Give me Freedom or give me Death:

September 1st, 1939 is officially recognized as the start of World War Two. On that day, Germany started its plan to occupy Poland, known to Germans as the "Fall Weiss". Germany (and to a lesser extent, the nation of Slovak) and its extraordinarily massive army took Poland from the West, East, and the South. I've always wondered, had there been better forms of communication at the time, would Poland have stood any chance of seeing the surprise attack coming? Would it have prevented it, or just delayed the inevitable? It's almost impossible to imagine any outcome then the one that happened; Poland had roughly 600 aircraft compared to the nearly 4,000 Fighter planes in the Luftwaffe (German Air-Force). The ground attack could not be prevented either, as Poland’s 140 tanks were far outmatched in quality and quantity (over 2,500 German Tanks took Poland). The Polish admittedly said they expected the German attack, but were not expecting it until 1942 at the earliest.

It took two whole days before the Allied forces declared War against Germany. In those two days, Poland had already closed its border and was in complete defense maneuvers to protect its inner cities and capital. The German forces, in less than two days, occupied almost all border towns in Poland, and had sent the Polish army into a dismal state of affairs; most of the squadrons had broken up, lost all communication with each other, and were sent into either slaughter on the German Onslaught or forced to retreat. When the allies did finally declare war on Germany, they still did little to help Poland.

One Month. That’s all it took for the Germans (and midway through, the Soviet Union) to divide and conquer all of Poland and declare it as their own. 200,000 civilian lost, 70,000 Polish troops killed (compared to only 2,000 Germans), and an additional 700,000 Captured by German and Soviet Forces. Easily, in my opinion, the quickest war the world has ever seen. All judgments aside, Hitler's early war strategy was brilliant, precise, and methodical.

On September 1st, 1939, I suffered illusions of grandeur. I thought, rightfully or not, that if I could just manage to escape, I could save Poland from the onslaught that was underway. I thought that with the information I had obtained throughout my life, and the fact that I had 70+ years of history and technological advancements knowledge, that I could save Europe from Hitler and the Nazi's. This one thought kept playing over and over in my different the WORLD would be if only I could escape. Whether you agree with the method to my madness or not, this thought right here is the one and only thing that kept me alive and kept me from giving up on life and just laying over to die in that jail cell. This one thought, and a man named Hershel Simmons.

I vaguely recall the introduction between Hershel and I, as I was once again heavily drugged, and he was my brand new neighbor, in a cell next to mine, face unseen. I had no concept of time for the past 2 days, so I don’t remember how long Hershel called out to me before I finally gathered my mind enough to say hello.

What can I really say about Hershel Simmons? Well I guess I could start out with the facts: Hershel Simmons was officially the first prisoner of war for the Germans in World War two. Wait scratch that, I suppose I would be the first. He was captured during the previous week trying to flee a government science facility outside of Munich, one or so days prior. He and five others were attempting to flee Germany with knowledge of Hitler’s plans for War. The five others were killed as soon as they were caught, and the only reason Hershel survived was because Hitler knew of his immense scientific knowledge, and thought he should be kept alive (tortured, beaten, but still barely alive). Hershel was planning to escape overnight with a briefcase full of blueprints and whatnot, travel discreetly to neutral Holland, and then attempt to make contact with British officials. He most likely would have gotten away too if it hadn’t been for a random road check booth, and one overly suspicious German guard who took Hershel's nerves for signs of treachery and reported him to higher ranking officials.

Over the next three days, while not heavily sedated with a variety of drugs, Hershel and I grew to become very close. His right cell wall was my left cell wall, but still we were able to communicate around it, while we were not under the direct surveillance of prison guards. The conversations were far from perfect, as two years of German classes hadn't really made me fluent in any regards. I never saw his face in those first three days, but I could picture him perfectly, by the way he spoke and the demeanor he held himself in, even after being tortured well over 3 hours each day. He told me of his family, his Wife he had met 14 years prior while on vacation in South France. His three kids all of whom had no interest in Science and were more fascinated with cinema than anything else. He had told me that one of his biggest regrets now would be not seeing the great people his kids would grow up to become. He had little knowledge of what was going on outside in the world at that moment, but most of his assumptions were right. He knew about the occupation of Poland, and knew to a large part what Hitler had planned. He told me about the secret projects him and his team had been assigned to. We never talked extensively on those matters, because I still had no clue exactly who or what was listening to our conversations and I did not want to give the Son of a Bitch Hitler any information whatsoever.

