okay so im gonna tell you the story of my night....i thought it was such a sick night, i thought it might as well share it with everyone else.

so im a 15 year old boy who loves to smoke weed, and cigarettes.

so my night started off with my mom giving me 20 $, so with that i bought a g, because i was going to hangout with this girl that i have a really big crush on, because i thought i'd suprise her with a g to blaze! so i go to the mall to hangout with her and i ask her if she wants to blaze and she said that she didnt wanna blaze for some reason...lol....but i thought whatever i dont wanna pressure her or anything, because i actually have feelings for her, so whatever i chill with her for a couple hours, and she has to go home or whatever, so i waited with her until her bus came, once we saw the bus we both stood up, she gave me this weird smile and then came up to me and kissed me. fuck ya. so i got really pumped and shit then got on my bus to go home and realized i had a gram and 10 dollars and i wanted to blaze and hopefully get juiced, so im riding on my bus home and im calling all my friends asking if they wanted to blaze and they were all busy. so i decided to go to 7/11 and buy some deadly munch, so i bought a pizza wrap and banana milk...thats right i said PIZZA WRAP. oh and by the way guess how much change i got 4.20 exactly so when i saw that i knew it meant something, so im walking out of 7/11 thinking, holy shit i have a g, and 4.20$ left, i know what this means i need to go blaze, so i walk to this gas station across the street, walk in, say to the worker "Hey, can i buy a pack of zig-zags or do i have to be 18 to buy it?" worker: "nah man, i don't give a shit there just papers" so i get the papers, and walk across the street to tim hortons and go in the bathroom to roll some j's, so i get in the bathroom pull out my weed, and realize its in a p.5 bag, so i take the weed out and bust it all up, and i swear to god it busted out to like 1.3, and i swear to god i saw purple in there, but anyways i rolled 3 decent joints so im leaving tim hortons lighting up my first joint, so i just go for a walk, light my other one after im done then, then lit up the last one after that, so after that i really wanted a smoke so i walked up past the gas station to see if anyone was smoking so then i could ask them if i could be it off them, the worker who sold me the zig-zags, just happened to be having a smoke, so i walk up to him and ask him if i can buy a smoke off him, he said sure he opens his pack (happened to be my favorite kind too {Canadian Classics}) he hands it to me, i go to hand him the dollar he said no man its all good just have it, so i was standing there having a smoke with him, just making small talk, he was a nice guy he knew i was baked, all good. so im missioning all the way back to my house, i walk through mcdonalds parking lot and see these sexy ass girls in this car and i swear to god they start following me and they suddenly stopped in the middle of the parking lot, and i heard them yelling stuff like "your hot as fuck" and "bang me" so i turn around with the biggest smile on my face....and realize their talking to some other guy on the opposite side of the parking lot....but i was like whatever im baked ahaha, so im still walking home and then realize i still have a pizza wrap and banana milk in my bag so i munched that, almost home i realize i have spitz in my bag so i grab those and munch them hard. oh and when i got home the girl inboxed me telling me that she really likes me. fuck yes :)

tonight was probably one of my favorite nights :)


Sat, 05/05/2012 - 1:40am

Nice bro, now all you gotta do is convince that chick to blaze with you and your life will be complete haha.

Sat, 05/05/2012 - 1:53am
DynoKid Says:

thats a dope night my man. sounds like an adventure