that was a good movie (harold and kumar go to whitecastle), showed me alot about life. the movie is effectively about the pursuit of happiness. in life, everybody wants to be happy, have their 'white castle', and they take diffrent routes to acheive happiness. some people go to school to get jobs to make money, to satisfy their material needs for instance. but i personally feel that these people dont get a proper chance to relax and enjoy their fruits of labour. they spend their whole lives building their 'white castle' (happiness), but when you get high, you realize that you already are in your 'white castle'. happiness becomes much simpler and easier to acheive. it can be like dipping cheetos in ranch dressing, laughing at old memories, meeting with friends, listening to music, watching a movie, etc..everyday, more and more, i truly belive that i live in my own 'white castle'. the best things in life are free, fun and involve no stress. emmancipate yourself from mental slavery and the obstacles of life. live simple my friends,