Grate the green and then i wrap it with a raw, i coulda used a wrap but naw, id rather hit it raw, trip and fall, get busted open like a quidditch ball, an if youre still snitchin youre the snitch this wizards fixed upon, we live for long, deceptive brawn for these decepticons, the transformations long, but we get off on steady gettin strong, protein in most teens gettin put to use in any brawl, mostly invoked because the parents never get involved, never just ask their kids how classes really went at all, settle for good and then forget they ever went at all, its set and stalled, supplemented by this ethanol, but really best of all is when the people end up all just layin in the hospital in shock and awe that they regret it all.


Wed, 04/06/2016 - 11:31am