So last night, I had a couple friends round, saw a wasp and my friend managed to throw it out the window, think it was just here to dispose of his friends body who came along and died, anyway, we forgot about it and blazed it up for a little bit, then I'm cooking a soup in the kitchen and I see another one, then we realise there's about five wasps, I guess a combination bad experiences, human instinct and social conditioning lead us all to be scared of them, so we set out to kill them, we were watching them, planning, scheming, I got out the Hoover and sucked one of the fuckers up, then my friend entered the kitchen like a warrior with a rolled up magazine and fucked up about 3 of them, there was one left down the stairs by the door and it was buzzing around my friends skateboard looking menacing like it was gonna sting my friends on their way out. I grabbed a towel and stood their watching him for a moment then I whipped the poor little bastard out the sky with a swipe of the towel, he dropped onto one of the steps and wasn't moving, thought he was dead but just to be sure I put a glass over it, at this point he starts making crazy buzzing noises in the glass and I realised we was distressed and just wanted to be free and have its life, so I got my other friend to free him out the window with a bit of card, to go be free with the plants. I pretty much realised that fear leads humans to be evil, that wasps are just tryna do their thing and probably aren't too bad, and mainly I guess that we should all think about things before going and killing something, we probably ruined those wasps life's, the poor bastards. Sorry wasps.


Sat, 09/20/2014 - 2:51pm
bakayurei Says:

don't feel too bad, wasps are hateful bastards with long memories, i let a wasp out of my house one night, went up to bed later on, was lying watching TV and i saw this moving shape in the dark out of the corner of my eye, it was that wasp again, followed me upstairs, i had to punch it to death.. yea you've got that completely right, fear's not that useful most of the time, it's fear that makes wasps attack us and if we let ourselves be affected the same way by the same emotions then we're no better than wasps and aren't up to the job of being human