I wish things were different
I wish they'd never change
I wish life would stand still
And I wish it'd rearrange
Maybe I know nothing
Maybe I know it all
Maybe I'll save the world
Or Maybe I'll help it fall
I think I still feel something
I think I've gone numb
I think I'm the smartest kid I know
And I think I'm pretty dumb
I miss a lot of things
and I'm glad some are gone
The good things never last
But the bad seem to tag along
I wish I could create a world
I wish I could tear one apart
I wish I could see the end
I wish I could see the start
Maybe I can stay here
Maybe I should go
Maybe the answers will be clear
Or maybe I'll never know
I think I'm the weakest
I think I'm very strong
I think I'm always right
And I think I'm always wrong