It was our 2nd day into drugs and alcohol and we were on this website that was actually pretty acurate, there was a section called "Real people, Real stories" and it was the ex-addicts talking about what they been through. And this one guy who had a horrible history with alcohol, said "It was so hard to quit because every time i would even think about trying, there would be another drink, it was so easily available". I'm not even going to sit here and compare this to marijuana because i'm sure your very aware of it. Almost all of the people who were interviewed for alcohol and heroin (and sadly pot) used drugs to escape reality because they had problems for coping. I raised my hand after the video, and everybody thought i was going to rant about why pot is good and blah blah blah but no... I said "first of all, if someone is using ANY substance to escape anything... It means they lack a skill in coping and should see a cousler or talk to someone, you can't sit there and blame the drug for turning them into who they are" And everybody had this expression like shiiiiit. But yeah i wasn't suprised, but a little bummed when the information for marijuana was off, but not like above the influence..but these people were using the first thing that was available to cope. Almost all of them were sorta doing it recreationally, but soon turned out to be coping with problems and thats the person, not the drug.

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