Thu, 03/29/2012 - 8:45pm
Bongo_Man Says:

The ticklish feeling you get is actually a state of panic. And basically you cant trick your brain own. :)

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 8:47pm
AJisChill Says:
Thu, 03/29/2012 - 8:49pm
AK_Grown Says:

Well first off, the "tickle" feeling one gets when they are being tickled is actually a natural defense against little creepy crawlies like spiders, bugs, or insects. The brain is trained to know what to feel when a person moves or performs any function. Now if we grab our sides in an attempt to tickle ourselves, our brain anticipates this contact from the hands and prepares itself for it. By taking away the feeling of unease and panic, the body no longer responds the same as it would if someone else were to tickle us. In other words we anticipate it coming therefore are not able to tickle ourselves cause the brain knows IT'S the one that's doing it and not an outside force. I learned this in my EMT1 class. Sometimes we have to palpate the clients abdomen and some are ticklish there. So what we do is sandwich their hand in between ares and then press down. This tricks the cerebellum (the part that controls our movements) into thinking it is the one whose doing the touching even though you know it's not.

Pretty neat huh? Who says stoners aren't smart :)

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 10:06pm
AJisChill Says:

Yeah bro, haha. I figured it was something that had to do with the anticipation of it. But....why can you watch someone slowly creep towards your side, obviously, consciously, and still get tickled when contacted? Weird, haha.