We have a destiny. Our life has been planned out. You feel like you are in control of your decisions, you make them happen in your brain right? Well you may feel like you do what you want but everything that you will do will happen. We are in a specific universe. Everything that is going to happen in this life will happen. Every decision you make was destined to happen. Whichever you pick (upvote or downvote) you were destined to pick. You may pick randomly but everything that will happen in this universe has happened already. Time is only perceptive. Every instant is a fraction of time. We experience a flow through a specific course of instances that are what we call time. Each course of these is a universe. We are set in this single universe where everything will happen. This gives the possibility of multiverses. Free will doesnt exist even if you try to trick it you were always going to do that. Make sense?


Fri, 10/04/2013 - 12:03am

This one time I... oh shit I just changed my destiny! Free will (to me) is basically this, you are walking down a path and at the end of the path you can see a bear. You can choose to stop where you were destined to go and begin a new path, new destine, the whole enchilada or you can continue down the path you were already on and choose to do multiple destiny changing experiences as you approach your destiny. You can choose to fight the bear either by hand, or make a weapon, or even with the help of a tribe of monkeys you befriended for these special occasions. You can also choose to peacefully pass the bear by. The bear can also change your free will if it doesn't like the way you approach and startles you, you can run away or choose to say fuck it I've lived a fulfilling life. Another free will thought that you can utilise would be stealth, you could just sneak pass the bear and be on your way. As you can see we can sorta look into the future and observe the different outcomes of each of our actions. We have free will it's just a matter of using it. Destiny on the other hand, we are all destined to die, its up to us how we make it there. The fun of free will.

Thu, 11/28/2013 - 10:48pm

Yea I almost was iffy until I read the last line "Free will doesnt exist even if you try to trick it you were always going to do that."

Mon, 12/02/2013 - 7:57pm