In a small town outside of San Fransisco lived a pretty normal boy named Jay Green. He was just an average kid but in his mind but he was a little ab-normal and couldn't understand why. While in the lower middle class area of San Fran , he grew up with a small rang tang group of close friends who came in at different times of his life. When he moved into town his very first friend was Justin Red. From the start they have a brother like bond even though he was three years older than Jay. Justin had a younger sister named Jamie, who had a boyfriend Justin's age named Johnny Brown. The four of them quickly became extremely close. A few years went by , and they saw something strange. Someone moving in across the street from Jay. Nothing crazy happened , but Jay would notice that the new kid would walk to the same bus to school as him. So after a few days of creeping on him ( lol ) Jay walked up to him and asked if he wanted to play Pokemon after school. From that moment on Jay and his future life saver Jorge Orange became best friends. Jay added Jorge to the group and they would later add Jason Blue and Jose Pink.

Jay & Jorge were the youngest of the group so they couldn't go to the same Middle School as the rest of the group. They would hang out after school , but during school Jay and Jorge started to get other friends and join other groups. During their 8th grade year they meet Jordan White & Jack Black who were cousins from San Diego. Jackson Yellow , an illegal immigrant from Mexico. And last but not lease Jake Auburn. They all shared the same interests from sports , music , outlook on life , ideas , humor , to religion.

The group was excited to go into High School together and play summer Football. At this point Jay was moving away from the OG group. He started to see them/talk to them less and less because of sports and school. At the time Jay thought sports should be main focus besides grades. This would later hurt his relationship with Justin and them. One of Jay's major flaws was trying to be someone he wasn't. He would try to be-friend everyone he could just to be 'known'. Acting differently, dressing differently, talking differently was pretty common for Jay in his early High School career. His ego was fast forwarded into almost douche bag-ness by him making the Varsity Team in Football , Basketball , And Track as a freshmen. He would lose touch with all his close friends to try and create bonds with the " popular " kids of the school. Plus it did help that his growth spurt happened in Middle School , so no one would notice an 6'2 kid in a group of upperclassmen. His head grew faster than his dick head when he saw his upperclasswomen crush.

A whole year went by and Jay had a pretty good year school wise : Played a good amount as back up QB , was the 6/7th man for Basketball and got 3rd Team All League in Track. Got Drunk for the first time at his first real party. Kissed his crush then got a girlfriend.
The only problem was he was drifting away from his real friends because he thought he was 'Too Cool' for them 'boring faggots' as his new buddies called them.

The next year would be a life changing year for Jay. It was the start of his real grades for applying for Colleges and would be playing a lot more in each sport. It would also be a total eye opener for him.
So Jay was partying more and more. Getting more and more drunk. His girlfriend of the time was getting more and more worried. He would drunk text her just to calm down her worries of him cheating on her. This would go on until a little after Basketball season ended. Then one day , Jay's whole world would change. It was a normal day , but he had this weird feeling. So as he was walking his girlfriend to class as he normally did , he kissed her goodbye and she said " Hey Jay , after school can we talk. " Thinking nothing of it , he agreed. After school they sat at the tables right by the track and talked. She told him
" So , Jay can you be honest. " He said ,
" of course. Why what's up. "
She slowly said " Having you been cheating on me with *random chick*. Because *another slut* told me she saw you play Beer Pong with *random chick*. "
Jay kind of thought about it in and was in shock that she would assume such a crazy statement. Because she was his world. They have dating for over a year , and she was his first love.
So Jay told her " Babe , why would i do that ? I love you. Plus i was texting you that night.... remember ?! "
She started to cry and said she had to leave. And Track Practice was about to start. So Jay said goodbye and walked to practice. A few weeks went by , she wouldn't talk to Jay and later he found out that she has been talking to another guy and said they to broke up on the grounds that he cheated. This totally crushed Jay , his whole body went numb and he was speechless. He would fall deep into the worse depression of his whole life. ( So far ) He stopped talking to everyone , he would sit in his room for days on end. He couldn't handle this bad of a heart brake. Nothing like this has every happened to him. After months of the depression kicking his ass left and right. One day while he was alone on a Saturday while his mother was at work he had enough and said " fuck it ". No one knew how bad he was. The only person he talked to that day was Jorge because he texted him asking if he had his game at Jay's house. So after hours of deep thinking , Jay decided to end his life to stop the pain he couldn't control. He loaded his step dad's gun and sat in his room with the gun to his head. In the moment Jorge went across the street and walked right in which he normally did. And saw Jay with the gun and yelled to put it down.........

Part 2 coming soon

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dont know if i ts real or not but its a good story

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*random chick* and *another slut* hahahaha, you left me hanging on a cliff you assholio.

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That was the cliffhanger of all cliffhangers
Publish this shit man

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Nice job man. When is part two coming up?

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this is hella good. continue this for sure.

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i was reading it midway and didnt know why i was reading this long ass story but it kept me and then was surprised it was good...good shit

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Nice job bro I look forward to the next part. Im about to click on it in 3 2 111...... shit k i had to answer the CAPTCHA okay here we go 32111

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kk just did it was kinda short but I look forward to part 3 :D

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They all have colors for their last name lol

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this was my lifestory, including the area and all the friend transitions, until that fool got depressed over a bitch like that. but its a chillin story

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and then the kid that walked in lit up a fat blunt of dank and passed it to the idiot in the chair with the heater and they both got stoned and it was all good.
theres your pt 2 ha bitches

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fucking cliff hanger, why you no give closure? (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ

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is it bad that i hate this? it had so many likes and i was so pumped for an awesome fucking story but this just depressed me even more. stop it

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Part 2
jay pulled the trigger. jay died.

the end

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hahahaha that geeked me the f out, whens part two!!!!!?!?!?!?

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