isn't it weird that everything worked out the way it did, like how you have feelings and shit, and how your eyes are perfectly like fucking built to send perfect beautiful pictures to your mind and your mind can figure that out and actually tell you everything that is going on as its happening and your ears hear most sounds and that there's animals that speak in completely different levels of high that we cant hear and imagine if there was another color that no one knows about.. what the fuck does that look like i fucking want to know. and like the shit inside area 1, the aliens and shit that the government can hide from us, like why the fuck wont they tell us, they don't want anyone to have fun they just want us to work like a fine oiled machine but no i wanna fucking parrrty, its why they don't let us smoke pot, i wanna see some fucking change, imagine going to the store and saying "hey can i get some og kush and a couple orange papers?" and they will greet you with a smile and love every second of it, because we will all be high as fuck ,thinking about that pisses me off because i know it will never happen, what if this is all made up, if its possible to create a human being with the ability to touch hear see and smell and have their own thoughts and how one else can see them unless you speak your thoughts. it DEFINITELY must be able to have us just being a imagination, or maybe evreythig is just a dream, soon your gunna wake up and realisse that it was a dream, but it wont be a big deal because we only remember the tiniest parts of it, then you wake up and go over to your friend and your like, "yo last night i had a crazy dream and you were my brother!" and he will be like what the fuck what happend in your dream" and you will say "wow i really cant remember i think we were at the dentist or something" and that is what you will say because that long after the dream that is all your going to remember about it, and this whole entire life and everything you did in it is fucking pointless, i am not suicidal, i just wanna know the truth.