He: "I would love to go to the moon."

Me: "Yeah, me too. But right now it's an egg."

She: "Imagine making scrambled eggs with it."

Me: "Oh my god that would literally taste like heaven and last for a lifetime."

So I think someone should create a machine that can turn the moon into a giant egg. Just because. Who doesn't like eggs.


Sun, 12/13/2015 - 10:46pm

we need the moon. It’s not commonly known, but the moon exerts a stablizing force on the earth that prevents its poles from bobbing up and down, The earth spins on its axis tilted some 23.44 degrees from a line perpendicular to it’s orbital plane, a phenomenon known as its axial tilt or obliquity.
It would destablize the tilt of the earth and cause great changes in the weather. From http://www.fredbortz.com/askmoon.htm "In fact, no complex life of any kind would have ever emerged. The evolution of complex life forms requires long periods of stable conditions. Without the Moon, the Earth's axis (the imaginary line through the North and South Poles) would wobble like a top that has been hit by a misbehaving child, or like a tightrope walker without a balancing pole. With the Moon, the axis wobbles a little bit but generally stays put. That keeps the seasons more or less the same for periods long enough for complex life forms to develop, adapt, and succeed."