The Capricious Happenings of the Accidental Journey

At some point in the future, a story took place. People from farther into the future told this story around campfires, not knowing the whole truths and facts about the story, only knowing it made for a good tale.

The tale goes as such : Once upon a time, the world became prosperous and rich. Health diseases were almost completely eliminated, and most humans could enjoy an eternal state; the average life expectancy was believed to be about 250 years of age. While many would consider this new world idealistic, the habitants of it however, did not. The world hated everything about one another, especially the material possessions one had, and the happiness it provided for them, and not others. This caused mass rallies which led to riots, and those riots led to armed combat. The arm combat, eventual led to war, and the war in the end, led to World War.

Half the Earths population was wiped out, but no one really knows for sure as no one bothered to set up a census bureau in the new world. Governments, states and even cities was lost, and the remaining population worked on a Marshall Law type basis. Eventually, people decided that we couldn't function like this, so in one of the few remaining major cities of Maridac, a new government was set up, keeping in mind the deficiencies of the previous ones. New rules were set up, based completely off public opinion. If at that exact point in time, if someone in the new Government would have remembered that public opinion was what led to the war in the first place, the world might actually have become something better.

But it didn't, and all the angry people got their way. They were jealous of the wealth of their neighbors, their big houses, fancy toys and personal belongings. The new government decided, to avoid such negativities towards each other, new houses would be built in place of the old ones, and each house would be identical to the one next to it. All forms of transport were burned and demolished, and each family was given the exact same car, Bike, and skateboard. Jewelry was completely abandoned, gold was melted down and used to put up walls around each town, preventing any outsiders to come in and show off their wealth they may have obtained from places with different governments set up. A single road was left open for travelers to go in and out of town, but even that was closed and barricaded, when people started complaining about the stories their neighbors would tell them. They stated that their neighbors were happier because they went on vacation and were allowed to see other places, while the rest were at home working and taking care of their kids.

After a while, nearly everything was regulated. Art was abolished and deemed unlawful, because some people claimed that expression was just another form of gaining happiness. Books were burned, because some people did not like reading and were against their neighbors who did enjoy it, and gained much more insight into the world because of it. Food became a ration, not a choice, for eating some forms of food and not others made people healthier and happier, and this was something that almost everyone was against.
Still, all of these new regulations were not enough to please the people. People complained that their neighbors job was more rewarding then theirs. So the government imposed a "pick a name out of a hat" rule, and no qualified person was allowed to take the job they were most qualified to do. Every job for every individual was picked at complete random.

And still, the people were not happy. Some people complained that their neighbors were having more kids to compensate for the lack of an "happiness advantage" they had over anyone else. These people claimed that having more kids, more variety of people in the house made them happier then anyone else. So the government imposed a two child per household law. This brought peace to the town for half a decade, before the people started complaining again. They said that there kids werent as good as their neighbors. Their Neighbors kids, for whatever reason, had grown up taller, smarter, prettier, more athletic, etc. etc. The government didn't know what to do about this, so for many years they tried to ignore the complaints of the people of the town.

After a few more years of ignoring this problem, the people of the town became violently angry, and many in the government feared rioting. So, taking into fact that death by old age had become virtually non-existent, the government decided that the only option it had left was to ban babies. So they acted into law, a decree stating that no one was allowed to have babies of any kind from that point on wards. While Birth control at this point had become almost 100% effective, some people still chose to have un-protected sex, which the government could do nothing about(they temporarily thought that they could monitor bedrooms, but decided against it as it would require too much effort). Baby disposal centers were set up across town, and anyone having an accidental baby could take it their and the government would dispose of them properly and "humanly". Not reporting a new birth was punishable by death.

And so, the town of Maridac finally found peace in equality. This peace lasted many years, and the government reported quarterly that its citizens were happy. Soon after, even the people who were against all the new rule changes forgot the ways of the old world, so they too found happiness in routine and equality.

18 year old Jared and his younger brother Eli, 14, were two of the last born residents of Maridac. They were born into a world where the ways of the old world were completely abandoned, so they did not know any better. So they always felt a little odd when they would sneak outside of the towns walls to go play under a lemon tree. They did not really know why something inside of them would tell them to disobey orders as such, and they especially didn't understand why playing under this lemon tree brought them such joy. But every Wednesday, they would sneak out under the golden walls, hike the two hours and play under the lemon tree. As far as they knew, no one else in town broke any rules whatsoever, and hence they never gloated about their journeys, nor did they ever ask anyone else to join them. They would picnic under the tree, make up games, or just sit and talk for hours on end. Jared and Eli had always known they were diffirent from everyone else in town, but they never displayed them selves as such, as they knew the penalties acting different entailed in Maridac. Instead, they chose to be equal throughout their day to day activities, and only act them natural selves under the Lemon tree on Wednesday afternoons.

Although they were constantly being watched and judged, Jared and Eli enjoyed a simple and criminal free life. They knew the rules well, and took every precaution they had before going about breaking any of them. This allowed Jared and Eli to live a good life, but also to be their normal, when time allowed it. Life was pleasant, and things remained that way for many years, until one July Wednesday, when they snuck out for their weekly visit to the Lemon Tree. Everything about that day had been normal, all except for one noticeable difference: As they approached the lemon tree, one thing was new, and this was not acceptable as nothing was ever new around the lemon tree. Underneath its large lemon filled branches, sat a silver basket with copper trimmings. Jared and Eli thought no one knew of this lemon tree, and the appearance of this basket startled them. But what was inside the basket completely shocked them. On closer inspection of the silver basket with copper trimmings, Jared and Eli found inside of it, a baby.

To Be Continued.


Tue, 05/07/2013 - 4:37pm

This is the first time I've been back on Highdeas since your announcement of no longer writing your Synchronicity series on account of someone else trying to take credit for your work. Have you written more since that announcement and/or which chapter woukd I start back into?

Sat, 05/18/2013 - 6:29am
Thekerbey Says:

Reminds me of Marxism. China is communist and also has a Great Wall. Yummy
Can't wait for the next part