Follow me on this, my stoned friends. In a race between a turtle and a hare, the turtle will win every time if he is given a head start. Let's say the hare waits until the turtle goes 10 feet before the hare starts running. Once the hair runs 10 feet, the turtle will no longer be at the 10 foot mark; he will have made progress past that point (we'll say 10 feet 3 inches). So then the hare keeps going and gets to 10 feet 3 inches, at which point the turtle will have progressed a little further (10feet 4inches). By the time the rabbit moves an inch, the turtle will no longer be in the same place and be a centimeter ahead. Then the rabbit will get even closer to him, but the turtle will have moved on a millimeter by that point. This process will repeat itself for eternity as the hare approaches where the turtle used be with his head start, but will never actually pass him.

Thus, all motion is impossible. Prove me wrong.


Mon, 09/23/2013 - 3:25pm

You forgot about speed. An object in "motion" has a "speed" simply by virtue of its being in motion. An object possessing a speed is inherently in motion.

In this sense they have similar meanings.

Speed is a rate of change in position. Motion is a change in position (in progress). In this sense, speed is more specific than motion in that speed has a quantitative value. Conversely, there can be no "speed" without "motion".

So the turtle has a speed of, let's say, 1MPH. The hair has a speed of 5MPH. This means every second that goes by the rabbit is moving 1/12 of a mile, whereas the turtle is moving 1/60 of a mile. By that speed the hare will surpass the turtle every single time, because while the 2 have the same "motion" the hare has a much greater speed that propels his motion to surpass the turtle.

Mon, 09/23/2013 - 11:40pm

Wow! I was hoping someone would scientifically step up. I don't REALLY believe motion is impossible, I just remembered that paradox and it's fun to think about.

Thank you for typing all that out.

Tue, 09/24/2013 - 1:30am

Sometimes it's fun to think. I don' t have many friends that I talk to on an intellectual level, so it's nice to step outside of the box =]