It’s like, when you’re born, usually you’re born into a dynasty or an empire, right? You’re born as a junior, or following in your father’s footsteps. They always tell you, “Your father, he did this …” or “We got this” or “The family heirlooms …” It’s none of that in the outer city — I call it the outer city, ’cause we’re left out. There’s no nothing. We don’t get any family heirlooms, the family crest. All that stuff that you would think is so important is meaningless ’cause our family crest was cotton, you know what I’m saying? It’s like the only thing we can really leave behind is culture and dignity and determination. That’s what we had. I feel as though I’m cheated because instead of me fulfilling my prophecy, I have to start one. Instead of me doing a good job and carrying on the empire, I have to build one. And that’s a hell of a job for a 21-year-old. That’s a hell of a job for any youngster, male or female, to have to build an empire for your family. Especially when the odds is that you know there’s somebody else who lives in the inner city, the real inner city — suburbia — who, when he’s 16 he gets a car automatically. There’s money in the bank for college. It’s Christmas, you go vacation somewhere. Our vacation was down the street, across town — Grandma’s house, you know what I’m saying? That was the vacation. Or jail, to be more real. I hate to make this a sad story, but it’s real. Can you imagine spending Christmas in jail? My homie is in jail right now. He’s got to spend Christmas in jail. And his son is all out. He can’t buy presents for him or none of that. Where’s Santa Claus at for his son? My homie didn’t do nothing bad. He’s just trying to survive. And now you know — that’s deep, but that’s the real Christmas.

- A wise man.


Sat, 09/20/2014 - 3:02pm

There was this kid on the news that was a son of some rich dude and he killed a bunch of people and himself. He wasn't happy with his life. I don't think being in the inner city gives you a fulfilling life.

Sun, 09/21/2014 - 11:01am
lovelion Says:

Wealth doesn't always bring happiness, but keep on hustling man, I understand your struggle, just try to stay out of jail