Christmas is almost here and everyone is making plans for it. Choosing a gift for an event or a festival is really a hard decision as it is a constant battle of what to and what not to buy. But the safest gift that I would suggest you is a wine decanter. Because the wine is a fulcrum of every event and a having a decanter as a gift is a guaranteed satisfaction. It is very difficult to come up with brilliant ideas especially when you’re are buying a gift for someone who is hard to shop for. Decanters are not only the gifts but the treasures that can be appreciated for years. In this article, we have mentioned the top picks of decanters for this year’s Christmas which might help you in choosing a good gift for your loved one that surely wins his heart.

1. Personalized Whiskey Decanter, Christmas Gift for Him

This diamond shaped decanter is beautifully engraved with artistic designs to make it a pleasant gift. It is a perfect gift for a wedding, Christmas or a birthday. It makes a good decoration in the home bar.The pattern engraved on it is everlasting and will never disappear or peel off.The body of this decanter is made of hand lead-free glass. It is dishwasher safe and holds around 1000 ML.

2. Etched Globe Whiskey Decanter

This beautiful globe decanter shaped decanter holds the spirit of the earth. It is a mouth blown astonishing Pythagoras decanter with etc he continents. It makes you feel a sense of quality and history in every sip. It is not only a container for a drink but is a collectible piece of artistry that can make your home bar, as well as your dining table, look even better. The glass of this decanter is thick that ensures the safety of the is lead-free and holds 1000 ml. it has aground glass stopper that does not let the liquor evaporate.

3. Wax Seal Engraved Decanter

This decanter allows customization. You can ask to beautifully engrave the initial, name or year of your has a capacity to hold 24 ounces. It is a great gift for your man, brother or dad. It comes in a set of a decanter along with silver rim glasses.

4. Rare and radiant carafe

Diamonds are everyone’s favorite. This rare crystal decanter along with radiant glasses is a great choice to serve your favorite drinks on Christmas. This decanter has an elegant cut from mouth blown crystal diamond shape. It makes a perfect centerpiece. The intentional game of glass light and liquid grabs the attention immediately.

5. A vintage lot of mini Avon Christmas decanters

It is a vintage decanter from the 1960s. It is a cute mix of mini-sized collectibles of Avon Christmas. All are in mint condition and the material is metal and glass. No breaks, cracks, blemishes or chips can be found on any of them. It adds a vintage flair to the Christmas decoration wonderfully.