Yesterday. Smoked all my weed now it's gone away. How I wish I had a bowl today, but I smoked it all yesterday. Suddenly, there's a resin hit in front of me. I will toke on it quite gingerly. A resin hit left just for me. Why'd I smoke it all? I was stoned~I couldn't say. Logged in to highDEAs, now I long for yesterday. Yesterday, I was baked with all my friends around.Without my weed I feel a bit unsound. I wish today was yesterday. Why'd I smoke it all? I was stoned~I couldn't say. I would use my bong~how I long for yesterday. Yesterday, I was high and I was having fun. Eating munchies with my dubstep on. Oh, how much I miss yesterday.

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Sat, 08/13/2011 - 4:41pm


Sun, 08/07/2011 - 1:17am
budzie Says:
Sun, 08/07/2011 - 2:39am
Sat, 08/13/2011 - 12:53am

I Just went to itunes, played the song, and sang this along to it. Fucking great.

Sat, 08/13/2011 - 12:25pm

I was hoping people would do that. Also, you can youtube "Beatles Yesterday Karaoke" on a separate tab, then click back to my highDEA, and sing along.

Sat, 08/13/2011 - 3:59pm

I played this song while reading this and it went like perfectly. Bravo.

Sat, 08/13/2011 - 4:19pm
mellowjude Says:

Haha this is brilliant, I sang the whole thing to myself.

Sat, 08/13/2011 - 7:58pm
Sat, 08/13/2011 - 4:31pm

My spirits are HIGH !!! Thanks for your comments.

Sat, 08/13/2011 - 4:46pm

HAHA I literally just played the Beatles version and sung along with your lyrics, congrats man this is awesome.

Sat, 08/13/2011 - 4:51pm
MattxD Says:

i actually sang the whole thing! lawl

Sat, 08/13/2011 - 4:52pm
Crahnick Says:
HAhahahahahah goood one

Sat, 08/13/2011 - 5:07pm
Sat, 08/13/2011 - 5:28pm
Sat, 08/13/2011 - 6:36pm
wainani Says:

this is like the BEST highdea I've ever read!!!!! you made my day! :)

Sat, 08/13/2011 - 6:55pm
Floydian Says:

So spacing.. you made it as good as possible!

Sat, 08/13/2011 - 7:58pm
hippychick Says:

You joined two of my favorite things together: The Beatles and weed, and made it fucking awesome. I think I love you.

Sat, 08/13/2011 - 8:03pm

I love you all, too, That's why I wanted to do something that can trip around in your head for a while. I was going to the store and I started singing it.

Thu, 07/26/2012 - 7:50pm