The trip to the alien world was the talk of the planet. Debates and arguments formed about who was worthy, how many should take part on the journey into space. They had to be peaceful, smart, calm, trustworthy, and even deceiving if the aliens had not reached the level of consciousness as ourselves and were incapable of seeing the truth that we can see. The majority agreed that they probably had reached understanding of the universe, considering that the aliens had colonies, and lived and worked together. They never expected the aliens to be violent, for they had been a peaceful species since anyone could remember, and the pure evil they would be exposed to had never before been seen.

A group of 12 was carefully chosen. a few rocket scientists and a few psychologists to keep the group sane. The group was armed with every piece of music and art to study, endless instruments to learn and master, countless fiction novels of space and aliens to keep the morale of the group up for the journey that would take 15 years.

In preparation for the journey, the finest of the Holy Plant was selected from those who dedicated their life to growing their world's supply, the supply that had kept them a peaceful species for millions of years. The people agreed that the Holy Plant, doing nothing but good, was to be introduced to the people of the world so distant. This sparked conversation and curiosity about the new world. Did they have a Holy Plant? What would they be like if they didn't? Some feared an evil ruthless species, but how could they resist?

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bro, this is so awesome!! i want to read more.

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So is there a part 3, I feel like it's necessary

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I'm totally digging this, might I suggest making a whole book?

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fucking love these man. just brilliant

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was just about to say that. this would be great, create a whole new genre of book for stoners to read.