Masterbated today without a vibrator.......

Old school bitches!!!!!

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Thu, 06/11/2015 - 11:57am


Tue, 10/02/2012 - 5:07pm
Tongan43 Says:

i'm just gonna assume you're a girl hahaha

Thu, 10/16/2014 - 2:35am
Ctodenbach Says:
Tue, 10/02/2012 - 5:19pm
Tue, 10/02/2012 - 5:25pm
Tue, 10/02/2012 - 6:43pm
bakayurei Says:

i do that all the time, where's my medal?

Tue, 10/02/2012 - 9:01pm

I got a metal pipe that says first place right on it for ya :) lol

Wed, 10/03/2012 - 8:40am
bakayurei Says:
Thu, 06/11/2015 - 4:35pm

You can't smoke out of my pipe, but you can "Hit & Suck It" all you want xD

Tue, 05/19/2015 - 11:19pm

Congratulations you masturbated. You sound like a monkey that just learned to how bang cymbals together.
"Hey gise look at me i just masturbated hur durr"
Great, now go wash your filthy hands and crawl back into whatever cave you came out of.

Tue, 06/02/2015 - 3:02pm

If you're going to be a Dick for no reason then double check your grammar. HOW TO! If you can't organize two words properly you probably can't figure out where your dick is. Go smoke a bowl before you post next time.

Mon, 06/08/2015 - 10:34pm

dude, he was probably high. You know, words out come order wrong, sometimes.

Thu, 06/11/2015 - 11:36am

"Hey gise look at me i just masturbated hur durr"
I lost my shit xD

Sun, 05/31/2015 - 9:45pm

Oh so when you say you masturbate it's "sexy" and "gets 25 upvotes" but when I masturbate its, "shameful" and "I need to leave Walmart sir". ;)

Wed, 06/10/2015 - 10:27pm
Mercy199 Says:

epic dude sent me on a giggling episode >_<

Sun, 06/07/2015 - 2:03pm

If you interchange vibrator with lotion and have a guy post this, it would maybe get 7 down votes. Chicks masturbating though? OH MAN POPULATE THAT ONE!!!

Vibrator and lotion aside, why does it appeal to us more for a woman to be masturbating? o.O

Wed, 06/10/2015 - 9:29am
Mon, 06/01/2015 - 4:01am
DeeDox Says:

Kudos, Lady! Way to bring it all natural. Sometimes we need a break from anything dick like! ;)

Tue, 06/02/2015 - 9:07pm

But aren't fingers somewhat dick like?

Wed, 06/03/2015 - 2:54pm

not really. I mean like, a dick is all blood and only moves when moved but a finger can curcle and has bones in it? if that even works idk what the fuck i just said

Wed, 06/03/2015 - 11:18pm
GanjaKhan Says:
Thu, 06/11/2015 - 1:46am

Ok, you got me on a technicality there.

Mon, 06/08/2015 - 11:22am
HarryUltra Says:

I NEVER masturbated with a vibrator. I'm the badass!

(I'm a male aswell :D )

Tue, 06/09/2015 - 6:03pm
timbifizoo Says:
Wed, 06/10/2015 - 7:20pm
Thu, 06/11/2015 - 11:59am

This is so funny because I can relate! *digital high-five*

Thu, 06/11/2015 - 7:44pm
yurtpoh Says:

well this isn't an accomplishment. just grab some peanut butter and the closest dog.

Mon, 06/15/2015 - 9:04am

Crunchy peanut butter NOT a lubricant

Wed, 06/24/2015 - 8:20am
Wig Says:

Is it wierd that i assumed this was a guy posting.

Fri, 07/03/2015 - 3:35pm
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Thu, 07/30/2015 - 9:18pm
arealhiguy Says:

As designated spokesman for the blue team, I'd like to tell that I find myself able to rub another on out after smoking. And I'm so better in bed after I'm high than when I'm not smoking!

Tue, 08/11/2015 - 7:52pm

I've been going at it old school my whole life! WHAT!

Tue, 08/11/2015 - 8:20pm

I've been going at it old school my whole life! WHAT!

Wed, 09/16/2015 - 2:26pm
Blasiian Says:

Shit , you already know . Even when you be wet out of no where.

Mon, 10/12/2015 - 3:37pm
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Fri, 05/18/2018 - 6:15am

Must of been harder without it, did the extra effort make the end better?