I am going to assume that either you have read the first two parts, or are pretty well versed on Lucid dreaming and the land of dreams. Heres the first two parts if you want to read them first:

1) http://highdeas.com/philosophy/Yoinkies_Guide_to_Flying

2) http://highdeas.com/philosophy/Yoinkies_Guide_to_Flying_REDUX

Part One) The 2000 year old Unsolved Mystery:

"The interpretation of dreams is the royal road to a knowledge of the unconscious activities of the mind."

"We know that everyone dreams. We just dont know why we do."

-Sigmund Freud, died in 1939.

Sal 3000: Will I dream?
Dr. Chandra: Of course you will. All intelligent beings dream. Nobody knows why.

-From the movie "2010 space oddesy" Released in 1984.

Human beings evolve. We adapt, and we learn about our surroundings and about ourselves. Its what we do. There arent many mysteries left about the human body or the workings of the brain. But ask any philosopher in ancient greek why humans dream, and they would have told you "We dont know why. But everyone does it." Ask any scientist in the year 2011 why we dream, and they will tell you, "We dont know why. But everyone does it."

Part Two) Dream recording:

I cant even count the number of times ive seen highdeas made about dream recorders. "I wish I had a device that could record my dreams, so I can watch them the next morning." Probably one of the most reposted highdeas ever on this site. But no one goes about figuring how to turn this Highdea into a reality, or figuring out if someone out there is close to doing it; A trend I am about to end, right now.

Dr. Cerf from UCLA and his team of scientists have been experimenting with recording brain activity of volunteers. This is how a brain works: when you look at a certain image, very particular neurons inside your brain light up. This happens without fail. If you show an image of a lion, than a particular neuron in the person brain will light up, every single time. Dr. Cerf and his team began showing numerous images to numerous volunteers and found that this formula holds true to everyone. They began showing different images and recording which neuron in the brain light up as a result. They have shown and recorded over 4000 different images, and will continue to do so as long as they are funded. The faster we can analyze this information, the more data we can store. Dr. Cerf have begun monitoring their volunteers while they sleep, and have found that the same neurons light up when a person is dreaming of a particular image.

Yes, this technology is still a ways away. But it isnt as far away as you might think. Sounds awesome, right? I mean, most of us would pay a ridiculous amount of money to own a dream recorder. And as we all know, money is the main reason why new inventions are created. But is that the end of this tale? Create a dream recorder, sell it to the public, have them record there dreams. What could go wrong?

Part Three) The WMC:

95% of you read the above paragraph and thought, "Sweet, I can soon record my dreams!" The other 5% probably thought, "Sweet, I can soon record my dreams! But wait, that cant be the end of it. This device can be very, very powerful." You 5% are so right. Recording your dreams wont be the end of it. This device has the potential to be the most powerful device created since the Nuclear Bomb. This device has the potential to become the very first WMC: Weapon of Mass Control.

It will start small and harmless. Once this technology is created and perfected, many companies will start producing and selling their own, not much different then when the VCR or DVD player came out. Sony will sell the standard model for $499.99. Toshiba will come out with a model that can analyze 1000 additional words and images, sell you their product for $569.99. And then Google will step in. Google's dream recorder will cost you $399.99, a Bargain! But there is a method to Google's madness. While Google's dream recorder is recording your dreams and then showing it to you the next day, Google is also taking that information and using it for its own benefits.

Did you dream about a fantastic journey in Hawaii last night? The next day, your google homepage will have discount airfare tickets to Hawaii. Surprised that your google search is showing advertisements for a new Audi? Dont be, you were cruising around in one in your dream last night, and enjoying the hell out of it. The apartment your living in right now wont look as nice tomorrow morning, because in your dream last night you were living in an amazing two bedroom condo overlooking the Lake. Google took the image you created in your dream, went out into the Real estate market, found a place that matches the one in your dream, and presented it to you.

Nothing wrong with using your dreams as a marketing tool, right? I mean, google already does this to an extent. Everything you google is stored in a memory data base, and from that google(and other companies google sells your info to) is able to create a profile for you and dictate it to you through your future searches. I can picture you guys thinking "Ohhhh, so thats why facebook had an ad for 'meet dirty local singles in your city' in the side bar." Yup, Google knows what city you live in, and what kind of dirty girls your into, and they like to share their info.

The thing about large evil corporations is that they have the time and resources to hire the smartest minds in the world. So, it will really just be a matter of time before someone asks the question, "Why do we have to limit it to dreams?" to which the CEO will reply, "By golly, your right." Why would they just limit this technology to dreams? They have the power to READ YOUR MIND. As of now, to get neuron readings a person needs to be hooked up to wires which do the reading and interpreting. But like I said at the very beginning of this, Human beings evolve, and adapt. Soon we wont need someone to be hooked up to wires to get their neuron readings. You will be casually walking by a store and a neuron detector will read your mind. It already knows what neuron lights up when one is thinking about something. Every single company will catch on and install these devices everywhere. Just think about it, your bargaining chip in life is GONE. You will never be able to bargain ever again. The car or clothing your trying to buy? The sales associate already know just exactly how badly you want it, and how much your willing to pay for it; Its human nature, you walk into a store, see something you like, and automatically think, "Damn I love this, im probably willing to pay X amount of money for this."

