When someone is suffering from hypothermia and their body heat drops, the brain stops sending blood to the hands/feet etc, so it can concentrate on keeping our vital organs supplied instead.

1. How does the brain know how to rate our different body parts in order of importance?

2. Being as this act happens automatically, when hypothermia kicks in, our brains must already hold the information on how to react, beforehand. So if our brains automatically know which organs are most vital and our brains are inside us, then how come we have to learn about our body parts and their significance, from others as we grow up, when we already have the answer in our brains to start with?


They say, if you want to move your arms etc, you tell your brain you want to move your arms and it sends a signal to our arms to move. This is done without us even actually thinking about it.

But if we think about something, it means our brains are concentrating on just that one thing especially.

So if our arms move when we want them to, without us actually having to think about it, so you would imagine, if you thought specifically about something, your brain would be even more focused.

So i want you to just imagine for a moment, that you are sat there and are lifting your arms above your head to stretch.....picture in your mind you doing that.......

How is that possible?

Without thinking of something, your brain is still receiving enough power, to tell it to move our arms, yet when you solely start thinking about moving your arms, your brain doesnt send any signal to your brain at all and your arms dont move an inch.

This is clear proof, that our brains are most effective, when not directly listening to what is being said to it.

So next time your wife etc is waffling on and then moans your not listening to her, just say....

"I am listening to you Darling, but i heard, that if you want to move your arms etc, you tell your brain you want to move your arms and it sends a signal to our arms to move........"


Just be glad there are no stoned lawyers with a such an imagination....

I mean, it would be terrible, really terrible! So bad in fact, you could even get sent down for life, just for waving to someone in the street……

Judge: You are charged with the murder of 117 people, by way of waving at somebody. How do you plead?

Defendant: What? Innocent of course! I waved to somebody, not go on a murdering spree!

Judge: Well we’ll see what the prosecution has to say….

(In walks stoned Lawyer)

Stoned Lawyer: I believe this man to be guilty of all charges and have the proof to show you! On the day it happened, the defendant looked like he went to wave, but then quickly put his arm down. This was no incident of mistaken identity, like the defendant claims, but can only be a type of signal, to initiate the carnage that followed.

I can prove this by using the “Brain and the Arm” theory……. (minutes later)

So that proves, if the defendant did think he saw a mate, went to wave to him, realised it wasn’t his mate after all, so then stopped waving and then by chance the destruction started, he clearly has to be lying!

If he actually did think it was his mate, he would think I must wave to him, which not make his arms move at all. Only by not thinking it was him, would he be able to move his arms and wave. The fact that he did wave, proves he was not thinking about his mate, which proves he couldn’t of seen him, to wave to in the first place!!!

Its an open and shut case and no coincidence at all, that just after you did your wave/not wave signal, Armageddon bloke out!!!!!

You wave, but not wave and seconds later…….BANG!

A freak accident happened during a thunderstorm, a flash of lightning hit the back door of a lorry and blew it wide open, unloading all of its cargo onto the road. Because it was cans of lager, ppl rushed to pick them up to drink.

Not knowing it was counterfeit lager seized by customs, they drunk it one after another! Little did they know, it was a shipment from a major league cartel, as a way of smuggling ricin into the country, with the hope of getting one of their sleeper agents, onto The Great British Bake Off, so they could lace the cakes to erase Paul Hollywood & Mel & Sue from our tv screens and to do Mary Berry the best thing and let her die before she turns totally into Skelator.

47 ppl died in that street, that day. You must of planned it to happen on a Sunday, as most ppl would be home that day.

But it doesn’t stop there…..More ppl died when they went to phone emergency services, 3 tripped over a rug and hit their head and died, 23 couldn’t see properly as they had just woke up and forgot there glasses and all ended p ringing by mistake the “Dial a Hitman Hotline” and when the person asked for “Name & Address?”, as they all answered with their own names and addresses, well, that sealed their fate within the 2 hr limit the Special Quick Kill option allows. (*Or your money back. See reverse of email for details.)

Numerous ppl died on operating tables all over the world, during some routine, some difficult operations. Its thought your signal temporarily “Men in Blacked” surgeons the world over for a few seconds, ending in fatalities all over.

The theory that you also sunk that Ferry off Thailand hasn’t been proven yet, but will be soon im sure.

Defendant: Who in here actually believes that crap? I don’t have magic powers like that!

Stoned Lawyer: You do! But obviously, someone with that power must also have the power to make us think you don’t, so of course no one thinks you can, its obvious because you made them forget you could.

Judge: Its obvious from the evidence provided, that because you say you thought it was your mate and would wave, but then did wave, that in reality, you wouldn’t be able to wave. Ive tried that theory and its true. Watch…

Judge sits motionless…….

Judge: I was trying to move arms then and wave to you, who I know now, but couldn’t. But see that woman in the back of the public gallery in the green coat……I don’t know her, but watch…….”Cooo eeeee, hiya love” (as he starts waving with a gay enthusiastic expression.)

I have no option but to hand you life without parole, without any contact to the outside world.

But before you go, I must tell you, if you had just took the stand, admit you never knew who the person and so that’s why you waved at them, the case would have been thrown out in minutes and you’d now be a free man!

Send him down.


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alvsd Says:

Wow that took a wierd turn. I was just gonna say how cool would it be to be able to self induce a hypothermic state when you needed more brain power to solve a big problem. Or even the opposite, when you were challenged physically.