Even though I am not religious nor do I believe in such things, Hershel Simmons was an angel sent specifically for me. Most days I felt the walls caving in on me and the claustrophobia would have been unbearable had it not been for the comforting voice of Hershel. He had accepted the fact that he was going to die in that prison, and he was contempt with the fact that he had tried to change the world in a positive way, even though he had failed. I was far less understanding of my failures. I was never ready to accept the fact that, now 9 days inside Hitler's prison; I would die in here while the entire world went to shit outside.

It's funny, now that I think about it. This was not my time. I was not from there. I had no connection to anyone in the world in 1939. I had nothing to live for, or fight for....but even knowing all of that very well, I still wanted to escape and save THIS world, THIS universe. Regardless of if it was mine, or that fact that changing this universe would have no impact on my universe. Still, I knew I had to try.

It was an entire 14 days after any resemblance of a plan for my escape was finally formulated. It wasn’t the best plan; I’ll be the first to admit that. It didn’t guarantee my safe escape, and most likely the plan itself would have killed me well before the "escape" part of it would have actually begun. Hershel and I didn't really acknowledge it at first, but we both knew in the back of our minds, that this plan would and could only work for both of us. I had spent 14 whole days trying to think of any possible way for the both of us to escape, but this was the first real plan that had any possibility of working. Hershel had far more to live for; a wife, three kids, family friends and all the things that make us feel alive. I had nothing; Nathan was long gone, and there wasn’t a single person in THIS world that knew my name, or knew anything about me. I told Hershel this, many times, but every time he would laugh, and tell me that we both knew it was me who would be the one to escape. I didn’t want to accept it, but somehow I assumed that once I was finally out, I could use my knowledge to create some sort of bomb that would blow a hole inside this prison so I could walk right up to Hershel's cell, unlock the door and walk him out. Having that in mind, I finally caved into Hershel's persistence and agreed.

We planned out every detail over the next three days. The tools and equipment we needed came to us over the next five days. Our target date was set for September 21st, or what I assumed was Sept 21st from the fucked up completely whacked calendar inside of my head. It's funny to think that 20 days prior, when I first decided to try and escape, I thought that either I would escape or die trying. Who would have ever thought that the only way to escape would be to do both?

TO BE CONTINUED. Yes, I knew I told you folks I would not post anymore parts to this story on this website because of an incident. But truth be told, your guys comments motivate me to write this story, and push me to write this story better. I don't know how many more parts I’ll post on here, but let’s just assume it will be quite a few.

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tomidemi Says:

Okay, a lot of things have changed from the beginning, it's absolutely amazing!
Chapter Eight will be one of my personal favorites.

Thu, 10/04/2012 - 12:01am

A history lesson within a story. Brilliant.

Thu, 10/04/2012 - 12:51am
Basket Says:

Man thank you so much I was disappointed when I had heard that you wernt gonna post any more of this series. When I saw part 8 on upcoming I got so excited you decided to finish. I think when you are done you should definitely get it published into a book

Mon, 10/15/2012 - 12:30pm
whatsgood. Says:

Yesss I'm so glad you're doing this again

Sat, 10/27/2012 - 3:15am
Daveweave Says:

this is the only reason i even look on this sight anymore, your writing is brilliant and i cant wait to read more everytime i finish the previous chapter

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Found one of your posts on Popular with a comment saying something like "I can always turn to Yoinkie for something good" so I found your page and this story and it has been a badass evening catching up with it. It reminds me of Dan Brown's style, you ever read him? I've also noticed some similarities with your other stories. They're like Easter eggs for the reader! And they add to your voice, too.

Another thing that amused me b/c it reminded me of one of my stupid highdeas from years ago:

I've seen that typo a few times in this story lol

But yea, sucks your shit's getting plagiarized. I bet you can find a buncha Highdea peeps to back you up tho!