i had a rest day today, rest from training, school, any plans, everything. So i smoke a joint, put some music on, and go for a walk around the hood. It was an amazing experience, music was so good, it felt like flying, i had some AMAZING ideas. So somewhere during that walk i see a kid walking a dosen meters away from me, he was carrying a plastic bag with a bread in it. I start loosing myself in the music again, but it was interupted when i saw that kid smiling at me, so i smile and say Hi and he says Hi. But when i slightly walked past him i saw that in the other hand, the kid was carrying a a freaking DEAD RAT. I was like "K" and continued walking like a zombie another ten seconds to realize what happened. I just snap out of it and as i was turning a corner i turn back to look if the kid is still behind me. I see him like on the half of that street standing and holding the rat closer to his face. I just continue and after a few seconds of walking i realize that that kid might get some illness from the rat or something, so i start walking back to tell him to drop the rat. But when i returned i didnt see him anywhere, i looked for him for a long time and didnt find him. I hope nothing happen to that kid. Wierd


Sun, 02/28/2016 - 2:27pm
JahRoslav Says:

I think you just met a Tom Sawyer impersonator.

Sun, 02/28/2016 - 5:55pm

That kid put a voodoo spell on you using his rat. Be careful...