So think of what aliens are depicted like: human like, but a unison skin color, big head & big eyes, barely has a mouth. Speak in a 1 syllabul per word strange language & have telepathic powers. Space ships, experiment on those they abduct.

and they are depicted like this because of all the exidence from ancient hieroglyphics, reported UFO sitings, evidence of government trying to cover up crashes, mysterious architecture from the past, hypnosis of persons claiming to have been abducted, etc...

What if aliens from another planet are humans that have evolved. What if its another plant that is older than ours and therefore the evolutionary process is far ahead of our own....?

As the human race begins to be more racially mixed, eventually our skin color will be one. Or maybe they have committed the same harm we have on the planet but instead of mother nature wiping out their race, the conditions on their "earth" simply changed over time and their bodies are a result of becoming acustom to dealing with it. The telepathic powers are probably a result of us evolving into using the other portion of our brains that we do not use now. Maybe we learn to use our brains to the fullest potential. As time goes by our technology evolves faster and faster, at some point we have got to be able to create space ships that are faster and can travel farthur into space. All that abduction and experiments, it makes sense... we are a curious species and we do that now to animals and bugs in order to learn about them and test things on them. And the language... the way things are going with txting and technology and computers, abreviations of words and phrases and the slang that being incorporated more and more into our languages and maybe theres a future where a universal language is created and all of the existing languages come together to create the odd one protrayed as what aliens speak...

i think it makes sense. im high.

weed & peace & love


Fri, 11/25/2011 - 5:09pm
Elnicko Says:

I've always thought about aliens, ever since I was young (who doesn't). Recently though I have looked into a few things about aliens, and thought. What if this picture of little green men that Hollywood portrays so often is something that in some way or another something humans subconsciously know to be what an advanced human will look like.
As tech gets better, or body/muscle mass will be able too de-crease and we get smaller
As computer monitors become more dominating in every day life our eyes must have begone some sort of adaptation process.
The more cloths we wear will affect the color of our skin, (if your in a space suit all the time you may get pretty pail) I think the green part is a little scientifically off but the rest is pretty sound.
Especially if we were alien refugees dropped on this planet to populate it, and aliens are just waiting for us to re-learn everything until our communication is equal with ours. Maybe "humans" are populating the universe right now and no other "humans" but the super intellegent ones know about it. Genetically, that might explain our similarities with other monkeys, and our somewhat more "advanced" brains then any other on earth.

And i feel as if this HIGHdea should have a lot more upvotes, whatever, have a good one.

Fri, 11/25/2011 - 10:41pm

good feedback, and thanks for commenting :) i think it shudda been upvoted more too but its okay... peace & love

Sat, 11/26/2011 - 2:15pm
Tkat Says:

That's some real shit right there. I sometimes look at the sky pondering the same thing. I feel like the world we live in is not what it seems. For example a pet snake lives in a fake habitat to mimic its natural one, so if you take what your talking about and add us in a world shape aquarium it makes even more sense to me anyway. Its like where test mice in the lab of the universe.

Wed, 12/21/2011 - 2:27pm
bakayurei Says:

there was a sort of movement in the 1970s where palaeontologists would imagine what the descendants of dinosaurs would look like if they were still around, never died out, and evolved to fill all the same niches that we had, a world where mammals were still little useless things.. .. of course now we know that we've known all along what the descendants of dinosaurs would look like today, they're birds, but in the 1970s, science popularisers and science fiction writers used to try to imagine how 'human dinosaurs' would look.. and the illustrations they came up with looked very much like what we'd imagine grey aliens look like.. .. but i think that the popular image of aliens today (and remember that aliens in science fiction haven't always looked like the greys- compare them to the ones in the war of the worlds) mainly come from hallucinations of shadow people that people see during states of sleep paralysis .. and that alien abduction and visitation experiences, a lot of the time, are essentially misremembered sleep paralysis experiences (and it's perfectly understandable, of course, as they're very powerful experiences) .. .. and i think that these shadow people, or what we'd call greys today, i think they're a manifestation of a fundamental archetype in the human collective unconscious mind, and can also be interpreted as demons, angels, demigods, ancestor spirits, and so on .. and they are very much the modern secular mind's version of what the ancients would have seen as gods, angels, and demons - extra terrestrial beings, descending from heaven (or sometimes from a higher dimension), technologically and mentally massively in advance of anything we know.. yea that's what i think they are, hallucinations to dress up a collective archetype that humans have experienced since we've been humans, and maybe some day we'll understand what we're supposed to get out of the experiences

Thu, 01/05/2012 - 9:30pm

so u dont believe that aliens/extraterrestrials exist? they are a figment of our imagination? that they are a physical manifestation of that which we cannot explain, an explanation of another world/plane/an existence beyond our senses.

Mon, 01/09/2012 - 12:11pm
bakayurei Says:

yea that's certainly one interpretation of the evidence, but since the evidence is entirely anecdotal, it's best to remain agnostic.. my interpretation of the evidence is that experiences of UFOs, visitations, and abductions are entirely hallucinatory, but if we ever discover the technology that'll enable us to test the other hypothesis and that one turns out to be more correct, i'm willing to change my mind.. until then tho, i believe that there is extraterrestrial life, and i believe that some of it's probably intelligent, but i've never seen any evidence for them, so i can't treat the possibility of their existence as a matter of fact