I know what your thinking, "Damn yoinkie, you've typed 4 paragraphs about a device that has the capability of reading your mind, and you havent even mentioned the government or war yet." I was getting around to it! The job of a Mole is to infiltrate a group or organization, and try and squeeze information out so that an arrest can be made. The Mole doesnt always succeed. The heads of organizations dont tell their secrets out to everyone in their organization, only a few people at the very top are trusted enough. Hence, the Mole's job is usually a long one, spanning years, to build trust and move up in an organization. You can throw all of that out the window, because the mole of the future will be equipped with the device formerly known as "the dream recorder" and have the information needed to bring down an entire organization in a matter of days. Country leaders all over the world will tremble at the thought of having a spy inside their government. Would this be a good thing or a bad thing? Hard to tell. Even if you think about attacking a country, the other country will know about it and have their defense systems ready before you can even formulate an attack plan. Just imagine the power. You control this device, you control the world.

Part Four) Thought Extraction is easy, but what about Thought Inception?

Lets forget about Christopher Nolan's movie for one minute(even though it was awesome) and think of this from a logical and realistical perspective. We can read neuron's lighting up in your brain and concurrently we can determine what image or thought is associated with the neuron that lit up. In the future, will it be possible to control your neurons? What if I want you to think of a grill cheese sandwich. What if in the future, I had the power to light up the neuron thats associated with the grill cheese sandwich? I would make an image of a grill cheese sandwich pop up inside your head. You love Megan Fox, dont you? What if each and every night, I portrayed images of Megan Fox kicking you in the nuts and throwing puppies off a bridge. How long would it be before you started hating and fearing Megan Fox? It wouldnt be that long at all. Your subconscious has an IMMENSE amount of influence over you and your thoughts. If I am able to put thoughts inside of your mind while you dream, you would think it was your subconscious talking to you, and sooner or later these thoughts would become synonymous with you and your conscious thoughts. Sooner or later, you will completely and fully believe that if you ever see Megan Fox, she will kick you in the nuts and throw your puppy off a bridge.

Now I know you have a lot of questions about if this is possible, and how so. I am not going to talk about this in too much detail, because It will be the center point of my discussion when "Yoinkies Guide to flying part 4" comes out. But I introduced it to you, and now it will dwell inside your mind.

Part five) Always leave them on a happy note:

For the most part, this discussion has been pretty depressing and absurdly frightening. So heres something fun for the road: You can have an orgasm while you dream. You have already probably had a couple. When you have an orgasm in your dream, you will not have the wet stuff at the end. In fact, some scientist have gone as far as saying that the orgasm you have in a lucid dream can be 3 times stronger than the one you have in your waking life. So the next time you find yourself in a Lucid dream, you know what to do.

Yoinkie out!

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Tue, 09/20/2011 - 9:51pm

Hey man, I just recently started reading your stuff.. and this here.. is amazing. You didn't blow my mind, my mind has just imploded. I remember posting on fb my status about microchip memory, whre wecould just download inforation. Then I got high, looked back at it, and commented on MY OWN status as to why we shouldn't because we would lose a key aspect of what makes us human.

Wed, 09/21/2011 - 1:15am

I see the name yoinkie, I press the vote up button.

Wed, 09/21/2011 - 10:08pm
Wed, 09/21/2011 - 2:33am

PART 4 PART 4 PART 4! I need it, NOW :D

And eventually, part 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, then -- NOBEL PRIZE. I'll provide the weed if you provide the mind fuck >:D

Tue, 09/20/2011 - 9:53pm

I began to gain a lot of interest in lucid dreaming lately, trying to induce Wake Initiated lucid dreaming and shit. I just read part 1 and 2 of this and I'm about to read part 3. Thank you SO much for sharing your well-founded knowledge!!!

Tue, 09/20/2011 - 10:00pm
bdayton94 Says:

Some how all of your posts seem to blow my mind....

Tue, 09/20/2011 - 10:31pm

I would make my own device (from part four) to hack every other one to implant dreams of revolutions. Also I forgot to follow up on my message, I did finally get to a point where at least twice a week I was lucid dreaming but a lot of personal shit went down and i kinda forgot and have just been passing out lately. Thanks to this post though I'll be back at it, I'm going to use it as an escape from reality. Don't know why I hadn't been using my dream world for that already.

