one day I was really fuckng baked. as I reached the peak of my high my friend talked about her outside cats and how they did their own things. like this one cat that leaves a few days and then comes back. in m head I was like wtf is he doing. for some reason all of this tripped my the fuck out does this happen to any of you?


Mon, 09/29/2014 - 10:45pm
lovelion Says:

Yeah, the other day I was pretty stoned and my cat made a noise, it struck me that when he makes a cat sound I know exactly what he's tryna say, it's like he's saying words but in his catty way with tones and different pitch changes and shit, I can basically listen to what my cat has to say and understand him now, really trips me out every time, he said his catty thing to try and tell me he was pissed off that I wasn't paying attention to him when I had some friends over a couple days ago and I just burst out laughing, what a random cat, they're like friendly house beasts that we have awkward friend ships with