I was surfing youtube and I came across this. Love when I start watching one thing and then end up on like 6 different unrelated subjects. So I started watching it, and stopped to write this comment. Then I thought, wait, Im totally high of that resin. I should post this shit on Highdeas, cause those guys will probably understand what I'm saying and I always love reading the conversations people have about the subject.


My Comments:
You're actually all focusing on the wrong thing. The argument everyone seems to be having is if the video itself is factual. Somehow it god misconstrued into if it was real or not. The answer is of course. Yes. If you are watching it, its read. Now that guy may be just actor, and "Illumicorp" may be the corporation. Maybe it exists, or maybe its just a made up name for the real one. The fact we should be focusing on is its ideas. Not if its good or if its evil. But somebody somewhere took the time to make the video. So the idea or the purpose to the video is alive. I'm going to try and watch it like this is a person or group of people, that have come up with a theory on how to create heaven on earth. How to create a Utopia. Is the IDEA plausible, its already real cause somebody made a video and we all see it, but do you think it would work? Is the current format of human governance creating a Utopia? If humanity was an organism, would it divide itself into regions and fight itself? Or would it work together towards a common purpose, in Unison. When we hear a sad story about someone, or something inspiring, that moves you, you don't think about where that person is from. It's because they're human, just like you. We are all connected. Our achievement could be creating a heaven on earth, for everyone in unison. Utopia. Unitopoa. :)