So today I went to this assembly for something called "Dance Marathon" which basically is a bunch of kids getting together, dancing all night, and standing for those who cant. People donate money to the people who are participating. But here is where it bothers me.. the money that is raised is for "cancer research" or "medical research". Do you know how many different foundations people donate to for "cancer research"? There is billions of dollars donated, yet still, there is no cure for cancer? The United States landed on the moon in 1969 with barely any technology, yet we cant cure a disease that is so widespread. The same goes for the common cold, it has been around for so fucking long, how is it possible that there is no cure? I believe that there is a cure, but the government keeps cancer and aids around to make sure earth doesn't get overpopulated. I also believe that they keep the common cold without a cure so that doctors make money. The money that gets donated to these foundations should be donated to the families who cant afford the treatments for their kids and family members who are sick. It is 2014, wake up people, the people running this country are not on our side.

my loner highdea