A dream is an opening up for a foundation of findings in its routine so if you think your path is good, you will have good dreams if you think different and opposite so to say in the difference of what i said i can assure you are fine, we all are. A dream resembles times past, when can we be with a relative in our dream we missed? we play this over and over until we see something like that happen in our dreams. Now our different vibe life we miss all the time will one day be the greatest thing that happened ever because we can tap into source thru mental dreaming like meditation we can one day, be, and evolve, to a point of great happiness and bliss so we can dream awake. i have for the record, at a hotel and im kinda famous and coming up in the world, thru things like a television show coming out called Timeless, on my network, Holo.TV, i was the first to complete the greatest task ever and it was beautiful. i love life, nothing shields me from fear, but dreaming, so i noticed then i could one day go back n do it all different if i wanted but ive dreamt a dream where i cant die, now thats part of the mass total dream were dreaming in, its impossible now...much to you, but for a fact i wont deny, i know for a fact we are god and we always had the best come ups while stoned, and that being said, whats the difference in the weed, when its just me vs you smoking it, well i can tell you...we are in fact some how way smarter than our selves and we always will try to figure out how we work but i can tell you is, we are fine, we think to much, about how we act about ourselves with others, no one cares, its just you, get drunk and go for a drive with a friend passenger while they drive and talk about the coolest shit ever without a care for what their drive is, or what they think, they just wanna hear someone like we all do, so that goes down to facts and based information of the informational realm we all call home, or some call a dream, or a dream vision, which is great if you wanna find the real dream, thats called blurred eye, dope high and tripple high get you fucked up if your high on dream vision that shit will bring you to god and you will live, promise its hard to explain but im god, and imma find a way to explain to you what i do, i think, i make, i collect. very simple. how hard...your turn. on the spot dont seem fun, but when your alone it seems fun...how many of you think? seriously like think, imma guy of his own vision so god gave the greatest among the men of many who think they're great, but me, gave me, the greatest vibe ill ever know, some people are like that, but they're not worthy of this spot, gods first reflection and i promise you i will continue to be and breath one day and i will continue forever in this body, promise. so you will do also...ii find it facsitnating that i will will one day become the greatest of all time, its simple. how fucking dumb can you be, simple project greatness and you will get it. you will never know the truth of god like i do, but seriously, who cares, be you, i dont care, some people care to much and all they ever do is complain but hey i like me, but for the most of the matters thats a metaphor/analogy but i could see the day one day becoming better, once we tap into our innate ablities to dream a dream while awake....hmmm...could we? well i have like i explained, could we one day, find something better to claim likes gods favorite of all time? you dont care? well shit, hmmmm. whats greater than you? lets have fun. Step One: Dream your perfect self. Project. That simple. thats what people will vibe on so maybe choose a vibe of the look, project, that simple. simple life and simple steps, ten of em. you got 1 so far, heres 2..face the fact youre perfect. 3. your GOD'S GREATEST. 4. imma famous person. galaxies greatest babe. so far understand this is for you. my friend dearest, you are fine. be complex sometimes, but question nothing. my friend understand number 5. is how you act...so 5.....project honesty, no matter what. be honest. to simple there for that understanding..huh..fucking dumbies if you lie, why you here? no matter what be honest, fib if you want, but just to get the point across faster. nothing more. nothing less. is a vibe no one knows, why i dont care. nothing more nothing less. i love life. no matter what. is number 6. it loves me back is number 10 but first of all, number but 3rd and 4th of all number 5 and 2 and the rest to infinite you are fine no matter what, i promise ya. now listen to this, i get this stuff done by god i know what i mean when i say number 7 is my god number and everyone elses. that is true so hold 7 at a party in your vibe. remember that. im the best is number 5 and number 10...well we'll get there. number, well, 8. is money and manifestation. but we'll just say money manifestation of the great and greatest kind. i worked for this spot and applies to me the most number nine(9) is the greatest. you can be and freely understand better at a faster pace and understand deeper than people(numerology 9 explains this along with other numbers in numerology if you ever wanna look that up) first there was human then man...wrong. it was kindess, nothing, nothing kindess, thats forever but still...right on the mark where god came in to say, im honest and i know better can i teach people to have them feel good like me...humble is part of 9, nine is a number that has to be forever because its the last one before it repeats itself.


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