, 03/01/2012 - 2:22am
kuddie916 Says:
Fri, 03/02/2012 - 2:38am
StupidName Says:
Tue, 02/28/2012 - 8:17am

I know right. Little boys are so much better

Tue, 02/28/2012 - 8:25pm
funkymonk Says:
Tue, 02/28/2012 - 11:01pm
Thu, 03/01/2012 - 9:06pm

I knew Jerry Sandusky had an account on here!

Tue, 02/28/2012 - 11:00pm

I prefer a nice leatherbound book by firelight.

Thu, 03/01/2012 - 2:07pm
nurplette Says:

Or books with photos of leatherbound females... with firelight from candles, dripping hot wax....

Tue, 02/28/2012 - 11:07pm
Tue, 02/28/2012 - 11:17pm
Spanki Says:

The female anatomy is much more pleasing to the eye than male anatomy... unless it's your whispering eye... that one likes men.

Wed, 02/29/2012 - 12:29am

I don't know what you ladies see in us. Our bodies are so weird. God was stoned when he made us.
"Uhh shit, let's just leave it blank. Nahh, uhh...put some nipples there, no tits though...and hair, everywhere....Haha, dude, look...*places shaft* hahahaha! No no, wait....*puts head on shaft* pfffffftttBAAAHAHAHAHAAA, OMG DUDE, ahahaha! Wait, wait....hold on......*attaches balls*AAAAAAAAAHHHAAAA, BWAAAHAHAHAHA, AHHH OMG DUDE, MY RIBS, ahaha, awww man.....whooo"

Wed, 02/29/2012 - 1:28am

Hahhaha I'm crying! Tears of laughter man, tears of laughter.

Tue, 02/28/2012 - 11:45pm

Oh, cool, another girl getting a popular highdea by saying something sexy, thats cool. ( Heavy sarcastic undertone)

Thu, 03/01/2012 - 6:29pm
Thu, 03/01/2012 - 7:33pm
Fri, 03/02/2012 - 12:29am

This highDEA far lowered my new opinions about highDEAS. The fact that someone posted this for attention and that people actually upvoted this..

Wed, 02/29/2012 - 12:09am

Dude cheese pizza...ahh just a montage of cheese pizzas slowly being pulled out with the strands of cwhite heese just coming off the pizzas ohhbbbbbbbbhhhhhh man

Pepperoni bacon and fries
Pepper Ann
I remember watching that show as s kid
I still remember the theme song
Pepper Ann, Pepper Ann something something Pepper Ann
Something something one in a Mill-YUN!

Dude I would always wondered how cool Doug is wearing a fucking sweater vest in school.
Cousin Skeeter hahaha Skeet...haha Megan Good was hoooooooooooot back then and she still is!!!

Wed, 02/29/2012 - 4:55am
Wed, 02/29/2012 - 5:17pm
lalaleah Says:

Maybe there is such a thing as "too high" for some people.

Wed, 02/29/2012 - 7:30pm

Too high? Nahhh yo.
I don't know what was going in my comment
But I must've had a rad time trying to type out my thoughts.
Hahaha where did I get Doug from?
Nice "instrument" you got there in your picture. :)

Thu, 03/01/2012 - 1:39pm
lalaleah Says:

It's my favorite bong :) someone had to point out to me that my picture is completely and unintentionally sexual.

Wed, 02/29/2012 - 12:37am
CamBam. Says:
Wed, 02/29/2012 - 1:27am
Wed, 02/29/2012 - 4:04am
65musdank Says:

Then realized I was only wearing a towel around my waist. And it got smaller .. And smaller! THEN woke up.

Wed, 02/29/2012 - 1:18am
Smoke.this Says:

i dunno man. There is something scary about seeing two pussies together while attending to my own. Gotta throw a dick'n'balls in there to make it complete.

Wed, 02/29/2012 - 2:10am
Mydogspot Says:

lol you said "throw" a dick'n'balls. i just had a mental picture of u pitching them,

Wed, 02/29/2012 - 3:00am
ToTheMoon Says:

Gotta have that penetration, and dildos just don't cut it.

Wed, 02/29/2012 - 3:48am
Wed, 02/29/2012 - 4:19am
michaelj Says:

You're Awesome. Like, seriously awesome.

Wed, 02/29/2012 - 5:19am
LadyChief Says:

i fucking love lesbian porn.... normal porn is scary :(

Wed, 02/29/2012 - 12:49pm

lol these people need to stop hating. definitely should go hit the bong
. and shit im straight but I like doing that shit too!

Wed, 02/29/2012 - 1:17pm
Wed, 02/29/2012 - 1:23pm

I think ur a 45 year old fat guy who lives in his moms basement pretending to b a girl