Say you have a speech due, yet you have been too blazzed the past two weeks to do anything about it, so clearly you have nothing prepared. Before the class starts, politely go up to your teach and say "hey, im not feelin the greatest, the flu is goin around me house, but im gunna give it a go." (this is a perfect decoy, because it seems as if you are a dedicated student." Once your name is called go up to the front nice and confident, politely apologize due to you not feeling well beforehand. start blabbing for about 15 seconds then (it might be embarrassing) but run out of the room like your going to puke and wha la, you have a one day extension to slop together a nice speech, although you will be known as the puke kid, better luck next year.


Thu, 09/29/2011 - 1:31pm

"Wha la" thats a nice spin on "voila". I would just puke right there on the floor in front of everybody, clear out the classroom now no one has to do their speech and you're a savior for those in the same predicament.