Wed, 09/21/2011 - 1:39am
mjsb2 Says:

As always, very interesting stuff.

Good job yoinkie.

I've been interested in lucid dreaming since I first found out about it and have been trying to experiment with it. So far I lucid dream about once a week, but I hope to get to the point where I do so every night.

Wed, 09/21/2011 - 3:37pm

Man reading stuff like this almost seems to real to be real. It's a little to far out for me, I can not see this ever happening. This reminds me of 1984. Maybe George Orwell knew what he was talking about. Anyways thanks for the heads up. I'm just going to have to walk around in my nothing box in every public setting now >.<

Wed, 09/21/2011 - 5:48pm
jake_ Says:

Very interesting albeit scary stuff. Now I can't see how the technology would be so advanced that it could pick up your neurons lighting up without the plugs. Because your brain doesn't send out waves, nor would it be legal for companies to send out detecting waves at you. But if that technology is someday perfected, what you just outlined would be a major concern.

Wed, 09/21/2011 - 8:06pm
yoinkie Says:

im not going to lie to you, im not a doctor or a scientist, so I only know how neurons work from what ive read about them. I couldnt tell you for certain that one day we will be able to read them like that, but I cant tell you a couple other things... 200 years ago people would have called you insane if you said we could control and use energy as a light source. 150 year ago, people would have called you crazy if you told them we could talk into a metal object and someone on the other side of the world would hear it. 100 years ago, people would have called you a nutjob if you told them you would see moving images inside a box that were recorded somewhere else. But all these things are common used household items now. We are always advancing. There is no ceiling to what we can do and what we can become.

Wed, 09/28/2011 - 4:07pm
TrollJizz Says:

It already is that advanced. Ever heard of BCI? Brain computer interface is a system that translates the electrophysiological activity or metabolic rate of an organic organisms’ nervous system into signals that can be interpreted by a mechanical device. As early as 1908, Le Nyctalope, arguably the first super hero, was also the first BCI described in literature (sporting an artificial heart.) BCI is no longer relegated to fiction, in fact research into the subject has flourished throughout the last decade in which humans, nonhuman primates, and rodents have directly communicated with electrical devices through neural activity (Ganguly and Carmen, 2009; Stieglitz 2009).


Wed, 09/21/2011 - 6:13pm
Thu, 09/22/2011 - 7:33pm
Jewfin Says:
Fri, 09/23/2011 - 2:15am
Infinitum Says:

The fact that this is in the realm of possibilities is very encouraging. The advertising and censorship part would be ridiculous but actually being able to hold leaders and corporate jerk offs accountable would be incredible. It'd be like in "The Dark Knight" where all those arrests were made because we'd no longer be afraid

Oh and what a "happy ending". No pun intended

Fri, 09/23/2011 - 3:39pm
yoinkie Says:

haha, come on now, you know very well that pun was intended. ZING!

Fri, 09/23/2011 - 1:37pm

Pure Genius, Awesome ideas, man... can't wait for part 4.

Fri, 09/23/2011 - 3:08pm
TheBlob Says:

Yoinkie never ceases to amaze me by the way he takes a simple idea ("i really wish I remembered what I dreampt about last night, hmmm, a dream recorder would be awesome!!!") and over-analyzes it to the point where we're talking about mind-reading powers, government spies, and inception.

Fri, 09/23/2011 - 3:43pm
yoinkie Says:

haha, you know me too well. I over-analyz to the point beyond the yonder, the point that we can not see, because it may not exist. You could probably hand me a bottle of water and a joint, come back 30 minutes later, and listen to me tell you how that water came from a 5th dimension where the water molecules each have their own world inside of them. or something, haha

Fri, 09/30/2011 - 11:37am
TrollJizz Says:

Ha, awesome. I wanna hook you up to an EEG and analyze your neurons and brain waves and thought patterns... you have a beautiful brain I bet your brain waves are like... tsunamis. Haha idfk..

Fri, 09/23/2011 - 5:45pm
TheIrish Says:

Already knew that last part. Lucid dream sex is unbelievable lol, especially since you can basically fuck any chick you want. I had a lucid dream three way last week, FUCK YEA

Fri, 09/23/2011 - 6:35pm

man i love your stories, like always. hah at the end it sounds like your saying "you know what to do, yonk it out"

Fri, 09/23/2011 - 9:56pm
CamBam. Says:

Good shit man, I just read all 3 parts. Interesting perspectives and ideas you have. Personally, I dont trust technology one bit. It is making the human race more and more lazy which will soon incapacitate us and leave us open for attack. I'm even a little skeptic to own a smart phone. They can track you on that shit! The future is scary sometimes, man.

