look at the world around you people
our world is going to shit.
there mass shootings
third world countries being discriminated against because of 1/10 of their population
someone like Donald trump has a high percentage of becoming president of the us.
global warming is destroying the planet from the inside out and we make jokes about the fucked up weather at its expense. (were all going to die in 50 years lol)
in smaller situations like concerts we are able to come together as one. supporting these bands and buying their albums. so they can make money and go on tour. we all come, and unless we get to wasted, basically get along together in listen to music
in times of tough we can stick together. like the casualties on the 911 attacks, the boston marathon bombings, terror in france, and millions of other casualties happening throughout the world because we all hate each other. we need to work together. make pot legal. fix cancer. stop wars. create peace and make the world the place we've been talking about for years. or were all gonna die. i like working together with others. hanging out with the people whom have the same interests as you do. we all have one thing in common.
were all human
lets all come together,
and create peace


Thu, 04/07/2016 - 4:57pm
bakayurei Says:

it's possible that we've always been nothing more than the device the earth came up with to put petroleum hydrocarbons back into the ecosystem, we 'eat' them by burning them and that creates more co2 that can become more organic matter and never could unless we extracted it.. when we've served our purpose and made the earth uninhabitable for us and things like us we'll be cast aside and a whole new lot of experiments can be started.. this is what i've told myself i think and it still doesn't sit right with me, i've got my self preservation instincts that are telling me it's a stupid way of thinking, we're meant to keep ourselves here as long as we can.. but i see thru that little voice, it's just my genes' fear of dying talking, we're not here for anything except to do what we do until we can't do it any more, becoming more environmentally conscious will keep us alive a few more centuries maybe but it'll only be delaying the inevitable, slowing down what has to happen.. maybe, if i'm not just talking shit, you know

Thu, 04/07/2016 - 6:47pm
Lumi75 Says:

(were all going to die in 50 years lol)

Considering im now 40, i have to agree with you lol