About a year ago, i talked to my mom (who doesn't smoke) about weed. At that point, i had only smoked 3 times in the past. She suggested that i try it, to help with my depression. I couldn't believe she suggested it, and would be OK with me smoking. So, I tried it, and I've been much happier. Yesterday, I told my dad I knew he smokes. I said "you need to be honest and share with me." He pulled out a baggie, and rolled me one.

Today, when I logged into HighDeas, It said I've been a member for 42 weeks and 20 hours. 4220! Confirmation that last night was a good decision.


Thu, 10/16/2014 - 3:45pm
caked4dys Says:

I smoke with my parents all the time, we've become so much closer as a family