If you add a page to a URL already in the Google index, there’s no need to
submit the new page. Under most circumstances, Google will find the new
page the next time your site is crawled in its entirety.
You don’t have to choose between submitting and not submitting; do both
if you’re impatient. Submitting doesn’t stop the spider from visiting you in
the normal course of events, but it doesn’t encourage the spider, either.
Conversely, the spider’s failure to find you doesn’t affect the disposition of
your submitted request. Are you getting the idea that gaining admission to
Google’s index is a crapshoot? Not really. In fact, Google’s spider is so thorough
that entering the index is practically inevitable if you follow the networking
suggestions in the next chapter. Submitting a URL manually is a
crapshoot, though. My best suggestion is to submit if you must, but don’t
only submit. Get to work networking your site and implementing other optimization
tactics, which will get you inside the index more
quickly and push your site to a higher PageRank.
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