As I inhaled the gust of smoke burned from the divine green herb, I become an inquisitive soul. Last night so happened, I decided to roll up God into a Raw paper for a lesson of life and time.

I sat at the corner of my living room elevated into profound level of awareness.The invisible, omnipresent, and kinetic time was still yet in consistent motion. As it was passing by, it cared less about me nor anybody of my knowing.

Then comes the moment of eureka:

Amidst every fabric of time elongating till infinity, swallowing me and my foundation of civilization, I try my best to carve an illusion of existence. Little did I know that little did I know about my past; as I focus on today, the next generation will repeat the same-- forget me and only regard themselves.

Hence, the ultimate conclusion: our existence only matters to us; not to the abysmal time because it has witnessed many superior than us being obliterated to oblivion.
How great is time, how petty we are.

What a pity! What a pity!! What a pitty!!!