Fri, 09/23/2011 - 11:46pm
NoWayJose Says:

Obama is seriously considering legalization.....
https://wwws.whitehouse.gov/petitions/%21/petition/legalize-and-regulate-marijuana-manner-similar-alcohol/y8l45gb1#thank-you=p not spam just serious buisness

Sat, 09/24/2011 - 12:55am

In my experience you cannot have real sex in a lucid dream. Except with your soulmate. If you are having sex with someone else in your dreams, then they are either your real soulmate or they are not a real person, only a portrait of someone you got a glance at once in your life. Beware of letting your guard down while lucid dreaming. I'm not saying beware of physical injury, because that is near impossible. If you are adept at lucid dreaming like me, you will know that you can slip from one dream realm to another with ease. You can join your friends/families dreams if you wish, yadda yadda yadda. Have you ever had a "nightmare" where you were fully aware of your state of dreaming and wished to leave, but didn't know how? If your not careful, you can get mixed up with the wrong beings in your dreams as well as in the real world. If you ever find yourself in this situation, think as hard as you can to wake up.
Got a little off topic, but hope it helps some of you beginners. Feel free to message me with any questions. Toke on, peace

Sun, 09/25/2011 - 12:06am
austin93 Says:

That blew my fucking mind. "Yoinkies Guide to flying part 4" is gonna be awesome.

Tue, 09/27/2011 - 3:36pm
Higherrea Says:

All of these were amazing!
Google would be having a good time posting ads about pornos daily on your computer as many of us have perverted dreams hahah.
I've once had a lucid dream with you (no homo) and the rest of the highdeas community, I made a highdea about it!

Wed, 09/28/2011 - 5:37pm
TrollJizz Says:

Okay well after picking my jaw up off the ground and changing my pants I did some research to see just how possible this is (and when I need to shoot myself before I become powerless over my own thoughts and will and subjected to mind control) and although you surfaced many potential concerns regarding the future of neurotechnology, your'e completely missing the other end of the spectrum. When we talk about potential, we should cover all bases ya know? Think about what the ability to influence the mind at a molecular level could do for us, like for instance in terms of education. We could revolutionize the way the mind processes and stores information... and that's just the start! Or what about using neurotechnology to directly target chemical imbalances in the brain? We could completely redefine modern medicine dude...what if we could eliminate pharmaceutical drugs and their side effects all together because we possessed the technology to influence exactly what causes disease and mental disorders right down to the molecule? There's endless potential to discuss, on both sides but there's no debate over the fact we're headed for something revolutionary.

Check it out.

Sun, 10/09/2011 - 4:36pm

This really intrigued me. A couple days ago i smoked spice from a grav and i don't know how or why but i stated tripping balls. When you said something about controlling your dreams and living through them, that's exactly how to describe the trip. Except i couldn't control it. Mind that this was the first time i've ever smoked stright up spice, i've mixed it with weed before, but never by itself. And i'll never do it again. Your highdea really helped me understand what i went through, even though i know i could never possibly put it into exact words.

Thu, 10/13/2011 - 4:01pm
Loki2313 Says:

Hmm, I do agree with all of what you said 100% but devices with those capabilities would soon be under suspicion for the sheer fact that people would not feel comfortable with its existance. When the x-ray was invented, women feared that men would use it too see through there clothes while not at all realistic it gives example of people's regard of privacy. the way google sells information is true as well but i have never bought anything even if i wanted to just because i googled something, and if i did it was more that i had already interested in purchasing that product. As for goverment heads who are notoriously the most devious people, they would not allow it to become that popular for the sheer fact that it would force them to be honest which is counter productive to their endgame. As for governments using them to spy on one another, if i were a government official and a device like this existed the first thing i would do is employ a device to stop its scanning. im sure other governments would do the same bringing us back to square one, only now we have to be fearful that a spy could sabotoge the mind-reading defense device. On a side note this stuff may work on the black market, but if breaking into ones home is illegal, breaking into one's mind is much much worse. BTW Love your posts dude, often wish we could talk in person, i feel alone philosophically.

Fri, 01/13/2012 - 10:18pm
Elnicko Says:

Counter mind readers ftw^
after reading some more comments there are so many damn capabilities...

Fri, 01/13/2012 - 10:16pm
Elnicko Says:

I see some fear in government/corporate control, which is important.
But if this tech was to be so advanced where Google could just take your thoughts from 20 feet away and store them you think it would still be connected to some sort of internet-like data base where everyone knows everyone else's thoughts.
People don't seem to realize that the internet is essentially the beginning of a hive like mind amongst humanity. And like you said people will one day evolve to not need the tech. Something tells me technology is how humans evolve now, and this technology is just going to become more convenient. 100 years ago all your info was radio (if even that) now you can connect to anyone anywhere on the planet with a square in your pocket. So basically if this thought reading tech comes it will hopefully be apart of a momentum as humanity as a whole towards a higher, or more hive like state of equality, and not be abused by the global elites.