You know how I know everything is okay?
well I want to start by saying that when someone says the word "nature" that generally refer to it as something separate from man..
The fact of the matter is, Humans, on an individual level all the way up to the largest most complex societies, work on the same algorithms as sub-atomic particles, Atoms, Cells, The earth, the stars, the galaxies, the superclusters.
To be blunt.. the human race can't actually do anything unnatural, because we ARE nature, cars, burning oil, processed food is all 100% natural.
You can't escape nature, because nature is all there is.
Whatever you want to call it, nature, god, consciousness, fate, nirvana etc.
We are as much a fundamental and infinite part of the universe as all the galaxies.
bam, time for second toke.


Wed, 05/29/2013 - 8:07pm

"The human race can't actually do anything unnatural, because we ARE nature... cars, burning oil, processed food is all 100% natural"

If everything was natural the world would be perfect, and obviously it isn't. I'm not speaking on behalf of how I perceive the world, but more as in what's right in front of all of us.
All this burning oil, processed food, smog in the air, (global warming) etc. is the complete opposite of what natural is.
Many things in this world (including mother nature and almost everything you stated) work AGAINST society just like in the animal kingdom where young bears need to watch out for a group of wolfs or cougars. They are very much part of nature, but that doesn't mean theres not certin things out there DESIGNED to work against it.
Idk lol just my opinion.

Thu, 05/30/2013 - 3:39pm
NeilDarby Says:

(1) you say the world isn't perfect, and i'm assuming thats because the suffering that seems to be a fundamental part of existence.
I can see how climate change, corporatism, addiction, disease, greed etc.. may not seem perfect, but, what seems chaotic on one level creates harmony on another. There are millions of bacteria duking it out in your gut everyday, it's violent. But we would have a hard time living the lives we do without that process.
(2) It all depends how you define "natural" if you'r referring to carbon-based biology, then yeah, human processes may be seen as alien and destructive to what has come before us. But you have to remember that we ARE biology, everything we create is no different than the processes group of cells use to accomplish a task.
The fact that our technological evolution has co-evolved with the damage we do to the environment probably has to do with out adolescence of a species.
We won't use fossil fuels and kill each other forever, the more connected be become the larger we can group together, and this tends to happen exponentially.
im sure that evolution on some level, cultural, technological, spiritual will always be happening.

Tue, 06/11/2013 - 1:54am

wow i have been saying this...i try to explain it but can never explain it like this haha. awesome post.