So just think, all the information and posts and pictures we put on the internet never really go away. They are absorbed, saved and copied into infinity.

So maybe thousands or millions of years from now, whether humans as we know ourselves are still around or not, this will all still exist. Even this post.

And weed is so polarized in most cultures, surely whoever gets on the records of the internet will find it to be an interesting topic. And their search will lead them to this site and maybe this post.

I just want to let that person or creature know, weed is truly an amazing thing. It is a medicine for the sick and a mind expander for the strong. It can move the minds of many and sometimes make us wiser and better. I fucking LOVE Mary Jane with all of my heart :)

If you comment, leave a special something about why Mary is amazing to you. And I hope those in future read it, and understand not just our community but you as a person under the influence of the most amazing plant the universe could make.


Sat, 12/28/2013 - 3:04am