Everyone, I have something very important to draw your attention to: ALAN CUMMINGS.
He is, in my opinion, one of the most awesome people I have ever had the pleasure of learning about. He is ridiculous, funny, and very, very weird. I want to have a mini Alan Cummings resting atop my shoulder, ready to give me advice and commentate on my day. Life would be so much better.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the man who blows my mind and makes me giggle,


Sun, 03/11/2012 - 5:48am

yeah ok but why is u so crazy about him? i dont wana hear about your love affair
aah but i keed i be mean for because i jokes anyways who the hell is alan cummings and why is his name so suggestive

o that dude.. that dude is nuts but he's pretty coo

Sun, 03/11/2012 - 8:38am

Exactly, that guy is completely nuts. You can't even look at him without wanting to laugh, he's fucking comical sitting there silently. Just... like, he's this highbrow actor, but he's also in fucking spykids, and so then he's in a children's movie, but he's constantly dressed up as a drag queen.... it's insane. And also, I posted this right after I found out he was scottish... and had a scottish accent. like a seriously thick one. and i couldn't stop laughing because i never knew he was scottish, i thought he was just some american, and here he goes busting out sounding like shrek and looking like a smirking dapper fellow and talking about how he really loves walking around in high heels. and that, my friend, is awesome. Also, drag queens and general are pretty awesome, but that's more because I'm a girl and when I was little I thought drag queens were life-sized barbies and I had family who lived near province town (east coast, look it up) which is like drag queen capital, and I would see them walking down the street and I was so excited. I seriously thought they were barbies. And to a little girl, nothing is better than an adult who wears sequins and glitter and everything pink.

ps: your profile pic of a confused panda so perfectly matches the tone of your comment that I thought at first that you had put the image there on purpose... like as an image comment, not just a word comment. I love taking tolerance breaks and then blazing the fuck out of your brain for 24 hours straight....

pps: I just realized you think I'm in love with the dude or something - not true. 1) he's gay 2) okay the fact that he's gay wouldn't matter, but whatever, i don't love the dude, 3) I was marveling at his awesomeness in a completely platonic, non-sexual way, 4) do YOU only think people are awesome if you want to fuck them? cuz that would be weird.

ppps: I've lost you by now, but did you know that "platonic" does not actually reference a non-sexual relationship, but rather the (very sexual) relationship between a young boy and his older, wealthy male benefactor during the times of the philosopher Plato? WHAT THE FUCK, RIGHT? I'VE BEEN USING IT WRONG MY ENTIRE LIFE!

Sun, 03/11/2012 - 9:05am

woah that was a lot... oops. high!rant. m'bad. originally I had just meant to say this, but I forgot:

Alan Cummings literally made a perfume called "Cummings". You have to respect anyone with the balls and humor to do that.

Sun, 03/11/2012 - 1:23pm
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