We are all expierencing the “trip of life” and what a big trip it is. So many feelings! Why do you think babies play with their feet and shit? Everything is a wonder, something new. And then after a sudden, everything becomes a little let wondrous. We cant jump around and just enjoy our creature comforst which are by the way
1. Having sex
2. Being comfortable
3. Self esteem? Not sure how this plays in.
We have to experience something new!!
I would not be surprised if we our bacteria’s characteristics were “dominance seeking bacteria. Two types of bacteria:
1. Helping bacteria grow
2. Destroying other bacteria
(This is the basic prey –predator cycle of life) look into this
And we are type two, my fellow dominance seeking bacteria. OK, this dominance is what gives us our desire to control all other organisms.We are meniachal control driven bastards! (look into this) So, in modern times, we have already established our control over other animals (livestock, domesticated “inferior” beings (animals)) we now have a source of food. But guess what, us bacteria have got tired of just eating bacteria…in fact we’ve started to LIKE IT. Yum yum yum, other organisms in my control. So weve gotten tired of just controlling others and slaughtering them for eating them and their furs as jackets and stuff (a lil closet PETA sympathizer in me), we want to control our own kind! We’ve turned against each other in wars, and fights, and religion and resources. But how can you justify killing your own kind? You start to see different things as somehow important now? (Maybe bacterias versus similar ancillary bacteria group?) Today it manifests itself in (I fucking wanna have sex!!!!@!@~!!) Porn is fucking ridiculous, just another example of dominace increasing to another level. What used to be just a simple matter of procreation to survive is turning into another battle (possibly). Why do have the need for companionship? We want to share this big “trip” of feelings were having with someone else. Note: Would an outsider detect a note of depression with my writing?) Whatever, I don’t think so.
Typing while thinking severely slows down your thinking process.